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A Day In The Life

A Day In the Life...Part I
PegN — 15 Sep 1998, 8:55 PM

Tom stalked into the house, passing B'Elanna on the way. She saw him come out of the barn and then her father emerged. From the way both walked and the looks on their faces, she knew they had been arguing and no doubt, over her. Men, you can't live with them and you can't shoot them! (Sevenita found that out last night.) A scowl on her own face, she set off for the barn to confront her father.

Kathryn didn't miss any of the action from her spot on the front porch either. Putting down her coffee, she stopped the young man.

"Tom, this has to stop. Maybe this isn't the time to persue B'Elanna. Sevenita needs you right now. She needs your strength and your cool head."

Looking into Kathryn's eyes, Tom felt a part of his anger fall away. He forced himself to unclench his fists and to clear his head.

"You're right. She needs me right now and I need to get away from here for awhile. I'm going to town."

Kathryn stroked Tom's golden hair and smiled warmly at him.

"I'll talk to B'Elanna for you," she promised. Tom leaned over and kissed Kathryn on the cheek.


RE: A Day In the Life...Part II
PegN — 15 Sep 1998, 9:39 PM

Tom rode straight to the Sheriff's Office and walked in and straight Deputy Neelix.

Neelix jumped up from his chair. "She has another visitor...." But Tom didn't hear him, instead going directly to Sevenita's cell. He stopped a short distance from her cell and watched the scene before him.

Reverend Windes was already there, talking softly to her and holding her hands through the cell bars. Tom's eyes narrowed briefly. It was no secret that the good reverend was smitten with the girl and, for some reason, he was one of the few people in town she liked and trusted. He watched as Reverend Windes kissed one of Sevenita's hands, his lips lingering just a breath longer than might be proper. The reverend turn to take his leave and saw Tom standing there. He colored slightly then left with an "'Afternoon, Tom." Tom's eyes followed him out then Tom turned to Sevenita who was looking at the hand that had been kissed.

"Curious," she said softly to herself then looked up at the handsome man before her.

"Seven," he said, using the pet name for her he always did when they were alone. "How are you this morning?"

"I am well," was the cool reply, "Although I was awakened last night by Deputy Neelix's snoring." She turned toward the back of the cell where a sliver-blue dress was hanging. "Miss Peggy Lou brought this dress in for me from her store earlier. She believes I should wear this to the trial." She held the dress up to her and Tom eyes widened. "I told her my dress would be irrelevant," she continued, "but she has stated otherwise."

Tom found his voice then. "How so?" he asked.

"Her reply was not logical, however she said since I was inexperienced in certain ways, I should trust her. She explained that the judge and jury would all be male and that I should direct my answers to them, not the attorneys. She stated that the Memphis attorney is the best, but that the dress might help things along. I do not understand. I thought my innocence would be determined through a fair trial."

Tom smiled warmly at her. She was still an innocent in the ways of the world. He also knew Judge Riker and he was a sucker for a pretty woman and a jury of males would not be able to take their eyes off of her. He wondered how much of the trial they would even hear with her sitting at the defendent's table in that dress. He would have to go and properly thank Miss PeggyLou. At times, the woman acted as though she was addled, but he suspected it might be a cover.

He spent a good amount of time with Sevenita, then left.

A Day In the Life...Part III
PegN — 15 Sep 1998, 10:13 PM

"D@amn! Just my luck," thought Tom as he walked towards Miss Peggy Lou's General Store and Telegraph Office. Chakotay Torres and Marshall Tuvok were walking into the store. Miss Peggy Lou always had on a pot of coffee in the back of the store for her favorite customers. "Well, too bad," he decided. "I'm not letting Chakotay get the best of me."

Miss Peggy Lou had just walked out of the back room when Tom entered.

"Well, hello, Marshall Tuvok, Chakotay, Tom. Her smile was warm and her voice caressed each man's name. "See anything you like?"

Tom ignored the glare Chakotay threw his way and answered first.

"Well, I came to thank you for what you did for Sevenita, but I can thank you properly later. I also wanted to know if my telegraph from last night was answered."

"Oh, yes. I believe Mz. Barty was operating the telegraph when something came in for you. Ah yes, here it is," she grinned as she slipped it out of the top of her dress. She turned her attention to the Marshall and Chakotay as Tom read the telegraph. "What can I do for you gentlemen?"

Marshall Tuvok spoke without hesitation. "As a matter of fact, I was looking for Mz. Barty. I believe she was playing the piano at Sandrine's Saloon when the gunshot was heard last night. I would like to see if she is able to corroborate the time of the gunshot."

"Well, Marshall, you'll find her over at the church practicing for Sunday's service."

Mz. Barty happened to be the best (and only) piano/organ player in Voyager City, so Reverend Windes was indulgent when, sometimes, Mz. Barty forgot which job she was at and launched into the first notes of "Buffalo Girl" before she remembered." Even though it sounded strange on the organ, it would wake up the few congregation members who dared sleep during his sermons. Besides, no one was perfect and the reverend had a skeleton or two in his own closet.

"Thank you, Miss Peggy Lou. I believe I'll go see her at the church as soon as I have a cup of your delicious coffee."

"Why Marshall, you say the nicest things. How 'bout it, Chakotay? It's the special blend I make up for Miss Kathryn."

Chakotay smiled and accepted. With a "I'll be back later, Miss Peggy Lou, when you're not so busy," Tom departed.