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The Trial Of The Century

The Trial of the Century : Part 11
Eric — 13 Oct 1998, 1:28 PM

The Gathering

(Well here it is! The start of the Trial. This should probably take two parts, with maybe a short aftermath part later.)

The Coffee Nebula Old folks Home

Old Mike was starting to look a little tired. Jason felt a little guilty keeping the old timer up this long but this was turning out even better then he had hoped. "So Dukat had wired up the Courthouse to explode, but what happened then? " he asked.

"Well, Monday, the day of the Trial was one of the hottest days of that year, and tempers were very short and the whole town was a powder keg ready to go off. It was a day when you kept your distance or even better just stay inside and wait it out."

"I knew that this was a day that was going to be talked about for a long time after word but nobody was expecting what really did happen..."

Voyager City : Dawn Monday

Worf was on his way to the Marshal Tuvok's office. He had to tell the Marshall about Dukat's return. He was sure that Dukat had something up his sleeve. As he approached the Marshal's office he noticed that all the reporters had moved themselves over to the Courthouse. He entered the office and noticed the Marshal had purchased himself a new chair. He took a seat and waited for Tuvok while he sharpened his Bat'Leth.

Suddenly the Marshel's chair began to change it shifted along the color spectrum till it became a clear golden color and began to melt in on itself growing arms and legs and finally standing up and growing clothes and finally a cowboy hat and a sheriff's star.

"Who are you?", growled Worf and he stood up holding his weapon ready. "I am Constable Odo, from Defiant City" answered the strange man. "And before you ask that is what we call our Sheriffs, and Marshal Tuvok has asked me to help out with security at Sevenita's trial. Still more questions? I am a Founder Indian but I do not embrace there conquering ways. I just want to find a nice Bajoran terrorist marry her and raise little Founders."

"Actually I just wanted to warn you about a Cardassian Indian who I thought was dead but has returned and I believe he will cause some kind of trouble at the Trial"

"Tell me more", Odo told him.

The Ritz - Kradin Hotel

"YOU DIDN'T!!!!" screamed Tasha with huge grin on her face. "Yes I DID!" laughed Rose. "Captain John Luke Pickard never knew what hit him! Our Maqui Horses are small enough to race through those Big Starfleet caravans and steal the supplies we need!" finished Rose with a satisfied look on her face as she gulped her Romulan Ale and slammed the glass on the counter.

"But why don't you just ask them for those supplies?", asked Tasha. "I used to be in Starfleet until that Oil Well accident. I could help you find someone to talk to." Rose looked up at Tasha (whose face was a little blurry Rose admitted to herself, wonderful stuff that Romulan Indian Ale) and told her she would think about that. "I think you and I are going to be great friends Tasha, now I think we have a trial to attend.

As they were heading for the door they ran into Dr. Crusher and Clockwork Data. Who were also on the way to the Courthouse. "Greetings Miss. Rose and Miss. Tasha, I trust you slept well". " Actually we talked about old times Mr. Data" laughed Tasha. She wanted to stop him from talking before he brought up that unfortunate night so long ago. She needed a good distraction!

"Sleep is Irelevent", commented Hugh Borg as he pushed his way past. "Fascinating", said Data sounding almost like a Vulcan Indian. Perfect thought Tasha as she followed the others out the door.

The Trial of the Century : Part 11-B
Eric — 13 Oct 1998, 1:30 PM

Quark's Saloon

"On your feet Privates!!!", yelled McQueen. He could not understand why Jenny and Megan were looking at him like he was some kind of Chig Indian. He turned and saw Quark racing after Leeta, "Remember this is coming out of you vacation time!! Leeta turned and with her hands on her hips, gave him the typical Poker girl response : "WhatEVER!!"

Larson's Buggy Service

Larson was bored. Claire had told him she had a lot of work at the Courthouse so she would just walk over before he opened. Since she was his only big client the only work he had was paperwork. Just then his door opened and the most beautiful Betazoid woman walked in. I would like to hire your services Mr. Larson. I have to be at the courthouse and I don't want to get my dress dusty. You see my lovely new dress don't you?

Troi took a DEEP breath....

The Courthouse

Judge Riker was massaging his temples. He had a nasty headache starting and the day was only just starting. First of all this Claire woman was exasperating! She was challenging all his decisions in that soft southern manner that seemed awfully condescending to him. And who cares if he DID have a Swedish Female Ski Team calendar in his office? Did that give her the right to tear it up?

Unfortunately Claire was only one of his problems. He also had to deal with Cue Balle the OTHER lawyer in his rapidly graying hair. Today he was wearing a red and black tunic with matching gloves and the biggest hat he had ever seen!! And he wished the Cue would stop his chair from floating around!!

"Today Ladies and Gentleman we stand in judgment of one Borg Indian! Nay!! We stand in judgment of the ENTIRE human race!!!" Cue was saying as his chair floated higher and with a *flash* a megaphone appeared in his hands! "Attend me Continuem members!

"Cue!!! I'M the judge today not you!" and he jumped up and grabbed the megaphone which promptly disapeared from his hands with that same *flash*.

*Flash!* very well Judge Riker, I am satisfied to just be a simple lawyer today, as his judge robes were replaced with a simple Armani suit and a briefcase.

A secretary poked his head in a told the that the Jurors were arriving.

Voyager City

It seemed like the whole city had arrived. It was more then a simple Trial, it was almost the social event of the year. Whole families attended. Almost every business was closed. The town seemed like a ghost town to anyone outside the Courthouse, even Madame Maxine's Provincial was quiet and closed up. The Town was waiting. Watching and waiting as one of it's citizen's was put on Trial.

The Courthouse

"All rise!!"

Judge Riker approached the bench, and gestured for everyone to sit.

Dukat peaked through the vent grate. From here he could see everything that happened. He would wait until the right time. It would not due to simply push the button now! Sure everyone would die but they would not know WHY they were dying. They HAD to know.

Seska would not want it any other way.

VC : The Trial of the Century (part 12)
Eric — 18 Oct 1998, 4:59 PM

The Big Bang

Coffee Nebula Old Folks Home

Old Mike took another drink of water, some of it sloshed onto the floor. Jason was concerned, he had so much material from Mike that he could afford to wait a day. "Why don't you take a break old timer?", he said. "We can finish tomarrow". Old Mike's eyes flashed "No!! We will finish this NOW! I have waited to long to tell my tale, and I have to tell it now or I might not get another chance. Jason hid his smile, his plan had worked, he had gotten Mike mad enough to get his story done.

"The day of the trial was a day long remembered. If you asked everyone were they were on that day everyone would be able to tell you exactly", and the old man finished his tale.

The Courthouse in Voyager City

Seska was bothering him again. How he loved her, but today he had WORK to do! Couldn't she SEE that? "Don't bother me Seska! Can't you see that I'm trying to avenge your death?" Dukat made shooing motions.

"But why don't you set of the bombs now? Those fools down there will never no what hit them!", Seska breathed into his ear. Dukat whirled around as a hand was placed on his other shoulder. It was Kira! That attractive Bajoran musician in Seven's band. What was SHE doing here? "But that's just the POINT right Dukat? We want them to know WHY they will be killed" Kira took up station on Dukat's other shoulder. "It is sure getting crowded in here", he muttered.

Worf was bored. He was trying to pay attention to Claire's opening arguments but he had never been very good at sitting and listening. He preferred to ACT. Not to mention he was concerned about Dukat. He KNEW that the Cardassian Indian was out there. Odo had promised that he would be on the lookout but Worf wasn't the trusting sort.

Eric yawned. Kes looked at him "I told you we should have actually slept when we went to bed" she smiled as he looked around to see if anyone had heard her. "It's not that!! It's just this stuff is much more exciting in the movies! It just much longer in real life ". "Look, I think Madame D'A just ordered the Bailiff to get another double expresso, even she is feeling the strain".

D'Alaireux felt a tap at her arm, it was Leeta "What's going on?", she asked with desperation in her eyes. D'A smiled, "Miss Claire is starting her opening statement", let's pay attention.

Claire cleared her throat. This was it, this case would either make or break her career. She decided to use a visual aid. She pointed at Sevenita "Does this look like the face of a murderess?", the Borg Indian Fan club went wild.

VC : The Trial of the Century (Part 12-B)
Eric — 18 Oct 1998, 5:01 PM

Sevenita was seated in the witness stand. Cue was standing in front of her. "Tell the court where you were on the night of Jabin's murder"

"I was singing"

"What song?"

"Songs are irrelevant". God bless us everyone, wept the good Rev. Windes. "He has given us a irrelevant!!". Kiteman scribbled into his notebook "that's ONE!".

"Tell us anyway"

"I will not comply". "That's my girl!!!", cried Doc Holiday.

"Ok, then after you finished your song, you say that Jabin entered your dressing room and you over powered him. How? He was much bigger then you." Cue smiled. Now he had her!

"We are BORG!!!", Old Mike fainted on the spot. "She shoots she SCORES" , laughed Big Jimbo.

"But but.....", Cue was turning white as a sheet.

"You are WEAK, your continuum will be assimilated ", sneered Sevenita. The Borg Indian Fan club sat back and smiled (at least those that were still conscious).


Odo was checking out the basement of the courthouse. He didn't like what he Worf had told him about this Cardassian Indian that had killed his wife. He sighed, nothing here and turned around to check the next floor when he saw the blinking lights. He ran for the stairs.


"Order!!!", Judge Riker banged his gavel, "Bailff Morn!!! Throw those Fan Club members out of my court now!". Miss Claire, you may call your next Witness. "Witness's are irrelevant, I am innocent", Sevenita informed her lawyer.

"That's TWO", Kiteman continued to jot down numbers in his notebook.

"I call my 47th witness", said Claire.


Odo made a gesture to Marshall Tuvok and told him what he had found in the basement. "We must get as many people out of the courthouse as we can without drawing suspicion to our actions. "Can the bomb be deactivated?". Odo shook his head "No, we need the trigger that Dukat has with him." I will start getting everyone out.

VC : The Trial of the Century (part 12-C)
Eric — 18 Oct 1998, 5:03 PM

Dukat was watching from his vantage point. He saw that the audience gallery wasn't as fool. He supposed that everyone knew that Sevenita was innocent. Well of course she was! He knew that better then anyone here. But wait who was that escorting Joe Carey out of the building? Odo? What was he doing here? And the Boston Kid was motioning more out the side entrance? NO!!! He kicked out the grating....

"So Mr. Quark can you tell us about Sevenita's state of mind after she had finished singing that night?", asked Claire. "Of course", said Quark. "Let's see, YAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!", wailed Quark in a very high pitched girly scream. Claire spun around and was looking down the barrel of a large Cardassian gun.

"Hi", said Dukat.

"MURDERER!!", screamed Worf jumping over the jury box's bannister, drawing a bat'leth from somewhere. Col. McQueen was right behind him, but he went down when a tall armored figure in a helmet tripped him up. "A Chig Indian??", "Where did YOU come from?".

(Editor's note : Don't look at me! I have no idea where he came from either! Anybody want to write his story?)

Both Rose and Tasha had their guns out and leveled at Dukat. Who smiled and pulled out a blinking device. "Please let's not be hasty here. I don't want anyone to get hurt. And I would not want to push this", he said as finger hovered over the large red button.

He looked at Sevenita, "She's right you know. She did not kill Jabin. I DID! I killed him when he threatened to walk out on my plan to kill the Janeway's! But the fool fell in love. He HAD to die, just like all of you! Arrghhhhh!!" Worf had sucker punched him!

"Everyone get out!!!", yelled Eric as he started shoving people to the door. He took his time shoving little Ezri through the door however. Kes was at the other entrance with Marshal Tuvok getting everyone outside into the hot desert sun.

Meanwhile inside the main courtroom Dukat and Worf were still fighting. Dukat saw the detonator lying a few inches out of his grasp. He kicked at Worf and shoved him aside and jumped for the detonator. Worf yelled at him in Klingon and threw his knife. It hit home and Dukat fell, very much dead.

Worf howled to warn the Gods that Jadzia was on her way home at last.

Then he heard a *bleep*.

Red numbers were counting down.

VC : The Trial of the Century (Part 12-D)
Eric — 18 Oct 1998, 5:04 PM

Marshal Tuvok was pushing everyone away from the courthouse with the help of Odo the Boston Kid and Kes. "Everyone we must get as far from the courthouse as possible.", he looked back just as.....


All the windows in the courthouse blew out in a rain of glass. Then a massive ring of fire washed out of the windows and smoke blackened the sky. Everyone in the main street was thrown to the ground as a massive shockwave hit the onlookers. "Well NOW what?", Eric looked dazed. "Is everyone all right?", there where nods and groans as everyone stood up and looked down the street. The courthouse had collapsed in on itself. The row of office buildings across the street had lost their windows. The Empire bank was blackend but otherwise unharmed. But the Courthouse was a total loss.

Judge Riker, looked at the devastation, looked at Sevenita, smiled and said "Case closed. Your free to go Sevenita". "Besides, I heard Dukat admit to killing Jabin anyway". "Who is THAT??" He was pointing to a figure walking from the smoke with a Bat'Leth in his hand.

Worf stumbled towards the group. "Doctor Holliday, if you could help here", he coughed, "Today is NOT a good day to die".

Eric caught up with Kes and Sevenita. "Hey congratulations Sevenita!". "What shall you be doing now Eric? Will you be leaving us?", asked the blonde Borg. Kes looked worried then smiled "I guess you will be going on now....". Eric smiled and put a arm around her shoulder and tried to do the same with Sevenita who glared at him. "Well now that you mention it, I think I will stick around. This seems to be a happening place. Maybe I will open up a Bounty Hunting business".

Eric turned to Kes and said "Give us some sugar baby!*".

*With apologies to the writers of Army of Darkness