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A Night At The Opera

A Night at the Opera Pt 4
Annie — 17 Sep 1998, 10:09 PM

"Chakotay, what's this about," asked Kathryn, clearly un-amused.

"Your no good son has been making moves on my daughter!" he exclaimed.

"Chakotay, calm down, I'm sure we can get to the bottom of this. Why don't you go into the kitchen and wait for me, we have company as you can see."

Chakotay looked over, and noticed the woman in her fancy maroon clothes for the first time. <Gee, she's very pretty> he thought. He looked back at Miss Kathryn, and nodded his head in consent.

"I'll wait for you in the kitchen then," he acknowledged. And off he went in a huff.

Miss Kathryn turned back to their guest, and made her apologies.

"Miss Clare, I am so sorry for the disturbance. Is there anything more you want from us?" she asked with a strained smile on her face.

"No, no," said Miss Clare said, gathering her belongings. "I will be going now. May I call on you again," she asked nervously.

"Please do," said Miss Kathryn showing her to the door.

Once the door was closed, Tom pounced on his mother.

"Ma," he said. "You know I hate it when you dote over me and pet me like I'm a little boy. Especially when we are in front of company.

"I'm sorry Tom, it's just a habit. To me you will always be my little boy." She smiled, and caressed his cheek.

Tom smiled, and bent to kiss his mother on the cheek.

"All right, I'll forgive you this time, but I hear people talkin' about how you dote on me. It's embarrassin'. Don't let it happen again alrighty."

"Alrighty," said Kathryn smiling fondly at her son. "I will, in the future, try to control myslef."

"Thanks Ma," he said heaving out a sigh of relief.

"Now, tell me, what's up with Chakotay, and you and B'Elanna before I go in there?"

"Ma, you know he doesn't like me. What more is there to say."

"Tom," she reached up to smooth back the curls on his forehead. "What is going on with you and B'Elanna?"

"Nothin' Ma, I swear."

"Tom," she gave him her mother glare, but it was a soft knowing glare.

"Ma," he said lowering his head, and blushing. "I think I love her, I really do. I have never in my in my whole life met anyone like her ever before."

"I believe you son." She patted him on the cheek affectionately. "Now, you get, and I will take care of Chakotay."

"Thanks Ma, I love you." He gave her his most winning smile.

"Get," she said as she pushed him out the door.