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Kes And Her Gunslinger: A Meeting With Sevenita

VC : Kes and her Gunslinger : A meeting with Sevenita (part 1)
Eric — 20 Sep 1998, 3:58 PM

Kes and her Gunslinger : A meeting with the Borg

(What's that? The Trial never had the trial? Well it turns out that it was called the Trial because it took me forever to get out of Big Coffee Canyon! So I'm changing the name.)

Voyager City, the medical building. 11:00 AM

"You have to help my daughter Kes! I know the two of you have never gotten along very well since she stole your part in the play, but you used to be friends as children!", wailed Doc Holliday. Kes wasn't sure. It was true that she and Sevenita were friends as children, but when she stole her part in Miss. Janeway's play about a ship lost at sea she had beaten the crap out of Sevenita. And she was still sure that the only reason Sevenita was given the part was because of her large, ahh, assets, a gift from her Borg indian heritage. Damn Sevenita anyway! That part was to have been for her! But when Judge Riker, the director of the play, saw her in her low cut dress it was all over! She hoped Sevenita still had scars from the beating she had given her that night. It was funny she remembered her anger so well after all this time. In fact, ever since she had put on her Warlord suit she had been feeling things more passionately then ever before. Somehow she didn't think she would ever be mild mannered Kessie the school teacher again.

"By the way Kes, have you been working out?", asked the ever tactfull Doc. That new outfit you have does wonders for your figure! I think maybe I should make something like that for Sevenita! Except I think her's should be silver, to set off her eyes.

"Maybe you should start at the beginning Doc ", Eric asked. What happened? I'm new to your town and Kes has been with me in the Canyon. But make it fast, we have to talk to your Sheriff about what happened to Deputy Neelix and the notes we recovered.

Ok, good idea. Yesterday (editor's note : I HOPE it was yesterday!) Jabin Olga was murdered. Now if you think I drink a lot, you should see that Kazon drink! And everyone knows that he had a thing for my beautiful daughter. Well, actually all the men have a thing for her, and a few of the woman as well. The Doctor gulped and hastily continued as he saw the murderous look that Kes was giving him! (MY, that suit made her look fierce!) Anyway, Marshall Tuvok found him dead at Quark's last night! Now Sevenita has a job there as one of the singers for the club, and she was at work that day. But she was on break when Tuvok thinks he was killed. But it's all a frame job! The only evidence is a glove of Sevenita's with Jabin's blood on it, and a spot of Sevenita's blood on her white horse.

Do you think the blood was planted, asked Eric. Yes! Everyone knows that Borg indians have different blood that the rest of us. All of the nanoprobes were dead in the samples from the glove, like it was a old sample. But because everyone remembers the battle of Wolf 359 nobody wants to talk about this evidence! They just want a reason to throw her in jail!

"All right Doc", "I've heard enough", said the Gunslinger. Come on Kes, we should head over to the...

Sheriff's Office : 11:31 AM

Marshall Tuvok was annoyed. His annoyance was trying to climb inside his office through his window (the doors were locked). Marshall!! Can you comment on the murder? Please Marshall!! We can make you famous! Is it true that you are raciest to Borgs? Can we see Sevenita? Marshall???

This was intolerable! He was just a small town Sheriff in the West, and it looked like the entire states media was outside HIS office! And now one of his Deputy's was missing! Where was Neelix? That was when he heard the gunshot and was racing outside...

VC : Kes and her Gunslinger : A meeting with Sevenita (part 2)
Eric — 20 Sep 1998, 3:59 PM

Kes could not believe the crowd! All of the wagons around the Sheriff's office were almost as big a city as Voyager City itself! And they all had strange cryptic words on them like : CNN, ABC, NBC, Fox, and UPN! And the people were milling about were all complete strangers to her. But wait, was that her brother standing there? "Tom!!", she called out.

Eric watched the young man heading toward him and Kes from under his cowboy hat. Kes had only good things to say about Tom, maybe to good. He may be a brother to her but she was adapted after all. He didn't like this at all. Tom would have to be watched...

"Kes!", "Mother has been looking for you all day!", yelled Tom over the din from the crowd. I will see him , she said, but now we have to get inside to talk to Tuvok. Tom answerd that Tuvok wasn't seeing anyone right now. He had his men looking for Neelix. Eric smiled, "I think he will see us", and pulled his gun and fired over the crowd of reporters!

"Excuse us please", said Eric into the stunned silence. We have a meeting with the Marshall. Tuvok was at the door, "Kes?" "What are you doing here?", "Is that Tom with you?", "Come inside at once!".

Sorry about the disturbance Marshall but we had to see you at once. Maybe you should sit down it's about Neelix. He's dead I'm sorry. Eric didn't like to give out news like this, but unfortunately his job had him saying those words to much lately. Maybe it was time to settle down somewhere, but he wanted someone to settle down with. He looked over at Kes and thought when all this excitement was over they would have to have a long talk. He smiled, and maybe more.

Tuvok, Kes was saying, we also found this by his body. She gave him the notebook. I think you will find it's very important to Sevenita's trial. And can we see her now? We have some questions for her. Tuvok gave her the key's. "Here, you know the way well enough", "I would like to be alone for a while, Neelix was a friend".

Kes lead Tom and the Gunslinger back to the cells. Sevenita was in the last cell. Seven walked forward into the light. The Gunslinger felt his jaw hit the hardwood floor....

Madame D'Alaireux's wagon : 11:45 AM

Mistress!! Mistress wake up wailed Baktag! I saw her!! I saw the chosen one!! She's here! Timmy the eunuch woke up and stock is head out the wagon. "Baktag settle down!", he groaned. His Mistress was VERY rough last night. "But she IS here!! I saw her!!