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Ring Of Fire

Ring of Fire
PegN — 12 Oct 1998, 10:50 PM

After Barty left, Peggy Lou paced the living quarters for awhile.

"Nuts," she finally thought to herself. "I need to sleep but I'm just too worked up. Hmmm, maybe a hot bath 'cause by the time I pump the water into the tub and heat up some water on the stove, I'll be sweating like a beast anyway." Preparing her bath she wondered if she'd have to leave town again. Too bad. She liked it here and rather enjoyed stepping out with Mr. Ayala. True, he wasn't much of a talker, but she still put his lips to good use. And the things the man could say with his hands, well, he didn't have to talk to get her attention.

Sometime later, lying in warm scented water and watching candlelight flicker around the apartment, she thought about the government man tracking her since he first saw her in Dulce, New Mexico. An odd mixture of dread and anticipation filled her as she remembered his handsome face and unruly brown hair. He was quite good looking and very sensual she thought, but very intense and passionate about his self imposed mission.

It had been a challenge so far trying to out-fox him and stay a few steps ahead, but she had managed. She thought he had given up his search for her this time, but apparently she underestimated his obsession with finding out the truth, and, again he had managed to track her down. The man was absolutely spooky.

The bath soothed her and she relaxed, closing her eyes. She must have dozed off for when she opened them again, she realized the water had cooled significantly. Now where was that towel? She knew she had left it within reach.

"Looking for this?" asked a male voice. Even with the small amount of light in the apartment, there was no mistaking those hazel eyes.

"D@mn you, Fox Scully," she swore softly as she took the towel he offered, "Are you never going to give me any peace?"

His laugh was gentle and warm.

"I was going to ask you the same thing."