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The Trial Of The Century

VC : Trial of the Century (Part 5)
Eric — 4 Oct 1998, 4:38 PM

Jury Duty!

(Whew! I think I am about 3 quarters of the way through this story. I want to get this epoch finished before year 5 starts, so look for this to end sometime next weekend. The beginning of this one should fix any continuity errors from the part 4, but as old Mike is about to explain, maybe they weren't errors!!)

A pause in the story

Old Mike paused in his tale, Jason was sitting nearby finishing a few notes before the next chapter. Nurse Ande was taking a break from her duties and had decided to listen in on the tale. But I have a question Mike, Jason was saying "The Unofficial Guide to Voyager City, states that Miss Kate never was at your Gunshop on the day of the fire!", he pulled a huge dusty book the size of several phonebooks out of his backpack. Here, see, on page 3,458 paragraph 5.

Hah!!, laughed the ancient man sitting in the wheelchair. That's the story Kate and I came up with! I told her to tell that Canadian reporter that she got the story at the ball. She was supposed to be their anyway after all. You have to remember when this was whippersnapper (he really liked that term, thought Jason) back then it wasn't proper for a wealthy widow like Miss. Kate to be seen with another man so soon after her husband died.

"But it was OK for them to wear skintight leather", laughed Ande. "And watch strip shows", blushed Jason.

WHACK, Old Mike's cane came crashing down on the table, "Who's telling this story??".

After waiting for his heart monitor to settle down, the Old Timer continued his story...

The Delta Q Ranch

The fires where long out but the damage remained as a grim reminder of how close they had come to loosing the entire complex. Ayala was comforting his family, they had lost his entire ranch style house. B'ellana had gone out for a ride to clear her head, while Chakotay, with a bandage around his head, was tending to the horses that had survived. "Come along Shuttle 47, there's a good horse". The Boston Kid, was helping Miss. Kate with repairing a part of the barn that had collapsed, when Kes came running up to him. "Judge Riker says he wants to talk to Sevenita about the Neelix's notebook". We should be there for the questioning, said Kes. Miss. Kate smiled and said "Don't worry about this, the two of you should go".

The Nistrim plains

The young woman was with the Rose tattoo was riding her small but horse on her way to Voyager City. "Jury Duty, I can't believe Judge Riker was able to find me!", sighed the young woman. The wind blew her raven dark hair around under her cowboy hat. Come on Raider! She gave her Maqui bred horse a boot as they rounded a bend in the trail.

Right into a group of Nistrim guards! "Stop female!", hissed the head guard. "You must pay us a toll to continue!", laughed the guard. "I am Duga Nistrim, I work for Cullah Nistrim who owns this land". What is your name? Demanded Duga, as the other Kazon closed in on the young woman. "Come on, don't you recognize me, she smiled as she put up her hat, revealing the distinctive Bajoran nose ridges. One glove encased hand slid down to a remarkably large gun.

"Rose Lauren!", screamed one of the Nistrim henchmen! "The most feared Maqui of all!" wailed another. "But we heard you died with the rest of Eddington's band in the badlands", Duga was getting worried. "Not quite", Rose's gun was almost out, hidden by her long jacket. She kicked raider in the ribs and knowing the drill he roared forward like the Delta Flyer, catching Duga in the ribs, while the large gun hurled fiery death into the ranks of the Nistrim.

VC : Trial of the Century (Part 6)
Eric — 4 Oct 1998, 4:39 PM

Old Mike's Gunshop

Mike was putting in his boots. Tonight he thought. He and Rev. Windes were going to free Sevenita from prison. He walked into his shop and looked at his shotgun. Could he do it? He had to! Rev. Windes was his favorite pastor and he would do anything to help him, but breaking the law was something different. Suddenly big Jim the fireman walked into the shop. "Windes says to meet him at 8 in front of Sandrines, I'm going to be there also!". Suddenly Jim snapped his heels together and raised his arms in traditional YAM (a club of young men in Voyager city) salute and yelled "For the Borg babe!". Mike clumsily returned the salute and the cheer (it was a long time since he was in the club).

Voyager City Jail : 6:00

Eric and Kes were walking down main street when a large Carriage pulled up and a stunning woman stepped out and greeted them. "Hello", the woman spoke with a heavy accent, " My name is Diana, I have come from the Betazed town, to serve my Jury duty can you tell me what the best hotel in town is?", the beautiful Betazoid must not be used to the thin air in Voyager City thought Eric due to the huge breaths she was taking straining her dress buttons. "Agghhh", said the Gunslinger. He tried again, "Most folks stay at the Ritz Kradin, mam", wheezed Eric, his eyeballs glued to Diana's chest. Kes smiling sweetly pointed the way for the gorgeous woman while her foot mashed down on the Gunslinger's. I think I see Marshal Tuvok, let's go Eric, amd they proceeded into the Jail House.

The Nistrim Plains : 6:15

Rose was having fun. A lot of fun. It had been such along time since she was able to cut loose like this. She laughed as she unloaded on a poor Kazon his body flying a good ten feet off his horse. Like magic there was no more Kazon to see.

Wham! The shot came from behind her. She spun around in time to see a Kazon fall behind her.

A older Blonde woman was standing behind him. Her hair was very short and she wore a Starfleet Calvery uniform she smiled "Hello, my name is Tasha, I'm on my way to jury duty". Rose frowned "I heard you were dead, fell into a oil well or something".

"Yeah, that was quite a party", sighed Tasha. "I will tell you about it on the way", and they continued on the way to Voyager City.

VC : Trial of the Century (Part 7)
Eric — 5 Oct 1998, 8:40 PM

A Clockwork Data

(Well, I should finish up the preliminary stuff with this installment and the Trial will start next)

A Few Days Ago

Old Mike took a drink of water and paused his story for a few minutes. "OK Mike, let's see, for jurors we have Rose Lauren, Tasha Yar, and Diana Troi", read Jason, "That's three, who else was on the jury?". I'm going to get to that next answered Mike, the next juror is a very unusual case.

A long, long time ago : Voyager City

Kat was playing some one on one with young Naomi Wildman the only other kid in town it seemed. Her aerodynamic head and long legs were great for those slam dunks her species was well known for, not to mention how easy her long claws made controlling the ball. She only wished she had a mouth so she could engage in some friendly trash talking to her opponent. Just then she heard the Delta Flyer entering the station.

Please wait here, I want to see if any new jurors show up on the train , she sent to Naomi. Then with long bounds of her clawed legs she headed to the train. Naomi wasn't sure why, but she started having dreams of Borg Indians heaped into tidy little piles after that.

Kat was on the platform when the passengers started to disembark. She didn't know why but some of the passengers let out long shrieks of terror when they saw her. You would think they never saw a 8472 warrior maid before! When she saw the most unusual site, a older human female with red-blonde hair and a tall clockwork man! The woman was dressed in a fine Starfleet Calvery uniform and the man was dressed in a very bright orange suit. The Clockwork man whirred and clanged over to speak with her.

"Excuse me miss", he rasped in a mechanical voice "We require lodging for the night". The woman smiled a finished for her mechanical companion "I am Dr. Crusher and this is Clockwork Data, we are from Enterprise City, here to serve on the Sevenita trial".

Most visitors get rooms over at the Ritz-Kradin Hotel sent Kat . Can you tell me what that garish color is? Kate asked Crusher. It seemed that she could not talk directly to Clockwork Data, his mind was only gears and springs.

"Why he designed that color himself, he calls it Clockwork Orange". Kat felt a little sick.

Just then a fierce Borg Indian got off the train. He turned to Kat and in that colorful way of Borg Indians asked Kat "Species 8472, you will lend assistance to this drone. I am here to render aid to Drone Seven of Nine who has been falsely accused of murder", my name is to long for your Species but I have been named Hugh by other tribes who have not been assimilated".

VC : Trial of the Century (Part 8)
Eric — 5 Oct 1998, 8:42 PM

Quarks Bar : 6:30

"I don't care if you have jury!!", screamed Quark. "I can't run the bar without my strip poker girls!!! He felt like he was in a losing battle as he faced off with his three best poker girls. Megan was pouting, while Jenny soothed her and Leeta was frowning at him. "Quark, it's the LAW, we have to go on Monday, if you don't Marshall Tuvok will be here to arrest us all!", Leeta walked over to Quark and started stroking his ears. "No!!! Not the ears!", wailed Quark. He knew he was going to lose this one, but he had to say something to have the last word : "This jury duty is coming out of your vacation time you know!".

Worf looked up from his drink, "I have jury duty as well", grumbled Worf. "I am not looking forward to it, it is not as exciting as battle". A tall graying man at the other end of the bar wearing a strange uniform identifying him has a member of the 58th Starfleet Calvery spoke up :

"I don't want to hear your belly aching MISTER!!, This one is on the ground!! We will utilize a notebook and pencil. We will use our Marine instincts to judge fact and fiction and make up our minds if the sweet sexy Seven is innocent or guilty! No matter what the verdict is we will then ask her on a date and propose marriage! If she says yes we will carry her to our glorious Hammerhead Class horse named Wildcard and carry her away to marital bliss!!! DO YOU READ ME SOLDIER?????"

"SIR YES SIR!!!!!" wailed Worf.

"Then move it out!!!", screamed Col. T.C. (sometimes known as Top Cat) McQueen as he marched Worf out of the bar. It was very quit after that.

Madame D'Alaireux's Wagon : 7:00
D'A looked at the paper in her hands :


Judge Riker

D'A crumpled the paper in her hands, surely this was destiny! She was being called by the second chosen one. She new it!

Sevenita's cell : 7:30

"OK Sevenita, time to talk", said Eric

VC : The Trial of the Century (Part 9) Part 9??? I need a life...
Eric — 7 Oct 1998, 4:58 PM

(Well, OK, so I lied! But look at it this way, It's late Sunday and the Trial starts on Monday! I SWEAR, the Trial WILL start in the next installment! Special thanks go to Shirly Manson of Garbage for giving Sevenita her singing voice!)

The Coffee Nebula : Old Folks Home

Mike took a long drink of water. "This next part is a tough one. That darn Windes fellow was always getting me into trouble!" Jason picked up his pencil again...

Just outside Voyager City : Sunday 7:30

Dukat sat down and looked at his saddlebag. He opened it to check inside. "You may have defeated me once Kathryn, but not this time". He looked up at the night sky and smiled. This time tomorrow Kathryn Janeway and anyone at the Sevenita Trial would be only a memory.

The Voyager City Sheriff's Office

Clare Darrow, Kes Janeway, Eric and Marshall Tuvok where all in Tuvok's small conference room seated at the rickety table. Sevenita sat facing them in the room's only pool of light. Very slowly Sevenita crossed her legs.

"That was SO HOT!" cheered Eric, "She looks just like Sharon Stone in...ouch!!!", Kes smiled sweetly as she removed her pointed boot heel from Eric's foot. "Marshall Tuvok, are we ready to begin?". Tuvok nodded at Judge Riker. "Sevenita wishes to tell you what she has told me while I questioned her, Miss Darrow is present as her lawyer." Sevenita, you may begin now.

Sevenita began to talk.

Main Street : 8:00

Old Mike was outside Sandrines bar. Inside he could hear the place just starting to come to life. He could hear loud laughter. Only Worf could laugh like that he thought. He saw two women ride by, one was dressed like a Bajoran and the other in a Starfleet calvery uniform. He folded his longcoat over his pistol. Where was Windes and Big Jimbo? Wait, there they were. The Reverend motioned him to join them. "Gentlemen", he bowed his head, "We must pray for Sevenita's deliverance tonight!" The three men bowed their heads and began to pray. "Dear Lord, we know it is a affront to your rightous eyes to have such a lovely spandex clad babe locked up! Yea, Lord, we ask your divine help in freeing her so that we may drool over her Catsuit. Help us to set your most perfect creation free!!", as the Reverend finished his prayer it was as if a great light lit up inside him, his eyes were glowing with a holy fire that hadn't been there before.

"THEY MAY TAKE OUR LIVES, BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR BORG BABE!!", screamed the Reverend in religious ecstasy.

"Your supposed to be cheering now", the good reverend informed Jim and Mike.

VC : The Trial of the Century (Part 9B)
Eric — 7 Oct 1998, 5:00 PM

The Sheriff's Office

"The events in question started last week while I was singing at Quark's", started Sevenita. " My band, Borg Barbie was starting it's last set..."

One week ago

Jabin Olga wandered into Quark's. He needed a drink. Lately it seemed that he could never satisfy his father Kaze. He could never work hard enough, or bully enough people to make him happy. Almost immediately he saw that Quark's was packed tonight. He got his drink from Rom and wandered over to a table just in time to see Quark climb onto the stage.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I know present Voyager City's biggest act....BORG BARBIE!!!", and the curtains opened revealing the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

Sevenita looked out at the crowd, then glanced at her lead guitarist Kira who nodded that she was ready. She glanced at her bass player Ezri Dax who smiled, then she did a quick check on Vanson, her drummer and nodded. She grabbed the mike, "This ones called Supervixen!!!" And the crowd went wild!

And I'll feed your obsessions....
Jabin could not believe how incredible this Sevinita was. He let the music slid through him and over him like a wave.

Make a whole new religion....

He HAD to have her. He HAD to!

This thing you will never doubt, This thing you'll never doubt

Kira's guitar solo seemed to be screaming into Jabin's brain as he got up and lurched towards the dressing rooms as Sevenita took her bows.

Kira was the first inside the dressing room and she turned on the light and screamed! Sevenita ran inside and saw Jabin sitting there with a gun in his hand. "Now everyone relax, I'm just here for my date".

"We are not having a date" said Sevenita in her flattest voice.

"Yes we are, my good friend here says so", he pointed his gun at her.

"Your weapon is insufficient for the task", she smiled. Jabin roared at her and jumped up lightning fast, while Sevenita's arm shot out with Borg Indian speed. Knocking the gun out of his hands as it went off, the bullet grazing her shoulder (That is how my fingerprints were on the gun ).

"Jabin ran out of my dressing room after that. I ran after him with his weapon, I saw him push poor Morn out of the way and run into the street. When I got there I heard a go fire and Jabin fell to the ground. I saw a dark shadow run down the street but before I could chase him Marshall Tuvok stopped me." finished Sevenita. "And now I wish to clear my name tomorrow.

"No Sevinita!!", screamed Rev. Windes as he knocked the door down. "The Lord wants you to come with ME!!" as the three men entered the room weapons drawn.