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Moving Swiftly Into The Stable...

Moving swiftly into the stable...
D'Alaire — 12 Sep 1998, 9:06 PM

..., B'Elanna's hand had already gone to her pocket for some sugar cubes she kept there. Feeling Tom's guiding hand press just under her vest, she turned. Looking with him, she saw what was probably the best stall in the stable.

In the lamplight, the mare stood, perfectly groomed, clean as a whistle. Beside her was her mate, a beautiful white stallion, rubbing his nose against hers.

B'Elanna's face grew with her smile, and she collected a few more cubes for the stud.

Tom watched as the lady beside him moved forward with the treats, holding out her small out. She stroked her mare's mane, and laughed when the stallion nuzzled in for a cube of his own. Tom laughed, too. "He's a little feisty, but he's not all bad. Just knows a good thing when he sees it, is all."

B'Elanna looked up at the handsome young man as he joined her, leaning up on the stall door. She regarded him, Tom Janeway, former rogue turned around and straightened up. "Did you do all this for her, Tom?"

Tom shrugged. "She was ansty at first," he admitted, "so I figured to make her comfortable before letting nature take its course."

B'Elanna nodded. Her hand was empty, and she pulled it back to wipe it off. But Tom took a kerchief from his pocket, and, taking her fingers in his, dried her palm. "Here, B'Elanna," he said, his eyes melting into hers. "Wouldn't want to get our fine coats all mussed up, would we?"

She smiled again, looked down at what he was doing. She took a breath.
Suddenly, her fingers grabbed his and she pulled him up against her. "I suppose you're right, seeing as you've proved a pretty good groomer already."

Tom drew his hand around the hip of her leather riding skirt to hold her there. Finding her herding rope hooked on the back of her belt, he bent nearer, watched her eyes draw shut. "To be honest, ma'am, I wouldn't mind primpimg one lovely mare in particular."

She felt what his hand had found, she felt his soft breath near her lips. "What's wrong, Tom? 'Fraid I'm gonna buck you off and get away?"

He pulled the rope off her belt, looping it around his wrist so he could take her waist again. "Don't want to take any chances, B'Elanna. Now that I've got you, I don't want you to dart off on me."

His hand wrapped around her arm. He leaned closer. She bent her knees. "That's always been the practice of stallions," she told him.

He lowered her back onto the soft hay. "Not once they've set their eye on a fine and unique mate, B'Elanna," he said, and kissed her.

She gasped and he pulled back a little, seeing if he'd done wrong. But she wrapped her arms around him. "Guess you'll have to make me comfortable then, and let nature take its course."

She pulled him tightly to her, relishing in the feel of the young rancher's hands as they poured over her lithe frame, his mouth as it moved deeply over her own.

Then she felt him pull the rope from under her.

Suddenly, she grabbed his arms, taking him by surprise. Flipping him onto his back, she straddled him. She drew his hands over his head and bent down close to his mouth. When she grinned, his initially stunned expession followed hers.

"Well, Miss B'Elanna," he whispered invitingly, "don't you trust I won't run off?"

"Can't be too careful with stallions, Tom," she purred.

He wrangled one hand free and drew it into her dark, thick hair. "Guess not," he said, smiling mischeviously. "Never know when they get it in their mind to surpise you."

"I think I can handle one uppity stallion in particular," she returned.

"Glad to know you'll be holding on for the ride."

"Maybe I should get my cro--" Without warning, he pulled her lips back to his.

Simultaneously, their hands flew to the rope laying by.

Behind them, the mare and stallion backed off, brurring a little as shards of hay began flying in the air.