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The Places And Things Of Voyager City

Places And Things
Map Of Voyager City


Map Of The Surrounding Territory

Places And Things

A&D Railroadthe Alpha and Delta Raiload line, runs the line from Federation City through Defiant City to Voyager City
Al Batanilittle town back East where Kate grew up
Alpha Q Ranchranch near Federation City
Array Gulchsite of disastrous stampede that killed Mark Janeway, his son Harry?, and a third of the Delta Q herd and hands
Betazed Townsmall town near Federation City
Big Coffeeriver flowing through the Delta Q ranch, only water for a hundred miles, runs squarely between Nistrim and Ogla's ranches
Big Rock Candy Mountainbiggest peak in the Venus range
Burleigh Manor Estateestate of Lord Burleigh in the old country, where Miss Kate worked before marrying Mark
Ceti Alpha 5big Eugenics reservation in the middle of the Collective Badlands
Cha'Kagobig Klingon reservation
Circle VCowgirl Vickie's ranch
Coffee Canyoncanyon through which the Big Coffee runs north of the Delta Q
Collective Badlandsrough territory between Voyager City and Federation City, home of the hostile Borg injuns
Delta Flyerregularly scheduled train to Voyager City from Federation City
Delta Q RanchMrs. Janeway's ranch, west of Voyager City
Defiant Citynearby town and the leola root capital of the West
Emony's Beauty Salon and Tattoo Parlorbest place in Voyager City for hair styling, facials, and good manicures, Trill tattoos a specialty
Empire Bankbiggest (okay, only) bank in Voyager City
Enterprise Citysmall city on the far side of Federation City
Enterprise Expressspecial gold train from back East to California
Equinoxa one-horse caravan
Federation Citylargest city in Federation territory
First Federation Bankbiggest bank in Federation City
Fort Saratogabase of the 58th, 50 miles from Voyager City
Frasier's Pointa ridge in the Nekrit Expanse
GarenorAnother western town
Garak's Millinery and HosieryGarak's fashionable clothing store
Hollow Deckwooden patio/boardwalk before front entrance of the Hollow Resort
Hollow Beachbeach on shore of Hollow Pond
Hollow Pondlarge pond on the Circle V
Hollow Resortplanned Hollow Beach tourist-trap
Ice Box Canyoncanyon in the foothills of the Mountains of Venus, used by the Delta Q to graze much of their herd
Janusmining town near Voyager City
Juniper Springsprime piece of Delta Q pasturage
K'Noslargest Klingon village on the Cha'Kago reservation, home of Gowron and the Klingon Council
KhitomerKlingon village destroyed by Romulan attack
Kolvoord's Bluffcliff in the foothills of the Mountains of Venus near Defiant City, rail line from Voyage City passes right by it, has distinctive five faceted peak
Kor'tova Gorgegorge near Cha'Kago
Lamb of God Home and School for Wayward Womenlocation of Reverend Windes' mission work for loose babes with big yabos poor unfortunate girls
Larson's Buggy Rental and Chaffeur ServiceLarson's livery
Little Coffeeriver flowing through the Delta Q ranch near Ice Box Canyon, a tributary of the Big Coffee
Lookout Pointbest place in Voyager City for some quiet snogging
Los Akriteriabig West Coast city with brutal police force
Maquis Ranchranch where Chakotay and B'Elanna used to work, borders Federation and Cardassian territory
Narendra Rangemountains between Federation City and the Cha'Kago reservation.
Nekrit Expanselarge stretch of scrublands northwest of Voyager City
Nemesisthe Ritz-Kradin's gourmet restaurant, jungle motif
Mountains of Venusgold-filled mountains of south of Voyager City, said to have miraculous powers of perpetual ...
Old Mike's GunshopMike's smithy and store
Ogla PointKaze Ogla's stronghold
Owen Springsspring that runs in the Big Coffee, known for its bitterly cold water. Tom nearly drowned while swimming there as a child.
Q-Beta RanchMr. Dax's ranch
Quark's Saloonmost popular saloon and cathouse in Voyager City
Pinnacle Bluffbest spot in Voyager City to watch the submarine races
Provencalfinest house of fallen women in Voyager City
Ritz-Kradin Hotelfanciest hotel in Voyager City
Sakari Creekstream near Lookout Point, favorite skinny-dipping spot
Sandrine's Saloonpoolhall and saloon for those with taste for full-bodied wines and vintage women. Or the other way around.
Sisperia Stepssteep staircase of rocky ledges down the wall of the Coffee Canyon
Sto-Vo-Korthe Klingon's Happy Hunting Grounds
Terek-Nor Ranchranch near Defiant City
Titan Mineabandoned mine in the foothills of the Mountains of Venus
Tom R's and Shelly's Dinerfastest eats in town
TPT&B Expressnew express scheduled train to Voyager City from D.C.
Vidiian Organ Banklarge Deadwood bank
Voyager Cityfrontier town near the Delta Q
VC Opera House & TheatreVoyager City's theatre and auditorium
Valek Gullygully east of the caverns at the Mountains of Venus?
Wolf 359location of the infamous Borg victory over the Starfleet's 7th Cavalry

Map Of Voyager City

[Map Of Voyager City]

Map Of The Surrounding Territory

[Map Of The Surrounding Territory]