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Voyager City

Guide To Voyager City
Horsebreaking And Mysteries
Range War
The Annual Leola Root Festival
The Final Day Of The Festival
The Leola Root Ball
The Trial Of Sevenita
Building And Rebuilding


The Cattle Drive
Cha'Kago, Cha'Kago, It's My Kind Of Reservation
Archaeology And Anthropology
The Search For Bob
The Delta Quadrant Oz
The House-Husband's Club

Guide To Voyager City

Voyager City is the Coffee Nebula Discussion Board's fan-fiction round robin, in which the Voyager characters (and several of the Nebulites) have been transplanted to the Old West, and where things are so wild they probably wish they were back in the Delta Quadrant instead of riding herd on Miss Kathryn's prize steers at the Delta Q Ranch!

Introduction And Characters — Vickie Vickie's original introduction to the world of Voyager City
The People And Animals Of Voyager City — Terry/Jules A guide to who's who, both people and animals
The Places, Things, And Maps Of Voyager City — Terry/Jules A guide to where's where and what's what
The Voyager City Timeline — Terry/Jules A guide to the chronology of Voyager City
Voyager City Art Gallery — Various Artists Sketches of story scenes, buildings and characters
Voyager City Compleat — Various Authors All of the Voyager City stories, in one story file per section
Search Voyager City Forgotten where that plotline you want to re-read is? Try the search engine

Horsebreaking And Mysteries

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch — Maureen
A Time To Remember — Annie
And So A Stranger Comes — Janeway216
By The Pricking Of My Thumbs — Janeway216
The Race — Vickie T
B'Elanna's Musings — Annie
Up A Creek Without A Paddle — Janeway216
Something Diffrent This Way Comes — Janeway216
The Story Of Elaine And Old Mike — Mrs Mac

Range War

Voyager Meets The Big Country — AC
During The Race Preparations — Leonie
A Visitor Rides To The Ranch... — Ruth
There Was Indeed Not Time To Lose... — Leonie
Kim Phooey — Terry
Showdown At The Big Coffee — Vickie T
They'd Been Told To Watch The South Trail... — D'Alaire
I'll Get You Yet, My Pretty [Miss Kathryn] — Vickie
A Stranger Comes To Voyager City — Jules
Grasshopper And Gadfly — D'Alaire
A Case Of Mistaken Identity — Jules
As The Dust Settled In Town... — D'Alaire
Smile For The Camera, Please! — Jules
An Uncrackable Safe Is Like An Unsinkable Ship — Jules
Later, That Night At The Ranch... — D'Alaire
Everybody Comes To Quark's — Jules
Sponge Bathing And Murder — Peg
Tom And B'Elanna In The Stables — Annie
Superficial Wounds — Ruth
"Where'd Mama Go, I Wonder?" — D'Alaire
Moving Swiftly Into The Stable... — D'Alaire
Some Tommy Angst — Ruth
A Day In The Life — Peg
The Bond — Leonie

The Annual Leola Root Festival

Kes And Her Gunslinger — Eric
Kes And Her Gunslinger: The Trial — Eric
Casing The Joint — Jules
Talk Is Cheap, Until You Hire A Lawyer — Ginny
You Can Always Tell A Lawyer, But You Can't Tell Her Much — Ginny
Grasshopper And Gadfly (cont) — D'Alaire
Grasshopper And Gadfly (cont) — Leonie
I Can Always Tell When A Lawyer Is Lying. Her Lips Move — Ginny
Grasshopper And Gadfly (cont) — D'Alaire
Afternoon Of A Fawn — Ginny
A Night At The Opera — Ginny
A Night At The Opera (cont) — Annie
As The Rotisserie Turns — Ginny
"Nooooo!!!" — D'Alaire
As The Rotisserie Turns (cont) — Ginny
Kes And Her Gunslinger: A Meeting With Sevenita — Eric
All The News That's Fit To Print — Ginny
Much Ado About Nothing — Ginny
Kes And Her Gunslinger: A Meeting With Sevenita (cont) — Eric
Like Sands Through The Hourglass — Ginny
Kes And Her Gunslinger: A Meeting With Sevenita (cont) — Eric
So Are The Dames Of Our Lives — Ginny
Grasshopper And Gadfly Go To The Brothel — D'Alaire

The Final Day Of The Festival

Serge For Tomorrow — Ginny
The Young And The Reckless — Ginny
All My Chitlins — Ginny
The Secret Sturm And Drang — Ginny
The Guiding Limelight — Ginny
Ridin On The Range — D'Alaire
Walking Back From The Range — D'Alaire
Setting Up Things To Come Later — D'Alaire
The Hayride — D'Alaire
Favors And Visions — D'Alaire
Ropes Untied — D'Alaire
A Stranger In The Crowd — Ginny
A Face In The Grandstand — Ginny
A Sign Of Things To Come — Ginny
The Big Race — Jules
Payback Time — Jules
An Ear To The Ground — Ginny
A Word To The Wise — Ginny
A Voice In The Wilderness — Ginny
A Method To His Madness — Ginny
More Things In Heaven And Earth — Ginny

The Leola Root Ball

The Lady — Leonie
Readying For The Leolo Root Ball — D'Alaire
Before The Ball — Annie
All Of Life's A Stage... — Leonie
Our Lives As A Dance — Leonie
The Voyager City Hoedown — D'Alaire
Bits From The Ball — D'Alaire
Making An Entrance — Leonie
One Life To Lithograph — Ginny
The Bold And The Border Patrol — Ginny
The Other Woman — Leonie
Social Pleasantries — Leonie
Getting Down To Business — Leonie
The Way We Were — Leonie
Caught — Leonie
Resting Their Feet — D'Alaire
Private Moments — Leonie
General Horse Puddles — Ginny
The Trial Of The Century: Prologue — Eric
Fire! — Vickie
Raging Fire! — Vickie
Burning Out Of Control — Vickie
Still Burning Out Of Control — Vickie
The Cave — Vickie
The Really Dark Cave — Vickie
Under Control — Vickie
Trapped! — Vickie
Still Trapped! — Vickie
The Search — Vickie
The Rescue — Vickie

The Trial Of Sevenita

The Reverend And The Gunslinger — Peg
The Trial Of The Century (cont) — Eric
I See By Your Outfit That You Are A Cowboy — Peg
Past The Point Of Rescue — Peg
The Trial Of The Century (cont) — Eric
Mi Vida Loca — Peg
You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd — Peg
Ring of Fire — Peg
The Trial Of The Century (cont) — Eric
The Trail Of The Senshery (alternate timeline version) — "Erik"/"Awreck", aka Terry/Peg


How To Rob A Bank In One Hard Lesson — Jules
Wrong Train To Federation City — Jules
The Posse That Wouldn't Quit — Jules
The Gunslinger Returns — Eric
Here He Comes To Save The Day — Ruth
We Always Get Our Man — Ruth

Building And Rebuilding

Maxine's Provencal Moves To Town — Mrs Mac
The Perils Of B'Elanna — D'Alaire
Perils Aftermath — D'Alaire
Building — Leonie
Night Of The Living Neelix! — Jason & Eric
Testosterone And Estrogen — Leonie
Favored Son — D'Alaire

The Cattle Drive

Crisis At The Delta Q — Terry
Filler — Leonie
Miss Kathryn's Blast From The Past — Jason
Where There's A Will, There's A Way — Jason
Devil's Dance — Jason
The Knowledge — Leonie
The Best Thing About A Good Catfight... — Leonie
...Is That It Can Be Resolved... — Leonie
...Without The Messing Up Of One's Hair — Leonie
Mr Tuvix (flashback) — Leonie
The Aftermath — Leonie
Last Day At The Ranch — Jason
The Trailboss — Terry
Culture Arrives In Voyager City — Ruth
You Can Leave Your Hat On — Leonie
The Long Goodbye — Ruth
There's No Business Like Show Business — Terry
A Night On The Drive — D'Alaire

Cha'Kago, Cha'Kago, It's My Kind Of Reservation

The Gorkon Trail — D'Alaire
Dances With Targs — D'Alaire


Down For The Count — Jason
Angels And Addicts — Jason
The First Time — Leonie
Pillow Talk — Leonie
Heartbreak — Leonie
Lessons In Love — Leonie
Homecoming — D'Alaire
Paths Converging — Leonie
Reunions — Leonie
Favored Son: The Second Meal — D'Alaire


Dead Man Strikes Pay-Dirt — Terry
Deceased's Incredible Story May Be False! — Ruth
Is Prospector's Poignant Passing Pure Pretense? — Ruth
Further Information Comes To Light On The 'Paydirt' Scandal! — Jules
Paydirt Scandal Expands To Banker And Schoolmarm — Terry

Archaeology And Anthropology

By The Harshest Light Of Day — Jason
The Equinox Diaries — Jason
The Ransom Entries — Jason
A Good Defence... — Jason
A Chance Encounter — Jason
Rattlesnake — Jason
Lethal Six-Gun — Vickie
Banditos Of The Bluffs — Vickie

The Search For Bob

The Search For Bob — Cmdr 8472

The Delta Quadrant Oz

The Delta Quadrant Oz — Roxanne

The House-Husband's Club

In Touch With The Inner YAM (alternate timeline story) — "Erik(a)", aka Leonie
MAMs: Dead Old And Loving It (alternate timeline story) — "Terr(i)", aka Leonie


Voyager City was the brainchild of Vickie T.
The original Voyager City Guide was maintained by Terry, and has been brought up to date by Jules.