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A Method To His Madness

A Method to His Madness
Ginny — 3 Oct 1998, 12:04 PM

Kathryn set her coffee cup down on the table and gave the Senator a look of withering contempt. Senator Paris was unfazed and began to talk with paracticed earnestness.

"Look, Kate, I know this seems self-serving of me..." Kathryn snorted derisively, but the Senator disregarded it. "...but you've been after me for months, even years, to make Tom's status as my son known. And you've told me repeatedly that this is what he wants, too."

"Well, of course he does, Owen. Tom's wanted that since he was six years old, and you left him in Mark's and my care. But I can't believe you'd want to use him like this." Kate tossed her head stubbornly. "And I don't think that I'm going to allow it."

Senator Paris looked at the red-head with a neutral expression on his face. Then he said evenly, "He is my son, Kate."

Kathryn's lips twisted dangerously. "Only by blood, Owen. Tom belongs to me, now. I've raised him, protected him, encouraged him, and loved him. By all rights, he's mine, and I won't permit you to break his heart again."

Senator Paris opened his mouth to speak, but Kathryn leaned forward in her chair, her mouth hard, her eyes narrow, and cut him off. "I mean it, Owen. We go back a long, long way, but I will not hesitate for a moment to put a bullet through your miserable excuse for a heart, if it means preventing you from hurting Tom."

The two old friends locked eyes, and it was the Senator who finally dropped his gaze first. He stared at his tightly clasped hands for a moment and sighed.

"You haven't changed a bit, Kate," he said softly. "You're still as fierce and determined as you were when you were my prize science pupil at the little red schoolhouse in Al Batani."

Kathryn relaxed a little and sat back in her chair. "Oh, there've been a few changes, Owen. As I recall, I used to worship the ground you walked on."

Senator Paris looked up at her and gave a soft, amused snort. "But not now, eh, Kate?"

Kathryn shrugged and folded her hands in her lap. "Time and tide, Owen."

"And Tom," the Senator added quietly.

Kathryn nodded. "And Tom." She paused for a moment, and they sat together in silence, each pursuing his or her own thoughts. Then Kathryn continued. "You know, Owen, you really haven't thought this through. Presenting Tom as your son won't help you at all with your troubles in Washington. In fact, I suspect it will only make things worse."

Senator Paris sat up and said, "Oh, really?" in a way so like Tom's that Kathryn couldn't help but smile.

"Yes, really." And she leaned forward to explain.

To be continued in More Things In Heaven and Earth