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Tom And B'Elanna In The Stables

Okay, I have written a very small part. Its a start.
Annie — 14 Sep 1998, 7:10 PM

B'Elanna was in the stables, vigorously brushing down the chestnut filly, and was not in a particularly good mood today. She and Tom had had a whopper of an argument after returning from town to visit Sevinita in jail last night. He refused to tell her why he and Miss Kathryn are so all fired interested in the girl. He hadn't even let her go in the jail when he went in to talk to the girl. She stood outside the jail, and stewed the whole time he was in there. She had even tried to peek in the window to see what was goin' on. Then when he came out, he wouldn't tell her anything. She hadn't talked to him since that night, and didn't intend to neither. Not unless he apologized to her, and explained his interest in that Borg orphan.

She hadn't liked Sevinita, ever since she came into town. Raised by the Borg Indians (pah), so what. She acted all uppity, and aloof, and B'Elanna didn't trust her. Oh she knew how all the men in town thought how beautiful Sevinita was. Well, Tom Janeway had better think twice if he thought he was going to set his sights on Sevinita!

She was still brushing down the chestnut filly when she heard his voice outside the stables. Hearing his voice, made her take to brushing the horse even more vigorously. She looked up, and saw him enter with Ayala and Dalby. Then she turned back to tending the horse intending to ignore him completely. She began the process of reining the horse so she could lead her out of the stables as soon as possible. She heard him say a few more words to the men, then heard his footsteps coming toward her.

Damn, she thought, as she busied herself with the horse. She had done such a good job of avoiding him up until now. She heard his footsteps come to a halt near her. She continued her preparations with the horse, successfully ignoring him.

"B'Elanna?" He said her name softly.

Hearing him voice her name so softly was almost her undoing, but she steeled herself, and turned to face him.

"What," she looked up at him glaring.

"You have been like a caged rattler all day, and it's gettin boring.

Tom and B'Elanna in the Stables Pt 2 REWRITE
Annie — 21 Sep 1998, 9:36 PM

"Boring!" she hollered, stepping toward him menacingly. "So, you think I'm boring do you!"

"No B'Elanna, that's not what I meant, and you darn well know it!" he hollered back. He stood his ground, refusing to back down against her temper, lest he appear cowardly to her.

"What makes you think you can come in here to insult me anyway!" she spat at him. "You're the one who has gotten my dander up in the first place."

"Can't we just drop it B'Elanna," he said reaching up to run a hand through his hair impatiently.

"Drop it? No I can't drop it. If you don't trust me enough to tell me what's goin' on...,"

"I have already told you that I have no designs on Sevenita," he interrupted. You know how smitten I am with you." He stepped toward her hoping to take her in his arms, and swoon her with his charms.

"I don't really care Tom," she moved away from him, reaching for the horses reins. She intended on leaving him standing right where he was. She knew had to get out of there soon, or her temper was going to make her do something she would regret. She actually did believe him about not having designs on Sevenita, but it still didn't change the fact that he didn't trust her enough to tell her exactly what it was about the girl that had him and Miss Kathryn always coming to her rescue.

Tom had had enough. He wasn't about to let her saunter off in such a huff. He reckoned he couldn't fathom what it was about this particular woman, but she made his blood set to boiling like no other ever had. And he'd be damned if he was going to lose her. Suddenly, he stepped in front of her and reached out to take hold of her upper arms. He pulled her close to him, and looked into her eyes, their faces only inches apart.

"B'Elanna," he uttered pleadingly.

"Take your hands off me," she said through clenched teeth. His body pressing against hers was rightly getting to her now, and she reckoned she had to get herself away from him, or she would surely succumb to his nearness.

He held tight to her, knowing he had to make her understand his behavior with respect to Sevenita.

"If you told me something," he clutched her arms tighter, "and asked me to never ever tell another soul, I would go to my grave before I told anyone."

"What does that have to do with anything?" she was now very confounded, and suddenly uncomfortable with the iron grip he had on her arms. "Tom, you're hurting me."

He relaxed his grip, and unconsciously caressed her arms where he had been gripping her so tightly. He felt her relax, and continued...

"What I might or might not know about Sevenita, I swore to my Ma I would never tell. It's not that I don't trust you, it's that I've sworn myself to silence on this matter, and I will not break my vow of silence. Please B'Elanna, believe me," his eyes bore into hers.

"Tom, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...,"

"It's alright sweet pea," he cooed. "It may all soon come out in the wash anyways."

She let her arms come up around his neck, and moved her face closer to his. Then she smiled a crooked smile up at him.

"Can we kiss and make up now?" she breathed. "It's seems like forever since I felt your kiss on my lips."

He put his arms around her slim waist, and held her slightly away from him.

RE: Tom and B'Elanna in the Stables Pt 2 Second half REWRITE
Annie — 21 Sep 1998, 9:37 PM

"We can kiss and make up later. Right now we have to get these horses practiced for the race. We are already behind with the training." Tom knew that this was not a good time to go fooling around in the hay with her, much as he fancied the idea. Her Pa was limping around somewhere, and would surely have his hide if he found his daughter rolling around in the hay with the likes of him.

"B'Elanna, you know I'd like to, but now aint the right time," he reasoned.

She leaned up to give him a soft kiss on the lips. He nearly gave in to her then, but he willed himself to stay in control.

"I've wanted this for so long Tom. Just let it happen," she whispered against his lips.

She kissed him softly again. He tried to resist, but she had him under her spell. He returned her kiss, and took hold of her, burying his face in her neck, he backed her up against the wall of the stable. Then he kissed her thoroughly, their mouths and body's melting together.

There they stood clinging to each other, lost in their passion when suddenly B'Elanna took hold of his shoulders, and wrapped her foot around his knees. Before he knew it, he had landed with a thud on the hay covered floor of the stable. He looked up in surprise at her straddled across his thighs, her hands on his chest. She was leaning her face down to his, her intent perfectly clear by the gleam in her eyes. Just then, they heard the noise of someone entering the stable. Tom grabbed B'Elanna around the waist, and scurried them quickly to a standing position. He let go of her, giving her a warning scowl. She gave him a beguiling smile, and turned to leave him standing there in wide eyed wonder at her.