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The Other Woman

The Other Woman
Leonie — 24 Sep 1998, 6:34 AM

Kathryn stared. What was going on between Lee-Marie and Chakotay during that dance was obvious to everyone and especially her. Chakotay Torres never looked at her in that way. Mentally she cursed herself. She had told herself that she had accepted Marshal Tuvok's invitation because she wanted to find out how to break Sevenita out of jail. That was the truth, but there was also another reason. She wanted to see what Mr. Chakotay would do. Would he go with no-one like the last dance and pine for her from the corner of the room? She thought that he would have, but he didn't. Instead he was twirling one of the most elegant women in the Ball in his arms and it looked like she was born just to dance with him.

She hated the fact that Lee-Marie and Chakotay looked so good together and she brought an elegant sensuality to the dance that made her want to scream. How does one woman do that? Miss Leonie-Marie Peters was not the most beautiful woman in the room, but she knew how to make the most of what she had been given and make it look like more. If Kathryn had never seen Lee-Marie wield a gun and wear pants, she would lay down her life and swear that it wasn't possible.

So many times, she had wanted to just throw everything to the wind and go up to Mr. Chakotay and say "Yes" and let him love her, but every time she drew back. The questions haunted her. What would it look like? She was not born to fall in love for the likes of him. She had judges and politicians in her lineage, he was just a ranch hand. What a scandal it would cause!!!! He was also one of the most ornery men that she had ever met. He actually challenged her on the things that she said. Their fights were spectacular, and the tension that ran underneath it sometimes so strong it threatened to consume her like a bonfire. If they were married, she bet the making up would be worth the fight.

The Other Woman pt 2
Leonie — 24 Sep 1998, 6:37 AM

And then there was Tom.

A slow smile spread on her face. There was always Tom to consider. What would happen to their relationship if she had married Chakotay Torres. The two of them could barely be civil to one another and she knew that she could not have a relationship with Chakotay, with her relationship with Tom being the way it was. One of them would drastically have to change in order for that to happen.

Still, he was a good man. A strong solid man. And as she knew a hardgood man is goodis hard to find. If only she could just have him satisfy her. It had been so tempting when he was sick and she was tending to him, when she ran her hands on his hot face neck and chest, it had been so tempting to just reach a little lower.

Kathryn's face was flushed. *D@mn, it has been a while.*

She turned from the couple.

She spotted Marshal Tuvok coming from the little cowboy's room coming towards her.

Her smile got wider.

Maybe getting information about Sevenita and the jail is going to be easier than I thought.

The Marshal was sweating profusely and he looked enraged. His gait was unsteady and if anyone did not know the Marshal very well, they would swear that he was drunk. He wasn't. Kathryn had watched him get worst and worst throughout the ride to the dance and now two hours into it, he seemed like he couldn't wait a minute longer.

"Quark.......has.......set........up It...... Miss....Jenny..... is ....unavailable. Miss .......mind?"

"Ordinarily I would, but these are unusual circumstances."

Kathryn linked her hand with the Marshal. She wondered idly if he and Doc didn't come up with the Ponn Farr disease in order to ensure that the Marshal was guaranteed a role in the hay once every seven years. She didn't think so. Every seven years was stretching it. Besides according to Miss Jenny, it would be best ten minutes that she would ever spend with a man!!!!

As they snuck out behind the stage, a collective murmur rose from the crowd.

"Miss Kathryn, it's about damn time!!!!!!"