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...Without The Messing Up Of One's Hair

without the messing up of one's hair.
Leonie — 2 Oct 1998, 9:43 AM

................without the messing up of one's hair: Leonie

Kathryn continued. "Are you going to tell him what you know?"

"No, not unless I have to. Kathryn," Kathryn raised her eyebrow at the use of her name without her title
"Lie to yourself if you want, but don't lie to me. I know that there is interest between the two of you and what I saw confirms this. Whatever happens, it is his choice to make. I don't want my past to influence his decision in any direction."

"Fair enough, does that also apply to my past?"

Lee-Marie stood up and let her shoulders go slack. All of a sudden she was just very tired of it all. She wondered again, if Chakotay was worth all of this. She let the look of tiredness cross her face before she wiped all traces of it. She looked at Kathryn, but Kathryn could sense that she wasn't really seeing her, but seeing past her.

She spoke very quietly.

"We both know that if I have to use your past to get him to stay with me, or if you use my past to get him to stay with you, then it would be useless. In the end, we will both lose him"

Kathryn watched her intently.

"That is true" Kathryn hesitated for only one second before she continued. "Lady Jadzia, did you kill Mr. Riley"

Lee-Marie thought long and hard before answering.

"Yes" Lee-Marie gave a curt nod.

"If you'll excuse me Miss Kathryn, I still have a lot to do before the Drive."

Kathryn nodded again. Lady Jadzia had resumed her role as Lee-Marie her assistant foreman with the use of her title and her courtesy. She was letting Kathryn know that she was going to keep her promise starting now.

It was only when Lee-Marie left that she slumped into her chair and let her mind wonder to something that she never wanted to remember ever again.

Mr. Tuvix.