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Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

Meanwhile, back at the ranch
Maureen — 11 Sep 1998, 12:23 AM

The rising sun illuminated the spacious range of the Delta Q, as Miss Kathryn savored that first cup of coffee. Though she knew she needed her wits about her, the handsome woman took the time to gather her memories.

Five years since she and her beloved Mark had been forever parted. Five years of loneliness and unending pressure. Knowing that her surviving family depended on her, Miss Kathryn had submerged her own feelings into ensuring the continued fortunes of the Delta Q. There may have been some who doubted that a woman alone could manage, but she now had the satisfaction of proving them wrong.

Light footsteps distracted her, and she turned to look at the handsome face of her oldest son.

"You're up early," commented Miss Kathryn. Then taking in his rumpled appearance, she questioned wryly, "Or are you just getting in?"

That rogue's gleam in his eyes were answer enough, as Tom patted her shoulder and kissed her forehead in greeting. "Morning, Ma," he said, "I was just going to ask you the same thing."

Laughing indulgently, she swatted his hand away. Others might criticize her leniency with this scapegrace, but Miss Kathryn trusted her son. He had been unfailing in his support when she needed it most. And no one else could make her laugh like he did. Besides, he was the best horsebreaker she had ever seen.