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The Way We Were

The Way we were.
Leonie — 24 Sep 1998, 6:45 AM

"Why are you getting mixed up in your employers lives, Lady Jadzia. This is not what you were brought up for. This is not the kind of life for you. A Foreman on a ranch?" His gaze softened on Lee-Marie

"Things have settled down, you could come back. Ol' Mr. Edington is dead and his family has moved out of town. Only Ol' Miss Riley is left. No one's gonna think about matters which occurred ten years ago."

Lee-Marie looked at the man who had been like a father to her all her life, she gave a sad smile

"It's too risky, I couldn't do it. I have Mama, little Randy-Jane and Donna-May to consider. Their lives could be destroyed if things get dug up again. And this is the kind of life for me Mr. Magnum. I've changed, I'm not Lady Jadzia anymore. She couldn't have done what I have in the last ten years."

"So you're Lee-Marie now?"

"Actually I'm a little of both."

Lee-Marie looked out and saw Tom and B'Elanna together in the quiet talking. The sadness of her smile increased. Lee-Marie knew exactly what Ms Torres struggled with, being of two different worlds. Now she had embraced another getting involved with Tom Janeway. Seeing them together, she wondered if she wasn't imagining things between Miss Kathryn and Mr. Tom. She wasn't a woman who doubted herself, she had seen what she had seen

Mr. Magnum touched her arm. He had seen where her gaze had gone and the sadness in her eyes.


"Mickie-C would have been so proud of you."

It always amazed Lee-Marie how much it could hurt her still to hear his name. It had been ten years ago since she last spoke to him.

"I still miss him, Mr. Magnum. Sometimes I think that I'm crazy, but sometimes when I'm by myself the feeling would just come over me. It would be months and months and I would never think about him and still, there would be a moment. I still miss him so much in those times."


Public Smiles
Private Tears

Her Mama's voice came to her. She willed the tears not to fall.

"Why are you checking Mr. Chakotay's background?"

"Something stinks to high heaven in this Ranch between the three of them, Mr. Magnum and I want to know what it is."

"Just let it be. It doesn't concern you, you are just a Foreman."

"Knowledge is power, and the Truth is the ultimate power Mr. Magnum. The may free you, or it may bind you. One thing about the truth, knowing it means that you go into a dangerous situation with your eyes open and your glasses on."

"Dangerous situation?"

"I am falling in love with Mr. Chakotay Torres."

Mr. Magnum gave a knowing smile


He understood perfectly.