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Showdown At The Big Coffee

Showdown at the Big Coffee
Vickie T. — 13 Sep 1998, 8:49 PM

These events follow those of "A Visitor Rides to the Ranch" and start at about the same time Kes and Lee-Marie are meeting up with Qwai-Chang Kim.

Marshall Tuvok, Miss Kathryn and the others reined in their horses on a bluff overlooking the Big Coffee River. This was where they expected to find Kaze Ogla and his men and they were not disappointed. Below, on the broad plain, they could see Ogla's two younger sons directing a dozen Ogla Point cowhands to defensive positions along the main cattle trail to the river's banks.

Marshall Tuvok spoke first, "I am gratified to observe that Cullah Nistrim and his men have apparently withdrawn from the area."

"True," observed Tom, "but you can bet that they aren't finished with this fight, yet."

At that moment, the cloud of dust which had been moving toward the little group resolved itself into a small band of riders. It was Cowgirl Vickie with a handful of men from the Circle V. "Howdy, Marshall...Miss Kathryn...Chakotay," Cowgirl Vickie smiled, nodding to the group. "We heard that a little trouble might be brewing down here and thought you might need a hand."

"Welcome and thanks," said the Marshall and Miss Kathryn.

Chakotay, deep in thought, did not immediately reply. "Thank God," Chakotay thought, "that Cowgirl Vickie brought some non-speaking extras along. I was getting really nervous, seeing that the bullets were about to start flying, no obvious red-shirts were in sight and I still haven't reached an agreement with TPTB on my new contract demands!"

"Nice to see you, Cowgirl Vickie," Chakotay said, giving her one of his dazzling smiles.

"I wonder," Cowgirl Vickie thought, "if I've ever mentioned to my Housewives Club just how attractive Chakotay is in person?"

"Well, Marshall, Miss Kathryn, what's the plan?," Cowgirl Vickie asked.

After some discussion, it was decided that Marshall Tuvok would ride down alone to speak to the Ogla brothers while the others remained concealed behind the rim of the bluff. This would allow them to get an idea of what the Ogla's had in mind. Miss Kathryn was not entirely pleased with this plan, but grudgingly agreed after the others pointed out that those two nitwit sons of Kaze would be afraid to act on their own and apparently Kaze himself was temporarily away from the camp.

Showdown at the Big Coffee, Part 2
Vickie T. — 13 Sep 1998, 9:39 PM

Larry and Darrell Ogla rode out to meet Marshall Tuvok as he descended towards the river. The group on the bluff couldn't hear the mens' discussion, but no one had yet drawn a weapon, so that was a good sign.

Suddenly, Tom and B'Elanna, who had been behind an outcropping of rock watching the trail which approached the area from the south - no, really, they were - rushed back to the group. "Ma!" "Pa!" "Miss Kathryn!" Both speaking at once, Tom and B'Elanna reported that Kaze Ogla and another group of Ogla Point men were fast approaching the Ogla camp down by the river - with guns in hand.

"Damn that idiot hot-head Kaze Ogla," spat Miss Kathryn. "Well, Betsy, she said, drawing her trusty rifle, "looks like you've got a little work to do." The Delta Q and Circle V riders spurred their horses towards the river just as the first shots rang out from below. Fortunately for Marshall Tuvok, dashing for cover, none of the Oglas could hit the side of a barn, broad or otherwise.

Before long, bullets were flying and curses and dust filled the air. And that was just Larry and Darrell fighting over the one tree big enough to provide adequate cover on the flat barren plain! Our heroes were outnumbered, but they were brave, ferocious fighters. They were waaay better shots, too. Before long, Kaze Ogla, his sons, and a small handful of surviving Ogla Point men were retreating from the little encampment.

As the Oglas rode away, Kes, Lee-Marie, Deputy Neelix and the Doc arrived. The Doc surveyed the battlefield with a frown. "Miss Kathryn," he scolded, "this sort of thing really must stop. I am getting more than just a little tired of having to dash off, on a moments notice, to try and repair the damage you..." His words trailed off into silence as Miss Kathryn impaled him with her Glare of Death.

Miss Kathryn looked at the dead and wounded cowhands around her on the plain and sighed heavily. "Kath...Miss Kathryn," Chakotay put his hand on her shoulder, "you had no other option. If you hadn't intervened, Kaze Ogla would surely have killed Marshall Tuvok. Ogla had to be stopped or many more men would have been killed fighting over access to the Big Coffee."

"I know, Chakotay," she replied, "but that doesn't make the loss of these fine people any easier to take."

By this time the Doc had examined the wounded and determined that all could safely be moved back into town. In their haste to flee, Ogla and his men had left a supply wagon and team of horses behind. Cowgirl Vickie and the Circle V riders agreed to fetch another wagon from the Circle V and transport the dead into town. The rest of the little band headed into town with the wounded. While they rode, Kes and Lee-Marie shared the story of their encounter with Jabin Ogla, the gypsy fortune teller and the Shaolin priest.

"I fear," Miss Kathryn sighed, "that the trouble around here is just beginning."