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The Trail Of The Senshery

The Trail of the Senshery: Part 47 (Jugemint Dai)
Erik — 13 Oct 1998, 6:32 PM

Juge Rycker kalled the cort too orter. "i wil intertane moshuns know."

Clair Dairro: "i moov that the kase bee dismist dew two lak uf evadents."

Rycker: 'Agrede. Kase dismist."

The End

Trail of A Senshery: Last Of the Voyhicans
Erik — 17 Oct 1998, 10:26 PM

The waiting for the trial had taken its toll on the citizens of Voyager City. It seemed they had been waiting forever for all the pre-trial preliminaries to get over with. All had aged tremendously waiting for the actual trial to commence and be recorded for posterity..

Due to her unique Ocampan genetics, Kes Janeway's once pointed and pixie-ish ears now drooped like a Shetland Sheepdog's and would soon look like a Labrador's ears. Gunslinger Eric, his aged hands crippled with arthritis, nonetheless would absentmindedly scratch Kes behind one ear, stopping only when he realized her leg was thumping.

Sevenita's formerly firm breasts now hung and were tucked into the waistline of her skirt when they weren't resting where she had hoisted them on top of the defendent's table. Her attorney, Clare Darrow, would roll her still beautiful brown eyes when she would look at her client and elegantly put her hand to the lovely Cameo at her wrinkled throat. Col. McQueen would sit behind his lady, Clare, his gray eyes hidden behind his coke bottle glasses. The Reverend Windes still counseled and cared for Sevenita, and hoped one day, to worship at her alter. He had retired from the pulpit since, during his sermons, he would forget his place and inform the congreation of how he could prove Sevenita's assests were natural.

Old Mike who had since passed on, left behind two widows, having married Kathryn Janeway and Hogg Winslow's daughter, Elaine, after he returned from Utah where he had embraced the Morman religion. The Delta Q prospered under his management, when in a brilliant joint venture, he merged the Delta Q with his gunsmith business and Elaine's father's hog raising business after that good man had passed on. Chakotay Torres, having blown his chance with Kathyrn, Cowgirl Vickie and Lee Marie struck up a deal with all the local Indian tribes and opened a shop in Voyager City selling Indian jewelery and pottery to the tourists.

Maxine had cut prices on liquor and girls so low, that she had forced Quark's and Sandrine's to close, only to reopen them as Studio Maxines and Planet Maxines and hence, had monopolized the entertainment industry in Voyager City, then raised the rates.

Tom Janeway, having never legally married B'Elanna, left her and her daughter (no DNA tests to prove she was his...after all, if it was easy enough to get her to sleep with him, how many others could have been the father?) with her Klingon tribe. B'Elanna met a Mystic Warrior while with the tribe and barely noticed Tom's departure.

Miss Peggy Lou died of exhaustion in her sleep. At her viewing, rolling past her coffin in his wheelchair, Tom Janeway, who had lost all feeling below the waist, pushed by Chakotay who now had a weak heart, remarked to Fox Scully, who hobbled beside them with his cane, how natural Miss Peggy Lou looked with that little smile on her lips. Chakotay, stopped his pushing of the wheelchair to wipe the tears from his own eyes and blow his nose and then to comfort a distraught Fox. He wished Ayala would have lived long enough to witness the three old and infirmed men become closer through their shared sorrow.

The (living) end.

RE: Trail of A Senshery-48DD- The Longest Day
Awreck — 18 Oct 1998, 10:47 PM

For Auntie Jules:

Sevenita's trial lasted for several days. As the late (but very happy) Miss Peggy Lou had feared, brilliant attorney, Clare Darrow, ripped open the private lives of all she got on the witness stand until in frustration and total confusion, Benson Vorik jumped up from his seat in the courtroom and screamed,

"Alright. I was the one who killed Jabin Ogla! He dared to touch my chosen mate, Sevenita! Uh, does this impede my chances at a law career?"

It seemed that Jabin Ogla had indeed cornered Sevenita while she was on break from singing that night. Vorik, who was going through some seven year thing, had already decided that Sevenita was a logical choice for a mate. He declared koon-ut-kal-if-fee , but decided a bullet to Jabin's head was quicker and easier than hand-to-hand combat. Sevenita relived that such a crude and undesireable creature was terminated, told Vorik that she would not inform Marshal Tuvok of his deed, but that he, Vorik, would cease his own pursuit of her. Vorik, coward that he was, took the deal.

Miss Barty was not seen or heard from again since she left for Roswell, except for one person. It seems that Vorik, looking at the night sky from his cell window saw strange lights over the church. He saw Mr. Gill, who had been practicing for the Sunday service, floating upward toward the lights and being greeted by Miss Barty wearing nothing but deelyboppers. He could swear there was a banner that floated behind the lights that said, "Roswell or Bust". Vorik told the Sheriff about it the next morning and was granted an insanity hearing.

The next person to go before Old Judge Riker was Tom Janeway's doppleganger, Nick Locarno. At his trial for robbery and other misdeeds, the good words of Miss Jules of the Empire Bank, stating what a good employee he had been while pretending to work at her bank and that she felt he wasn't a bad boy, just misguided, went a long way towards getting his sentenced reduced. Nick was remanded to Miss Jules' custody for the next 25 years. He had not only robbed the train, but he had stolen her heart and he had 25 years in which to make restitution.

Detective Magnum decided to stay in Voyager City, his heart having been lassoed by Cowgirl Vickie and they were married by Reverend Windes just before he went off the deep end.

The old prospector, Terry, finally discovered the big vein of gold he had been searching for. He promptly bought the biggest, gaudiest house he could find and set himself up in the manner of a baron. And who should he see when he first came back to town, but his long lost son who he thought was still in Boston, Gunslinger Eric! He begged Eric to come live with him and to bring his little girlfriend, the one that reminded him of his dog, Old Shep (Shep had floppy ears too).

"Daddy!" cried Eric breaking down into sobs, "Guess what, I found your long lost brother too! He is or was the Reverend here in town. Uncle Andy! Uncle Andy! Over here!"

RE: Trail of A Senshery-48DD- Way Out West
Awreck — 18 Oct 1998, 11:20 PM

Former bank forecloser-turned bounty hunter-turned gunslinger-turned Reverend-turned layman, Windes, slowly made his way over to his nephew, The Boston Kid, who now had gray hair, so "Kid" wasn't really appropriate anymore. On his arm, was Sevenita who walked hunched over since gravity had taken its toll on the twins. She was further impaired by the Borg eyepatch which now drooped over her eye impairing the vision on the left side. But Andrew loved her nonetheless, because she was still the same intelligent, warm, loving girl he met sooooo many years ago before this trial.

The brothers, meeting for the first time in years, embraced, then embraced their nephew, before helping Sevenita up from the ground where she had fallen face first without Andrew's supporting arm. They all decided to live together in Mad Miles big new house. Eric, tired of hearing Mad Miles call Kes, "Old Yeller", decided to fix his father up with one of the townswomen to occupy his time. After a whirlwind courtship and marriage, the former Ruthie Gulch decided it was time to clean up her man and teach him the ways of a gentleman. Aghast at the changes his new bride had in mind, he decided he needed to spend more time out in the desert to look for more gold. Ruthie would go months without seeing her husband and to occupy her time, decided to open a combination bookstore and tea room.

Jason Canuk won a Pulitzer Prize for his book on The Trial That Seemed to Last a Century (Available at Barnes & Noble and Borders Books), and made millions when it became a blockbuster at the box office, even surpassing revenues from Titanic.