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The Really Dark Cave

The Cave II: The Really Dark Cave
Vickie T. — 1 Oct 1998, 8:58 PM

Tom did his best to make Chakotay comfortable, although under the circumstances the best he could do was brush the rocks from the spot where Chakotay lay and cushion his head with a folded jacket. Some cautious exploration by Tom had revealed that the narrow ledge widened out to a broad smooth-floored cavern within a few feet, so he grasped Chakotay by the shoulders of his jacket and pulled him into the cavern. Somewhere along the short journey, Chakotay had lapsed into unconsciousness.

Tom laughed softly to himself. "Isn't this just great?," he thought. "Here I am, trapped in a cave for God knows how long with the one man at the Delta Q who hated him." "If I had to be trapped in a cave with a Torres, Chakotay sure isn't the one I would have picked." Tom decided that there was nothing to be done about their situation until sun up when, hopefully, a little light would reach the cavern from the opening above. Tom made himself comfortable, a relative term, given his surroundings, and drifted off to sleep, a smile on his lips as thoughts of the lovely B'Elanna drifted through his mind.

As the first rays of sunlight shone dimly into the cavern, Chakotay gingerly pulled himself up to a sitting position. Every single muscle and bone in his body ached, but his right leg was site of the most excruciating of those pains. "Yes," he thought with a wince, "it is most assuredly broken." Chakotay's gaze fell across the face of the still sleeping young man next to him. "Isn't this just great?," he said to himself, "of all the people I could be stuck in this cave with, it has to be him." "If I had to be trapped in a cave with a Janeway," he thought, "Tom sure isn't the one I would have picked." Chakotay leaned back against the rock wall behind him and closed his eyes.

To Be Continued - but not for much longer, I swear!