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The Reverend And The Gunslinger

The Reverend and the Gunslinger....
PegN — 27 Sep 1998, 10:47 PM

The Reverend's mind was in turmoil. It wasn't only the predictament of the lovely Sevenita occupying his mind although that was the most important thing to him now. But a new twist had occured...and it could mean his life as well.

Earlier he had seen Marshal Marshall Tuvok speaking to Miss Peggy Lou and her brother, Bart, who played piano at Miss Maxine's (which by the way, why was it that Mz. Barty and her twin brother, Bart, were never seen together at the same time?). He knew Marsh was asking Mr. Bart as to his twin's whereabouts so he could question her regarding the gunshot she heard that fateful night of Jabin Ogla's death. The Reverend walked over to listen in on the conversation, noticing that Mr. Bart's mustache seemed a little crooked. The trio greeted him as he joined them. As they discussed the events surrounding Jabin's death, Reverend Windes happened to look into the crowd and quickly averted his face as a young gunslinger walked by with the Janeway girl.

"The Boston Kid!" he thought in alarm. "What in the h~ll was he doing here, in Voyager City, of all places?"

Noting the stricken look on the Revenend's face, Marshal Tuvok gave him a concerned look. "Are you not well, Andrew?"

The former bank forecloser-turned gunslinger-turned bounty hunter-turned pastor felt his trigger finger twitch, but forced his face and voice to be impassive.

"I'm alright, Marshal Marshall," he replied. "I'm just concerned that justice be done for an innocent young girl." And that the Boston Kid and I don't meet face to face before he finally leaves town, he thought. Aloud he said, "We must find Mz. Barty and question her about the gunshot she heard."

"She'll turn up," assured Miss Peggy Lou. "She's probably doing some practicing with Mr. Gill, the church vocalist, for Sunday's service, right Bart? I said right, Bart?" She elbowed her brother.

"Uh, oh yeah, right." He replied holding his fingertips to his mustache. "I'll go look for her and send her over to you, Marshal Tuvok." With that, Bart left to search for his sister.