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Introduction And Characters

Voyager City, A FanFic Round Robin
Vickie T — 10 Sep 1998, 9:30 PM

It has become obvious to me that the only way I'm ever going to get the men of Voyager into tight jeans and cowboy boots is to do it myself. However, I am asking...begging...pleading for your help. Many of you are tremendously creative people - no, I am not just sucking up so you'll help me! Won't you please add to my story? I was inspired to ask for your help by that lovely story Eric shared with us via e-mail today. Anyway, I've already finished the character set ups, I'll post them below. So, somebody, please, jump in and get things started.


Voyager City, The Characters, Part 1
Vickie T — 10 Sep 1998, 9:35 PM

The Setting:

The Delta Q, a large cattle ranch in the 1800's American West. The Delta Q is located near the frontier town of Voyager City.

The Characters:

Miss Kathryn is the owner of the Delta Q. A proud, beautiful and fiercely independent woman, she has successfully run the Delta Q since the untimely death of her husband, Mark 5 years ago in a cattle stampede. Sadly, this same stampede also claimed the life of her youngest son, Harry. Miss Kathryn is much admired by the gentlemen of Voyager City.

Tom is the oldest child of Miss Kathryn. He is a handsome young man, with his mother's coloring and beautiful blue gray blue-gray eyes which are much admired by the ladies of Voyager City. As a young man, Tom was often reckless and irresponsible. Since the death of his father he has matured and has been a great comfort and aid to his mother, demonstrating that in spite of his earlier rebelliousness, Tom has a fundamental decency and strength of character. We do, however, catch a glimpse of the old Tom from time to time and it is clear that the untimely death of his father has left him with some unresolved emotional issues.

Kes is Miss Kathryn's youngest child and only daughter. A lively and charming pixie of a child, Kes has also inherited her mother's strength of will and intelligence. Standing now on the threshold of adulthood, Kes is much admired by the young men of Voyager City. Well, at least by those gentlemen who prefer blondes.

Chakotay is the Foreman of the Delta Q Ranch. He is a handsome man, strong, intelligent and honorable, whose calm demeanor hides a passionate soul. Chakotay previously managed the Maquis Ranch in the New Mexico Territory, but Mark, visiting the Maquis Ranch on a cattle buying trip not long before that fateful (and fatal) stampede, convinced him to accept the position of ranch foreman at the Delta Q. Chakotay is much admired by the ladies of Voyager City.

To Be Continued.


Voyager City, The Characters, Part 2
Vickie T — 10 Sep 1998, 9:38 PM

B'Elanna is Chakotay's daughter. She is a beautiful young woman, independent and with a fiery temper, who is much admired by the young men of Voyager City. Well, at least by the ones who aren't mooning over Kes. Her mother was killed many years ago by a marauding band of Cardassian Indians. B'Elanna lives on the Delta Q with her father and is responsible for training the ranch's horses.

Marshall Tuvok is an old family friend who has known Miss Kathryn since she was a young girl. Marshall Tuvok is an honest and fair man of firm principles who maintains law and order in Voyager City. Marshall Tuvok is much admired by the women of Voyager City. Even the ones he has tossed in jail.

Doc is, well, Doc. He provides health care and no nonsense advice to the residents of Voyager City. The Doc is much admired by all of the townspeople of Voyager City and most especially by himself.

Sevenita is the Doc's adopted daughter. She was kidnapped as a young child by the Borg Indians, the most feared tribe in the west. Doc adopted her after Starfleet Cavalry soldiers captured her and brought her back to Voyager City just a few years ago. Sevenita did not want to leave the Borg, the only family she remembered having, but she has come to accept her new life in Voyager City. Sevenita is a stunningly beautiful young woman, but she does not yet fully understand the ways of the society in which she now finds herself. She is much admired by the men (young, old, gentle or otherwise) of Voyager City and the surrounding towns states.

Neelix is Voyager City's Deputy Marshall. His main responsibility is keeping the jail clean and cooking for the prisoners. He is not a native of Voyager City and sometimes his ways appear strange, but the townspeople have developed a true affection for him over the years and he is much admired by the dogs and children of Voyager City.

So, this is my cast. Plot, anyone?