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Crisis At The Delta Q

My idea for the action-packed next phase of Voyager City
Terry — 15 Sep 1998, 11:39 PM

This would be set at least a few months after any of the stories already written or being written. Don't let me interfere with what you're doing now. This is just an idea for a sequel of sorts.

"Chakotay, I don't have to tell you about the financials straits that the Delta Q has navigated in the last five years. First, Mark is killed in that stampede in Array Gulch which cost us a third of our herd and hands. You and your people from the Maquis Ranch brought us back up to full strength. But if it isn't sinkholes threatening to swallow the ranchhouse, or twisters nearly killing Tom, or the range war between the Ogla and Nistrim, or raids by hostile Borgs or by the Krenim Gang, ...."

"I get the picture, Miss Kate."

"I don't think that you do. I never told you how I came up with the money to rebuild after each disaster."

"How did you?"

"I had to morgage the ranch to the Vidiian Organ Bank in Deadwood. You've heard of those bloodsuckers; they charge what amounts to an arm and a leg in interest. But even that hasn't been sufficient. We're behind on all of our bills. And we nearly lost that piece of choice grazing land at Juniper Springs. We bought it on credit from the Property Transaction Brokers (PTB) and they sent a man out from their Nevada office to repossess the property last year."

"What happened?"

"That was just after we rescued Sevenita from the Borg. The finance man was so bedazzled by her two charms that we had time to appeal the Juniper lien to a higher court. (The poor man then took up holy orders. Said something about seeing the face of God.)"

"But we've been able to build up the herd this year larger than ever. The proceeds of its sale at the Federation stockyards should be enough to make good all of the outstanding debts, shouldn't it?"

"If we can get them to Federation City. And only if we get a good price."

"We'll be done with the roundup within the week. That's at six weeks ahead of the other spreads. Two days by rail on the Delta Flyer and we'll be the first cattle sellers this season at Fed City. We'll be able to command top dollar for the beeves."

"Remember our unpaid debts? We haven't paid the Alpha and Delta Railroad for transporting last year's herd. I'm afraid that they won't advance us any more credit. ... If we don't get the herd to market, I'll lose the Delta Q!"

"I know the way you operate, Kate. You aren't asking for suggestions. You must have already figured out a way out of this mess. What are you planning?"

"We can't get the herd to Fed City by rail. So we'll do it the old-fashioned way. A cattle-drive!"

Excerpts from possible future stories
Terry — 15 Sep 1998, 11:47 PM

Excerpts from Possible Future Stories

"We'll drive the herd due northwest through the Collective badlands to Fed City. By travelling in a straight line, we'll cut the distance in half and beat the others to market."

"The Collective Badlands? But that's plumb down the middle of Borg territory!"


"Mark taught me that driving a herd is a delicate procedure. But I've come to learn that sometimes ... you just have to punch your cows through."


"Someone more nasty than the Borgs?"


"Mis Kate, we've been able to decipher some of the Borg smokesignals. They refer to this new enemy as Tribe 8472."


"What if I made a Bargain with Beelzebub?


"You can't be serious, Ma. Selling rifles to the Borg injuns?"


"I guess that I am alone."


"Chakotay. You have to make this bargain work. Get my herd to Fed City!


"Miss Kate! There was no call for that! Just because Lee-Marie stepped in a gopher hole and broke her leg, ..."

"They shoot horses, don't they? ... She should have known better than to accept my hospitality at the Delta Q and then steal the affection of my one true love."

"Can I keep her horse to remember her by?"

"No way! Dismissed, Mister. Come here, JTM, come to mama. How's about a nice, looong gallop followed by a nice, slooow rubdown. That nassy Lee-Marie can't treat you like I can."


Remember, Leonie, these are only potential excerpts. Hey, put that down! Look! There's more!

"Chakotay! Lee-Marie just moved. I think she's still alive!"

"Quick! Get the Doctor!"