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Down For The Count

VC: "Down for the Count"
Jason — 7 Oct 1998, 6:48 PM

It was a beautiful, calm and peaceful morning in Voyager City. Like most other days when the local law enforcement was able to keep a cap on town shoot outs, it meant that it was a slow day for Doc Holliday's practice. And like most other days where there was a slow work schedule, by noon the Doc had already polished off two bottles of the best scotch in Voyager City, imported from Defiant City.

After dozing off most of the morning, the Doc was brought to as full attention as his inebriation would allow him when the door to his practice opened. Entering was the young, vibrant Widow Wildman with her daughter Naomi.

"Good morning, Doctor!" Samantha chripily greeted, taking note of the empty bottles on the Doc's desk. *Oh no*, thought Samantha, realizing that he'd probably require more bedside manner from her than she and her daughter were likely to get from him. Yet despite the Doctor's liquoured-up state, the truth was that after all of these years, he could hold his liquour very well and often give the semblance of sobriety, even when that was not the case. Nonetheless, he took note of the bottles on his desk and casually motioned to them, explaining: "For medicinal purposes."

Getting up from behind his desk, he pulled his stethoscope out. "So, what may I do for you today, Ms. Wildman?"

Samantha was as pleasant as ever. "We've just come in for Naomi's monthly check up." she said as the Doctor helped little (but rapidly growing) Naomi on to his examination bench.

"She's looking much taller. I've never seen anything like this. Are you sure she's not part Ocampan-Indian?" the Doctor inquired, good naturedly.

"She grows so fast I can't believe it. It must be her father's genes. He was European, however." Samantha elaborated.

"That would certainly explain the horns on her forehead," he deadpanned. The Doc had never been able to explain the genetic diversity and individual characteristics possessed by many of Voyager City's citizens and those in the surrounding area. When he was a promising young surgeon, he'd arrived in Voyager City to conduct a study on that issue and eventually wrote a paper for the Yonadan Journal of Medicine postulating that these were not natural characteristics, but rather mutations caused, cumulatively due to radiation and local industrial development. After the initial furor over his bombshell "discovery", both he and his theory were laughed out of respectability, and he'd been forced to make his meager living in Voyager City, tending to the needs of it's citizens. The Doctor spent many hours drinking and contemplating his past. He'd prove himself again... he knew it. He would show all those fools back East! Perhaps one day he would even find a cure for all of Voyager City's genetic deformities. If only he could afford that brand new X Ray machine he saw in the office of his Federation City medical counterpart, Beverly Crusher, MD when he'd last been in that town. But that was in the future.

"You know," the Doctor noted to Samantha, "I don't believe I've ever heard you mention Naomi's father to me before this."

Samantha paused introspectively before continuing. "It's been a few years now... and I think I'm ready to go on with my life. Raising a daugther alone in a town like this was hard at first. But Naomi and I both love it here now. And she's doing so well in her classes. Her father would have been very proud of her."

"I only met him once-- he died shortly after you arrived in Voyager City-- if I recall. But he seemed to be a pleasant enough man. What was his name? It was so unusual."

Samantha paused, almost hesitant to offer this information. "Uh... his name was Gresgrendek, actually."

"Gresgrendek?" the Doctor spurted, his tact eroded by alcohol. "Gresgrendek Wildman? What kind of name is that?"

Part Two
Jason — 7 Oct 1998, 6:53 PM

"He was Czech, actually. But we called him Greg, for short. And his real last name was inpronounceable. Wildman was my maiden name name." Samantha said.

"Oh, I see." the Doctor said. "Naomi seems to be growing normally. Well, uh-- that is to say there are no evident physical problems. But I'd like to see her more frequently."

"Certainly," Samantha said. She and Naomi started walking toward the door when Samantha turned around... "You know, I'm planning to have a dinner party, within the next few days. I was hoping to invite a few people... Marshall Tuvok, Mr. Larson, Ms. Sandrine..."

"Sounds like quite an eclectic crowd."

"I think it'll be fun. I hope that you can possibly come as well."

"What? Oh, I couldn't possibly...."

"Please do.. I'd be very happy to have you."

The Doctor thought this over. He hadn't really been close to many people in Voyager City. He wasn't a people person. Even he and his daughter Sevenita were quite terse towards each other.

"It would be a privelege." The Doctor said, finally.

Samantha beamed with her smile-- she was always glowing. She turned to leave, when she realized that her daughter was no longer with her.

Naomi ran joyfully down the street. Like most children her age, blithely unaware of the dangers of horses, carriages or stray gun shots, all of which were quite common in Voyager City. But her attention was soon drawn by the sound of jingling bells approaching the town square. Samantha had finally found her after searching desperately for her daughter in the streets of the town.

Samantha held on to her as an elaborate carriage pulled in ot the square. It wasn't the typical one that came in regularly from Voyager City-- this was a special one, ornately decorated. It was painted red with gold trimmings all around it, pulled by white horses and inside it was well furnished and the walls were covered by wall paper. Samantha recognized immediately.

The driver came around and opened the door. Stepping outside was a pale looking man with large ears and black, curly hair held above his head.

Samantha was stunned. She certainly knew this man-- and he knew her. But luckily he had not seen her as she ducked in to one of the stores with her daughter.

Marshall Tuvok came in to the town square and met the man.

"Welcome to Voyager City. I am Marshall Tuvok. How may I be of help to you?"

The pale man, clasped his hands in front of his chest and bowed to him, slightly. "I am Ambassador Weyoun. I have come on behalf of the German Royal Family. Perhaps you could help me. I have it on good information that the King's nephew, an important Count may be residing here. Perhaps you would know a man by the name of Gresgrendek?"

To Be Continued in "A Little Princess"