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Kes And Her Gunslinger : The Trial

Kes and her Gunslinger : The Trial (part 1)
Eric — 15 Sep 1998, 12:23 PM

Kes and Her Gunslinger : The Trial of Sevenita (Part 1)

Note : This story takes place immediately on the heels of Kes and her Gunslinger part 2 and Terry's Kim Phooey series.

Chakotay was in pain. A lot of pain. He had crashed his horse for the second time that day. The first time had been at the races. He was supposed to have thrown the race for the Kazon Mafia but he had been distracted by the beautiful foreign girl Seska and had crashed on the first turn. Things had gone downhill fast after that when he fell into the Big Coffee canyon dreaming about Seska again! Of course the Kazon showed up but luckily Kes had shown up and used his guns to fight them off (where had the schoolteacher learned how to do THAT?) and who was the darkly handsome Gunslinger who had shown up just in time? And more importantly why were they kissing each other when he was bleeding to death???

Eric could not believe his luck! He had been on his way to Voyager City to look for some work when he had come accross the sexiest woman he had ever seen, the only problem was she was fighting for her life. He had helped out by wasting the rest of the bad hair freaks. He had stared deep into her eyes and it was almost like they had fallen into each other. Now if he could only figure out how to remove her strange tunic....and what kind of animal made wet, sloppy groaning noises like that?

Kes came up for air and was thinking about helping Eric with her tunic and and looked into the eyes of...

"I am Kim, I will help you" said Qwai-chang Kim.

"Where did you come from?" the pointy eared Ocampa asked? That's what I would like to know muttered the gunslinger who had only managed to unbutton Kes part way. That is unimportant! I have given first aid to Chakotay but he needs medical attention, and Kes I must know return your memories and give you THIS!

"Wow! That is the sexiest leather suit I have ever seen!!" breathed the Gunslinger...

Kes and her Gunslinger : The Trial (part 2)
Eric — 15 Sep 1998, 12:25 PM


Seska was getting impatient. If anyone saw her here it would ruin the plan!

"Ahhh, Seska it seems I was right to pick you for this mission after all, that disguise is perfect", Seska jumped as a gray skinned Cardassian came into view. "Dukat" she breathed, "you scared me!". And you almost scared me! You weren't supposed to frame Sevenita for another 3 days! We NEED that time to move our forces into place. We have to hit the Delta Q ranch with a the full tribe!

"But what memories Kim?", asked Kes

Let me explain, you remember being raised by the peaceful Ocampa Indians before you were adopted by Miss. Janeway at the Delta Q Ranch. But you are actually MY daughter! You are the sacred Warlord of the Shoalin Monks! We have created you to help the innocent and fight evil! I am getting to old to travel like this and besides Kung Foo : The Legend continues has been cancelled. "That sucked!, I loved that show", added Eric. Now you must put this sacred Leather warlord Suit on and all your memories will return.

"Don't worry Dukat", said Seska.

I had to move fast since the Kazon screwed everything up. But my conditions have changed. I want Chakotay ALIVE. "NO!", screamed Dukat, he was a part of the Maqui calvery that almost wiped out our tribe! He will burn like the rest of the Delta Q ranch!

"I don't think so", interrupted a cheery voice.

"You look incredible", drooled Eric.

"I feel different" said Kes. Here is your weapon, this is the holy Shaol Lin Pistol. Kes slipped it into her low hanging holster while the Gunslinger tried not to faint (he always had a thing for women with guns) and asked what did you see Kes?

I saw....

(A small hut in the desert, a voice, "Your father wanted me to give this to you when you were old enough", learning to use her Ocampa powers, a fight! The evil Caretakers attacking, fire! The Temple Burning!!)

Kim nodded " Yes the evil Caretaker attacked us before you were ready, but now you can finish our work here in Voyager City and the Gunslinger can help you". My work here is done, I have heard of a Tournament near here called Mortal Kombat, I think I will sign up.

Oh no! Seska is a traiter!
Who is the cheerful voice?
Will Eric ever recover from writing these sexy Kes scenes?
Find out in the next chapter!

More later gang, i gotta do SOME work today!

Kes and her Gunslinger : The Trial Part 3
Eric — 16 Sep 1998, 8:02 PM

Time for some ACTION darn it!

The sad, lonely death of Deputy Neelix

Five minutes ago...

Neelix was patrolling Big Coffee canyon. He had heard reports of some kind of shootout going on. Thinking it might be the Kazon Mafia he saddled up and head out. Marshal Tuvok liked his officers to show initiative. What he saw was even more amazing. He saw Seska the pretty barmaid talking to a grey skinned Cardassion brave! What was going on here? He listened in on what they were saying. Sevenita's Trial? Miss. Janeway's ranch? A Cardassian attack?? Seska was a traitor! He wrote down what he heard into his notebook drew his gun and called out...

"I don't think so!" said a cheery voice.

Dukat whirled around, and spotted a stumpy little man wearing a Deputy's badge and holding a gun, pointed at him and Seska. Ah! You must be that little Deputy Neelix that I've heard about, nice hair! "Both of you are under arrest!", "Stand where you are!".

You don't know what your dealing with Deputy!

"Come on Kes", said Eric, "we have to get Chakotay to the Voyager City Doctor". Yes your right, but I'm still trying to make sense of these new memories, said Kes as she helped Eric tie Chahotay to his saddle. She didn't notice the Gunslinger checking out her leather clad butt as she was bending over the fastenings, at least not with her eyes, she felt his thoughts through her Ocampan heritage and smiled. This Gunslinger would be quite a challenge to straighten out. And why was he thinking the same thing about HER?

"What do you mean Dukat?", demanded Neelix. "I know what I'm dealing with! An treacherous Injun and a traiter!". Seska made a face and shouted, it's those maquis who are traitors! They are the ones who attacked our peaceful tribe! Dukat just stared calmly at Neelix as he approached with his handcuffs and asked in a quit voice "Do you know what a Pagh Wraith is Deputy?". "Nope" said Neelix and then told Dukat to hold out his arms.

"Allow me to inform you", said Dukat as his eyes flamed red in the desert heat. And then all hell broke loose quite literally. Dukat arms shoot out and Seska would later swear that flames engulfed his body as a energy bolt stroke Neelix in the chest launching him into the side of the canyon over 50 feet away. Neelix began to shake worse then Doc after a weekend bender. And his screaming! His screaming was taking on a bubbling noise, like when Quark was making bacon at his Bar.

"Enough!" she shouted. "What do you want?", demanded Dukat in a voice not his own. Seska drew her gun, I want to ask him a question. She walked over to Neelix sat down on her hunches with her gun over Neelix's head. I remember you looking at me at the bar Deputy. Checking me out, making rude comments. She thumbed back the hammer...

"Do you think I'm sexy now Neelix?"

She pulled the trigger.

The mess was considerable.

Eric heard the screams first. Come on! And the two friends (and maybe more? Be patient dear reader) and Chakotay now unconscious raced toward the sound. What they found was horrible. Kes crys were the worst part of the day for Eric, but that was only the beginning of the rest of a bad day.

Kes and her Gunslinger : The Trail (part4) Return to VC!
Eric — 17 Sep 1998, 8:22 PM

Ok gang, the story finally let me return the trio to Voyager, plus you will notice we have a new horse, by request. Now that the gang is back in town if you want to use any of the characters go ahead. I realize i have been greedy with Kes :-)

The Return to Voyager City

Deputy Neelix was dead. Cut down in his prime by the evil Dukat and the treachery of Seska the traiter. Kes found his burned broken body by his trusty steed Peter. Kes screamed, "NOOOOOOO!", what have they done to you Neelix? Why did you have to be so brave?

Eric didn't know what top do. He was never very good at these things. Right then he would have rather gone up against a hundred angry Kazon then one crying woman. He decided to bite the bullet and try to say something. He put his arms around her tight leather clad body and tried a oldie but goodie, "Kes it will be all right, we will MAKE it all right". She looked up at him her tear stained eyes filling with determination, "Yes, we will.", then she looked down at Neelix's blood-stained notebook and read the notes. It was Seska! And someone named Dukat! They would pay! She felt her dark power rising in her like a heat-wave and unzipped her suit to half-mast, exposing small firm breasts.

Eric had a hard time breathing.

They started out for Voyager City, with a new purpose. When they came to the wide gates, Eric paused and looked at the town. He had felt driven since he had met Kes. Driven to some unknown destiny. Maybe he would find it here in this strange town.

Kes moved on with Chakotay, strapped to his horse, "Come on Doc's is over here. He followed her down mainstreet past Quarks and the new Brothel, Kes explained that Maxine had just moved in, and what was that strange wagon with the creepy, gimpy driver? "Turn back!!!", screamed the strage creature, "Turn BAAAAACK!".

Here we are. The sign read DOC HOLLIDAY : Paying customers welcome. Kes knocked a walked in followed by Eric. Nobody was sitting in the waiting room, but in the surgery room...

Doc was lying in a pool of his own vomit "Kessss, you have to HELP her! My sweet daughter taken by those Barb..., BBb, Bar, Bad people!", "Help her Kes!!".

Then : "Heyyyyy, when did you become such a H-h-h-hotty?"

Kes blushed.

Eric smiled his agreement.


"Ow, I love it when you do that."

End Part 4! Next : The Trial! I mean it! I really mean it this time.