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Past The Point Of Rescue

Past the Point of Rescue
PegN — 8 Oct 1998, 10:19 PM

Barty actually giggled at the thought of Tom Janeway and Vinnie standing together for that purpose.

Peggy Lou laughed with her. "Well anyway, let's compromise and just agree that they both have lovely long eyelashes. And you've neatly evaded my question. Why are you avoiding Marshal Tuvok? Are you afraid of something or are you protecting someone? You need to answer his questions before Clare Darrow gets ahold of you."

Barty sobered at the prospect of being interrogated by Clare Darrow. Peggy Lou knew of Miss Darrow and shared the information with her sister. The beautiful brown eyes which sparkled when she laughed didn't fool PegL, nor did the lady lawyer's light and elegant manner. If she was like her mentor, the late Mason Perry, she would rip open all the dirty secrets of everyone she got on the stand whether or not it was relevant to the trial. It wouldn't do for Mr. Gill to find out at a trial that Barty's former husband, John Luke Pickard was only presumed dead. His body had never been found. PegL hoped it stayed that way. The man was an insufferable bore and worse, he raised sheep. Better that Barty talk to Marsh first about the night of Jabin's murder.

Barty was about to agree when they both heard a man scream, sounding suspiciously like Reverend Windes, down by the jail. They ran out the door (well they tried to forgetting Peggy Lou had just locked it and they both slammed into it before unlocking and opening it) and out into the street to see what the commotion was all about.