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Before The Ball

Before the Ball Pt 1
Annie — 22 Sep 1998, 10:58 AM

This will come directly after D'Alairs "Readying for the Leola Root Ball" pieces.

Tom was runnin' late, and hoped B'Elanna wouldn't be too upset with him. After everything that had happened that day..., meeting up with his young brother Harry, the fight with Chakotay, he reached to touch his ribs tenderly. Boy, was Chakotay ever gonna let sleepin' dogs lie. It seemed he was runnin' all over the place before he was able to rush home to get cleaned up so he could go fetch B'Elanna for the Ball. He couldn't wait to see her. Ever since their er..., encounter in the stables, he couldn't keep his mind off of her. Shucks, ever since their encounter at that waterin hole that one night, it seemed like she was all he ever thought about.

When he got home, the house was a bustle of activity. It seemed everyone was rushing around. Ma and Lee-Marie were runnin around like chickens with their heads chopped off. Annie was just leavin'. He didn't hear Kes about, so didn't know whether she was there or not. He was gonna have to keep an eye on Kessie tonite. Since she had met some stranger to town, she seemed to spend most of her time with him. He had promised Ma that he would keep his eye on her. He made a mental note to himself to find out just who the stranger was that had taken his little sisters heart so quickly.

By the time he was washed up, had his boots polished, and dressed in his finest black levi's, and long sleeved black shirt with the fancy ribbing on it, he was ready to go meet his girl. He wished he didn't have the shiner that Chakotay had graced him with earlier, but that couldn't be helped. The house had quieted down since the ladies had left, and he strode out the door to find that Ayala had shined up the old 2 seater buggy for him to use to escort his date to the dance.

"I thought this might be a little more comfortable for you and your lady sir."

"Much obliged Ayala," Tom said tipping his hat at the ranch hand. He climbed into the seat, and took up the reins. Then suddenly, he climbed down, and ran back into the house. He stood in the parlor looking around, until his eyes fell upon a freshly cut bouquet of flowers in a vase on one of the tables. We went over to the flowers, and pulled them out of the vase, bringing them up to his face for a sniff.

"Perfect," he said with a smile on his face.

He ran back outside, climbed on the buggy, and rode off towards the Torres house, at a fast gallop.

When he got there, he saw her shape standing out in the field a ways. He reined in, and brought the buggy to a halt. He grabbed the flowers, and looked for her again with his eyes. He saw she was walking back toward the house. He went to stand in her path, holding the flowers behind his back. He gasped when she came into the light. She was indeed the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. The dress she had on was unlike anything he had ever seen, a deep dark color, he couldn't quite make out, because of the low lighting, but seein' her bare shoulders..., her silken skin open to the touch took his breath away. He looked her up and down from head to toe, admirin' her beauty, then met his eyes with hers. He stood there for a few moments drinking in her face, then swallowed hard before removing his hat and speaking.

"B'Elanna, you are beautiful," he got out, holding the hat to his chest.

"Thanks," she whispered in answer.

RE: Before the Ball Pt 2
Annie — 22 Sep 1998, 10:59 AM

Slowly, Tom was able to lift his feet from where they were anchored to the ground, and walked toward her. When he was a few inches away, he brought the bouquet from around his back, and offered them to her.

"Are these supposed to make up for beating me in the race," she teased taking the flowers from him.

"What could I say, sorry Intrepid, but I want you to let B'Elanna and Liberty win today?" he teased back.

"What about now, you're late you know."

"I know, I got tied up in town, and rushed like the dickens to get here fast as I could."

He stepped closer to her, and reached out a hand to take her around the waist. Pulling her against him, he leaned in closer to her mouth.

"We'll be expected at the dance you know," she breathed.

"The dance can wait," he breathed in response.

With that, he took her lips with his, and pulled her even closer to him. B'Elanna let her flowerless arm creep up around his neck, responding eagerly to his kiss. When their lips parted, Tom gazed steadfastly into her eyes. She reached a hand up to gently caress his bruised eye, a look of concern etched on her face. He reached up to take her hand in his, letting her know with the movement that he was fine, then he leaned down to place a soft kiss on one of her exposed shoulder's. He heard her soft intake of breath at his touch, and the sound pleased him. <Lordy, I love her,> he thought to himself. He straightened, and looked at her again.

"Well I reckon we had better get goin'," he said putting his hat back atop his head, "or we'll never make it to the dance hall." He gave her a teasing smile.

"I reckon we better," she answered. "Let me just get these flowers in some water."

He watched as she disappeared into the house, admirin' her backside as she went. Soon after she emerged, and he helped her into the buggy. As they got underway, Tom Janeway thought he must be the luckiest and proudest man ever, to have such a fine woman by his side. Holding the reins in one hand, he wrapped an arm around the woman sitting next to him, and she snuggled closer to him in response.

Take it D'Alaire... : )