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The People And Animals Of Voyager City



Horses And Other Animals


Kathryn Janewayowner of the Delta Q Ranch, maiden name was Davenport
Mark JanewayMiss Kate's husband, killed in a stampede
Tom JanewayMiss Kate's oldest son and chief bronco-buster on the Delta Q, nicknamed SaddleBoy by Sue Z. Cue.
Harry JanewayMiss Kate's youngest son (supposedly killed in stampede but his body was never found!), nicknamed Sourdough by B'Elanna
Kes JanewayMiss Kate's daughter and Voyager City's assistant schoolmarm
Chakotay Torresforeman of the Delta Q
B'Elanna TorresChakotay's daughter and chief horse-trainer on the Delta Q, her ma was an Indian from the Klingon Tribe, nicknamed Magpie by Harry
Marshall V. Tuvokknown as Marsh by his friends, marshal of Voyager City
Doctor Hollidayhard-drinking doctor of Voyager City
Sevenita/SeventinaDoc's adopted daughter, singer at Quark's (Apparently some people believe she is Kes's sister?)
NeelixDeputy Marshal of Voyager City and comic relief

Allieone Dr. Gegen's nieces research assistants
Ann Suzanne Langone of the many little Lang girls, Ann-zan for short, dark-haired
Annie Oakleyneighbor of the Torres, B'Elanna's foster granny
Annorax HeyesLeader of the infamous Krenim gang of outlaws
Anson Larsonruns a livery service, frequent client at Madame Maxine's
Antelope Womanstrange wild woman known to the Ankhari tribe
Antonio Swayzeleader of the Chap-endale Dancers
Senorita AntoniaOne of Madame Maxine's "regulars"
Diane Artemis Gordondetective with the Hirogen Detective Agency, mistress of disguise, Thomas Magnum's boss, pretty good hunter
Arterusformer foreman of the Delta Q
Ayalaone of the Delta Q's top hands, has the most beautiful little ranch-style house of his very own right, plays the harmonica
Bart/Mz. BartyPeggy Lou's brother, plays piano at Sandrine's Saloon/supposedly Bart's twin sister but really Bart in drag, plays organ at the church
Beatrice BurleighLord Burleigh's daughter, disappeared many years ago
Benson Voriktown drunk of Voyager City, would-be law clerk
B'Etor TorresChakotay's first wife, an Indian from the Klingon Tribe, killed by the Cardassians
BaktagD'Alaireux's gimpy twin brother and assistant
Beata JanewayTom and B'Elanna's daughter
Benblack member of the Nova Gang (No, Eric, it's not Sisko.)
Ben Siskomarshal of Defiant City
Benton Frasera Canadian Mountie
BetsyMiss Kate's trusty twelve-gauge shotgun/rifle
Binks-binksincompetent (yet well-spoken) rustler from Gungan tribe
BobKat's mentor from Tribe 8472
Bobbitt Nyrianpatriarch of the Nyrian "Posse"
BoothbySenator Paris' old friend of his Academy days
Broneconscierge of the Ritz-Kradin Hotel
Lord BurleighMiss Kate's former employer and love interest, now deceased
Caretakerevil ... Oh, I don't know what he/she is but he/she destroyed the Shaolin temple years ago.
Carolinebeautician and full-body tattoo artist, works at Madame Emony's beauty salon
Carolita de la Vegasthe premiere coloratura soprano in the country
Mayor Cavitmayor of Voyager City, former schoolteacher
Clockword Datamechanical man from Enterprise City, left his droogies behind, loves Beethoven
Clare Ensfriggen Darrowunscrupulous Woman in Maroon, aka Lawyer Ginny
Cowgirl Vickiemysterious figure from Chakotay's past
Dr. Crusherred-headed Starfleet Cavalry surgeon from Enterprise City
Cullah Nistrimlocal rancher, blood enemy of Kaze Ogla
Madame D'Alaireuxfortune-teller and snake-oil salewoman
Dalbyone of the Delta Q's hands
Darrell OglaKaze Ogla's youngest son
Judge DavenportKate's father, federal judge at Federation City during Khan's trial
Mr. DaxLee-Marie's step-father
Denara-Pel Vidiianeldest and best-looking of the seven Vidiian sisters
Diana Troywoman from Betazed Town, former mistress of Judge Riker when he was foreman on the Alpha Q
Dr. Dino Gegenan anthropologist specializing in Indian studies
Doc Savagefifth hand on the Equinox, bears a striking resemblence to Doc Holliday
Donna-MayLee-Marie's youngest step-sister
Doomed Nyrianone of the younger Nyrian boys
DoradoLMH messenger-boy
Duga NistrimCullah's stupid(er) cousin
DukatIndian from the Cardassian tribe, co-conspirator with Seska
Eddingtondeceased banker back East
Elaineyoung aspiring opera singer
Eleanorone Dr. Gegen's nieces research assistants
Emily Jenkinsyoung blonde girl
Enome DaxLee-Marie's mother
Madame Emonyowner of Voyager City's beauty salon
Ericgun-for-hire from the East
Ezri Daxbass player for the band Borg Barbie
Dr. Fitzgeraldformer doctor of Voyager City, murdered
Fox Scullysome overpaid dork from an totally unbelievable government agency
little Freddie Bristowyoung boy, cook's assistant at the Delta Q
GarakVoyager City's best couturiere, owner of Garak's Millinery and Hosiery
Miss GegenDr. Gegen's daughter
Gerronbartender at Quark's
Golwatscarred LMH messenger-girl
Gowronleader of the Cha'Kago Klingons
Grendelldeceased ex-foreman of the Circle V
Gresgrendekthe widow Wildman deceased Czech husband, called Greg, nephew of the Kaiser
Griffone of Mary's female trailhands, dresses all in black, lawyer
GrilkaKlingon warrioress, chief of the Kozak tribe
Miss Henleyworks at the Delta Q
Henry BurleighLord Burleigh's son, disappeared many years ago
Hoganworks for Madame Maxine
Hop-Sing NeelixDeputy Neelix's twin brother, cook at the Delta Q
Hughrepresentative of the Borg Indians
Jabin OlgaKaze's oldest son, recently murdered
Jack DurasKlingon renegade who murdered K'Ehleyr
Jacqueline Sitomember of the Nova Gang
Lady Jadziaaristocrat with a past, from back East, disappeared ten years ago
Jadzia DaxEmony's deceased younger sister
James T. Starkone of Mary's male trailhands, one quarter Shawnee Indian, middle name is Tecumseh
Jane Rileytrouble-maker back East
Jason Canuckcub reporter of the Voyager Chronicle, 58th regiment/Wild Cards groupie
Jean Hajarmember of the Nova Gang
Jeannette Rockefellermanager of the Voyager City opera house, née MacDonald, called Rocksie, would-be Cole Porter
Mr. Jenkinssmall rancher with a young daughter
Jenny Delaneysporting girl from Quark's
Big Jimbocaptain of Voyager City's volunteer fire department
Old JoeLee-Marie's little friend
Joe CareyVoyager City's tailor
John Luke PickardMiss Barty's missing husband
John Nyrianone of the younger Nyrian boys
Johnny TorresChakotay's younger brother
Jonascon man
Josh Albertmember of the Nova Gang
Julie Langchestnut-haired manager of the Empire Bank
Captain Julietchestnut-haired British naval captain, plays guitar
K'Ehleyrhalf-Klingon female, Worf's mate
K'FaeMadame D'Alaireux's real Klingon name
K'Mpecvenerable Klingon chief
KahlestKor's deceased wife, B'Elanna's grandmother
Kaplanformer female chauffeur for Larson's livery, dead?
Katyoung girl from Tribe 8472
Kaze Oglalocal rancher and loan-shark, blood enemy of Cullah Nistrim, has three sons, rumored to have some Kazon Indian blood
Kevin Clearasil WhippenMary Whippen's young nephew, Sevenita's greatest admirer, called K.C.
Kirk Custerfamous oldtime Starfleet Cavalry captain, noted for his defeat of Khaaaan!
Khan Noonien StarkJim Stark's adopted uncle, orphan from the Eugenics tribe
Kid ObristNoted outlaw and gunslinger with the Krenim gang
Kiralead guitarist for the band Borg Barbie
Kitemanone of Mary's male trailhands, also called just Kite, big kite buff
Kolopec TorresChakotay's father, aka Mr. Tuvix
Kolothvenerable Klingon chief
KorKlingon warrior of the Kozak tribe
Koroscreepy dude in a robe
Kurakfemale Cha'Kago Klingon
Aylannna Langone of the older Lang girls, big Jimbo's main squeeze, called Lana
Larry OglaKaze Ogla's middle son
Lee-Marie Petersnewly-hired assistant foreman of the Delta Q
LeetaQuark's chief poker-girl, known for her big, uh, eyes
Mabus OglaKaze's younger brother, has at least one son
Sergeant MacDuffStarfleet Cavalry sergeant
MaraynaSenator Paris' second wife
Marguerite St. Clairemysterious petite redheaded stranger with shades
Marla StarkKhan Stark's wife, former historian
Marla Gilmorehandywoman and jill-of-all-trades for the Equinox caravan
Mary Whippenbest trailboss in the West, dreams of quitting the trail and writing scripts for magic lantern shows
Mason PerryClare Darrow's legal mentor
Madame Maxineproprietress of the Provencal, Voyager City's finest cathouse (with both Persians and Siamese!)
Maxgold prospector (Think Walter Brennen with less teeth), Madame Maxine's faithless, ne'er-do-well hubby, real name is Rocky Bigsadawoluous
Max BurkeFirst Hand of the Equinox caravan and B'Elanna's former flame
Mrs. McCormickclothing store owner
Megan Delaneysaloon girl with a heart of gold from Quark's
Mickie-Cex-foreman of the Q-Beta Ranch
Ol' Mikebest gunsmith in Voyager City
Moghvenerable Klingon chief
Mornthe M.C. at Quark's
Mullahdead member of the Kaxon mafia (Mafia in a Western? C'mon, Eric!)
Naomithe Widow Wildman's only child
Namonwaiter at the Nemesis Restaurant
Neelix Primehead of the nasty Neelix clan of Talaxian Indians
Nelson Edward Rockefellerco-manager of the Voyager City opera house, would-be Flo Ziegfeld, called Eddie
Nicholas Locarnoinvestigator from the Hirogen Detective Agency (has grey-blue eyes)
Noah Lessinghand on the Equinox caravan
Nozawaone of the Delta Q's hands
Nystraleader of the Kazon mafia, probably dead
Alyssa Ogawaagent of the Nova Gang
Peggy LouVoyager City's sexy proprietress of Voyager City's general store and telegraph operator. (Peggy Lou? Who? Who was no more than two.)
Dr. Peter MorfVoyager City's doctor of photography
the Preachermember of the Krenim Gang
Quarkproprietor of Quark's Saloon
Qwai-Chang Kimwandering Shaolin priest, Harry's half-brother, Kes's real father
Chief Odalahostile Kazon chief
Odala VothSenator Paris' minister
Constable OdoSisko's deputy from Defiant City, a Founder Indian
O'Pakeone of Mary's female trailhands, petite, sweet-looking woman, but her appearance is deceptive
Omega Spicethe ultimate Spice Gal
Senator Owen ParisTom's real father, Democrat from Arkansas
Colonel PressmanStarfleet Cavalry officer
Miss RacineChanteuse and hostess at Madame Maxine's, teaches the horizontal mambo on the side
Rafinyoung doorman of the Ritz-Kradin Hotel
Randy-Jane DaxLee-Marie's younger step-sister
Judge RikerVoyager City's judge, has an eye for the ladies
Mr. Rileyman Lee-Marie murdered back East, Jane's father
RollinsStationmaster of Voyager City's train station
Romassistant manager at the Empire Bank, helps out at Quark's too
Rose Laurencowgirl from the Maquis ranch, used to work on the Alpha Q
Rudy RansomLeader of the Equinox caravan
Ruthie Tripp Gulchheadmistress of Voyager City's school and the Evil One of ancient prophecy
Madame SandrineFrench saloon-owner from Marseilles, France. But she loves Paris best.
Seskabarmaid supposedly from the European county of Bajor but really a spy from the hostile Cardassian Indian tribe
Miss Shellyruns a Voyager City diner
'Slim' Sam Lavellemember of the Nova Gang
Spud Nyrianeldest of the Nyrian boys, a real masher
StadiSenator Paris' congressional aide (former White House intern)
Mister SuderVoyager City's undertaker
Susan Nicollettianother of Quark's saloongirls
Tasha Yarcowgirl from the Alpha Q ranch
Taurikmember of the Nova Gang, Vorik's evil twin
Temak'talanthe First of Weyroun's Jem'Hadar Guard
Lady Templetonworked with Miss Kate at the Burleigh estate, sharp tongue, sharp knife
T.C. McQueencolonel in the 58th Starfleet Advanced Cavalry
Terrygold-mad prospector, aka Old Man Miles aka Man Man Miles aka The-More-The Merrier Miles
TieranKes' inner warlord
Tim, Tim, Tim of the JungleD'Alaireux's wimpy snake-rassling bodyservant and teamster
Thomas Magnumsenior detective from the Hirogen Detective Agency
Thomas RikerJudge Riker's brother, riding a horse in the big race
Tora Zihaldesk clerk at the Ritz-Kradin, orphan
Mr. Tuvixlocal rancher and murderer, killed by Miss Kate, real name was Kolopec Torres
Vaghmale Cha'Kago Klingon
Vansondrummer for the band Borg Barbie
Vinny Gillchurch's vocalist and wallflower
Vegan McCartneyMary Whippen's former trailcook
VirDr. Gegen's assistant
Wheat CarlssonAnother member of the Krenim Gang
The Widow WildmanVoyager City widder woman, raises sweet potatoes and pigs
Reverend Windespreacher of Voyager City's church, loves to minister to his parishioners' needs (especially the ones with big yabos eyes)
Wesley Crushersteely-eyed killer with the Nova Gang, Wesley the Kid
Ambassador Weyounrepresentative of the German Court, a Vorta Indian
Wyatt Billiard Ballethe prosecuting attorney in Sevenita's trial, nickname is Cue
Worf Rozhenkobig man from Defiant City with some Klingon Indian blood, riding a horse in the big race


The 58thStarfleet Cavalry regiment stationed at Fort Saratoga
Ankhari Indiansfriendly tribe of Indians living in a mountain valley
Borg BarbieSevenita's grunge band
Borg Indian Fan Clubgroup of YAM losers and YAM-wannabes
Borgsmost feared tribe of Indians, kidnapped Sevenita as a child
Cardassianstribe of Indians, killed Chakotay's wife in a raid
Chap-endale Dancerstroupe of male strippers
Eugenicstribe of hostile Indians who once were the most dangerous force in the territory
Gunganstribe of very annoying Indians from the Stereotype Plains
Hirogentribe of hostile Indians, prey on the weaker Tribe 8472 ever since the latter's defeat in the great Borg war, love chitlins
Hirogen Detective AgencyPrivate detectives who always get their prey man, apparently named after a ferocious tribe of Indians (PC must not have been invented yet.)
Jem'Hadara Canadian tribe of Indians
Kazon Mafiacan't explain them (Somebody please kill Eric for me before he creates another dozen anachronisms and contradictions!)
Klingonscollection of related tribes of Indians clear over on the other side of Federation City, fierce but friendly, currently serve as Indian scouts for the Starfleet Cavalry, known for scarring their foreheads in ridged patterns
Kozak Tribeone of the main Klingon tribes
Krenim GangNotorious gang of outlaws
LMHLong Haul Messengers, a telegram service run by Mark Tew
Nova GangAnother notorious gang of outlaws
Ocampafriendly tribe of Indians, raised Kes
Red Squadspecial unit of the Starfleet Cavalry
Romulanscollection of related tribes of Indians clear near Federation City, hostile and sneaky, known for stretching the ears of their young
Sky Spiritsfantastic creatures worshipped by the Ankhari tribe
Starfleet Cavalrymounted military force of Indian-fighters
Talaxian Indianstribe of Indians who have adopted the ways of the white-man
Vortaa Canadian tribe of Indians

Horses And Other Animals

Bashir-JulesLee-Marie's horse back at the Q-Beta Ranch, called BJ
Bermanthe draft-horse of the Equinox caravan
BijouMadame Maxine's sleek, elegant hair-ball maker
Boston-Rickgentle young Delta Q gelding, preferred by Kes
BragaDelta Q horse, always manages to lead Miss Kathryn in a wayward direction
CochraneMiss Julie's horse
CubeOne of Sevenita's horses, a favourite but too slow for urgent journeys
Cunning-JimSevenita's horse, found as a colt at the site of a Klingon massacre
DiefenbakerFraser's white wolf
Draketall dark gelding, one of the rental horses from Larson's livery
Friscowhite stud stallion, Tom's pride and joy and Kona's mate
General MartokWorf Rozhenko's mount in the big race
HourglassOne of Sevenita's horses. She finds his ways puzzling
ImzadiThomas Riker's mount in the big race, mare with great lung capacity, winner of several races
IntrepidDelta Q horse, a bay colt, ridden by Tom in the big race, early favorite
JTMhigh-spirited mature Delta Q stallion with plenty of speed, strength, and stamina, Lee-Marie's favorite mount
Konadark brood mare, B'Elanna's pride and joy and Frisco's mate
Kos'moKona and Frisco's colt
LibbyHarry's favorite pony
LibertyDelta Q horse, a chestnut filly, ridden by B'Elanna in the big race, inexperienced
MesquiteCowgirl Vickie's mount in the big race, barrel-chested chestnut stallion with black markings over his left eye
Nana-ProbeJason Canuck's horse
Nanite ProjectWesley Crusher's horse
NavarreMadame D'Alaireux's Arabian horse
Neomia Delta Q dog
Ramoranone of the horses from Larson's livery
RectangleOne of Sevenita's horses, fast but without stamina
Rickya favorite mare of Tom's from the Delta Q
Sacajaweastrawberry roan mare, one of the rental horses from Larson's livery
Shuttle I, II, III, ...Chakotay's horses
SphereOne of Sevenita's horses, fast and with stamina
StarburstNick Locarno's chestnut stallion
SupershuttleChakotay's newest horse from the region Krypton
WildcardTop Cat McQueen's Hammerhead Class horse