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The Voyager City Timeline

Timeline Of Stories In Recommended Reading Order (WARNING: spoilers!)
Created by Terry/Updated by Jules

Horsebreaking And Mysteries
Range War
The Annual Leola Root Festival
The Final Day Of The Festival
The Leola Root Ball
The Trial Of Sevenita
Building And Rebuilding


The Cattle Drive
Cha'Kago, Cha'Kago, It's My Kind Of Reservation
Archaeology And Anthropology
The Search For Bob
The Delta Quadrant Oz
The House-Husband's Club

Horsebreaking And Mysteries

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch -- Maureen
It begins.
A Time To Remember -- Annie
Tom wanders the range late at night after spending another dissolute night in town. He finds and injured B'Elanna near the Torres house and help her home.
And So A Stranger Comes -- Janeway216
Marguerite St. Claire arrives in town looking for something.
By The Pricking Of My Thumbs -- Janeway216
Marguerite St. Claire prepares for action.
The Race -- Vickie T
Plans are made for two Delta Q entrants in the big horse race.
B'Elanna's Musings -- Annie
Annie visits the Torres house
Up A Creek Without A Paddle -- Janeway216
Marguerite's ride out to Ice Box Canyon leads to her meeting Tom and Kathryn Janeway.
Something Diffrent This Way Comes -- Janeway216
Marguerite disappears. The Delta Q acquires a squatter.
The Story Of Elaine And Old Mike -- Mrs Mac
Elaine goes to Old Mike's gunshop to get her father's gun repaired. She strangely attracted and repelled by Mike's appearance. After a misunderstanding, she runs into a thunderstorm chased by Mike and is nearly run down by a buggy.

Range War

Voyager Meets The Big Country -- AC
B'Elanna returns from town with news of a big dust-up at the Big Coffee between Ogla and Nistrim's men
During The Race Preparations -- Leonie
Lee-Marie is hired. Miss Kate and Chakotay argue.
A Visitor Rides To The Ranch... -- Ruth
Marshal Tuvok arrives with more new of the Ogla-Nistrim range war. Miss Kate, Tuvok, Chakotay, Tom, and B'Elanna head to the Big Coffee to stop the fighting. Chakotay runs into trouble and is delayed. Kes and Lee-Marie are sent to town for the Doc.
There Was Indeed Not Time To Lose... -- Leonie
Kes and Lee-Marie travel to town and pick up the Doc and Deputy Neelix.
Kim Phooey -- Terry
Kes, Lee-Marie, Neelix and the Doc are accosted by Jabin Ogla on their way to the Big Coffee. After being rescued by Qwai-chang Kim and Madame D'Alaireux, they continue on their way.
Showdown At The Big Coffee -- Vickie T
Marshal Tuvok and the hands from the Delta Q (minus Kes and Lee-Marie) are joined by Cowgirl Vickie and her Circle V hands. They drive Kaze Ogla, his sons Larry and Darrell, and his Ogla Point hands from the Big Coffee. After being joined by Kes, Lee-Marie, Neelix, and Doc, the Delta Q hands head for Voyager City with the wounded, accompanied by the Marshal, Deputy and Doc. The Circle V hands will follow later with the dead.
They'd Been Told To Watch The South Trail... -- D'Alaire
Tom and B'Elanna flirt while standing watch at the Big Coffee.
I'll Get You Yet, My Pretty [Miss Kathryn] -- Vickie
Jabin returns to Ogla Point and Kaze starts plotting fresh mischief.
A Stranger Comes To Voyager City -- Jules
Detective Locarno arrives in town and visits the telegraph office and the jail.
Grasshopper And Gadfly -- D'Alaire
Qwai-chang has a java-induced vision about Harry and heads towards the Big Coffee. Madame D'Alaireux and her two servants head for town.
A Case Of Mistaken Identity -- Jules
Delta Q hands are accidentally bushwhacked by the Nistim hands at the edge of town. Chakotay is shot in the shoulder. Circle V hands show up just in time to save the day. The Nistim bullies are routed. (Yes, the infamous Shootout at the Wildman Pigsty is over!)
As The Dust Settled In Town... -- D'Alaire
The able-bodied Delta Q ranch hands return to the Delta Q after shootout with the Nistrim hands. They take Chakotay along but Kes has disappeared.
Smile For The Camera, Please! & An Uncrackable Safe Is Like An Unsinkable Ship -- Jules
Detective Locarno consults with Marshal Tuvok at the jail and then Miss Julie at the bank. He warns both of a possible robbery attempt by the Krenim gang.
Later, That Night At The Ranch... -- D'Alaire
Tom and B'Elanna argue in the main house and later flirt outside. Sevenita is asleep in the house. (When did she get to town that night?) Kate nurses the wounded Chakotay.
Everybody Comes To Quark's -- Jules
Locarno makes sport parties with Kes and the Delaney's at Quark's. He goes to bed (alone?!) at Sandrines. Gunshots wake up the town during the middle of the night
Sponge Bathing And Murder -- Peg
More J/C teasing without a payoff. (Just like on the show.) Jabin Ogla is found murdered. Kes and a mysterious stranger (Is this supposed to be Locarno?) show at the Delta Q to report Sevenita's arrest for the crime. Tom and B'Elanna head to town to talk to Sevenita in jail. After the story: Tom sends a telegram.
Tom And B'Elanna In The Stables -- Annie
The next morning. B'Elanna and Tom have an argument over his relationship with Sevenita but make up.
Superficial Wounds -- Ruth
Chakotay has mostly recovered from his gunshot wounds by the next morning.
"Where'd Mama Go, I Wonder?" & Moving Swiftly Into The Stable... -- D'Alaire
Tom invites B'Elanna to the dance. Then they fool around in the Delta Q horse barn.
Some Tommy Angst -- Ruth
Chakotay and Tom butt chests. Chakotay accuses Tom of theft and worse
A Day In The Life -- Peg
Before the story: Peg visits Sevenita in jail. After getting calmed down by B'Elanna, Tom heads for town. Reverend Windes visits Sevenita in her jail cell. Tom and Sevenita discuss the upcoming trial. Tom meets Tuvok and Chakotay in Peggy Lou's store and gets an answer to his telegram.
The Bond -- Leonie
The next morning before dawn. The Chakotay/Lee-Marie/JTMKate triangle is set in motion. Chakotay asks Lee-Marie to the Grand Leola Root Ball because Miss Kate is going with Marshal Tuvok.

The Annual Leola Root Festival

Voyager City's big multi-day Annual Leola Root Festival begins.
(What did you expect? Prixin isn't for months yet.)
Kes And Her Gunslinger -- Eric
Chakotay loses the first day's horse race. While heading back to the Delta Q, he takes a bad fall. Kes finds him, the Kazon mafia finds them both, Eric finds them all, and all the Kazon die. (Unbelievable sex scene deleted.)
Kes And Her Gunslinger: The Trial -- Eric
Qwai-chang Kim reveals himself to Kes as her father and restores her memory of her true heritage (as well as her sexy Warlord leathers) while Chakotay bleeds. Seska conspires with Dukat. Deputy Neelix runs across the two and is killed by Dukat's Pagh Wraith during an clumsy arrest attempt. Kes and Eric find Neelix's body and his notebook with Seska and Dukat's plot. They travel to Voyager City.
The Annual Leola Root Festival continues for some number of days.
Casing The Joint -- Jules
Annorax Heyes shows up at the Empire Bank to case it. He then meets with Ogawa to plan the bank robbery. They agree to change the time from the day of the big race to the day of Sevenita's trial.
Talk Is Cheap, Until You Hire A Lawyer & You Can Always Tell A Lawyer, But You Can't Tell Her Much -- Ginny
Interrupting her vacation in nearby Florida, Lawyer Clare Darrow arrives at Voyager City on the stage and drops by Quark's. (You say Florida is nowhere near Voyager City? Clare knew she should have turned left at Albuquerque!)
Grasshopper And Gadfly (cont) -- D'Alaire
Harry is rescued from the Kazon thugs by Qwai-chang. (D'Alaire, you should change your Nistrim references in your G&G stories to Kazon, I think.)
Grasshopper And Gadfly (cont) -- Leonie
Two kung fu-fighting Asian brothers kick 14 ugly butts. And Harry gets hurt, of course.(Everyone was kung-fu fighting! The dudes were as fast as lightning! All together now!)
I Can Always Tell When A Lawyer Is Lying. Her Lips Move -- Ginny
Clare flirts with Tuvok and talks to her new client, Sevenita
Grasshopper And Gadfly (cont) -- D'Alaire
Qwai-chang and the wounded Harry walk to town until picked up by Max in his wagon.
Afternoon Of A Fawn & A Night At The Opera -- Ginny
Clare Darrow drops by the Delta Q where she "accidentally" falls into the arms of some man with grey eyes. She takes a liking to this man but decides to play hard to get. (Grey eyes? Must be a new character.) Chakotay shows up for a little more chest-butting with Tom.
A Night At The Opera (cont) -- Annie
Miss Kate questions Tom on his intentions towards B'Elanna.
As The Rotisserie Turns -- Ginny
Miss Kate and Tom discuss their pretense of being mother and son and their mutual attraction. Chakotay interrupts then and starts a fight in the parlor with Tom.
"Nooooo!!!" -- D'Alaire
Was Tom was just dreaming about not being Miss Kate's son?
As The Rotisserie Turns (cont) -- Ginny
Miss Kate stops the fight between Chakotay and Tom. She then reminds them of Sevenita's flight and hints about financial problems. Miss Kate then lays a guilt trip on both men until they agree to break Sevenita out of jail. Tom is sent to find Kes.
Kes And Her Gunslinger: A Meeting With Sevenita -- Eric
Doc tell Kes and Eric about Sevenita arrest and beg for their help. Meanwhile a media circus gathers outside the jail. Kes meets Tom outside the jail. Eric sees Sevenita for the first time!
All The News That's Fit To Print -- Ginny
Tom and Jason Canuck cross paths outside of the jail with no love lost.
Much Ado About Nothing -- Ginny
Clare hires a buggy and driver. She hears about the ball and prepares crash the party. She meets a hopelessly naive cub reporter and teaches him the way of the world. (No, not that! That's for after the dance.) She enters the jail to speak with the Marshal about the new evidence found by Kes.
Kes And Her Gunslinger: A Meeting With Sevenita (cont) -- Eric
Kes and Sevenita almost argue in her cell about who found the studmuffin Eric first. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Clare's arrival with Tuvok before nudity violence ensues. Meanwhile, Madame D'Alaireux does her best impression of the Wicked Witch of the West. (Fly, fly, my pretties!)
Like Sands Through The Hourglass -- Ginny
Clare, Eric, and Kes meet with Sevenita and Marshal Tuvok in the jail. Clare demands to see the new evidence and to know who the prosecuting attorney is and to have her client releases but Tuvok tells her to stuff her legal jargon where the sun don't shine.
Kes And Her Gunslinger: A Meeting With Sevenita (cont) -- Eric
Kes and Eric leave the jail with a transcript of Sevenita's interrogation. Madame D'Alaireux greets Kes as one of two Chosen Ones. All three ride out to the Delta Q and meet Miss Kate.
So Are The Dames Of Our Lives -- Ginny
Clare leaves the jail in search of Judge Riker at Sandrine's Risa Salon. She finds him there with Cue, the prosecuting attorney. (And apparently, today is Friday.).
Grasshopper And Gadfly Go To The Brothel -- D'Alaire
Qwai-chang and Harry arrive in town with Max in his wagon. They stop by Madame Maxine's cathouse. (Just for the music, of course.) Qwai-chang and Harry are hired by Madame Maxine.

The Final Day Of The Festival

Final Day Of Festival
Serge For Tomorrow & The Young And The Reckless & All My Chitlins & The Secret Sturm And Drang & The Guiding Limelight -- Ginny
Clare goes to bed and wakes on the last day of the Annual Leola Root Festival. Her breakfast is interrupted by a commotion in the hotel. ( 6 Across - Doctor, 2 Down - Coffee) Ginny gives Vorik a job as her law clerk. Then she shops at Garak's and runs into Nick Locarno. She has tea with Locarno when interrupted by an explosion of Girl Power! Carolita is staying in the penthouse of the hotel. Ginny and Locarno make a date for the dance.
Ridin On The Range & Walking Back From The Range -- D'Alaire
Tom and B'Elanna practice for the big race and flirt heavily.
Setting Up Things To Come Later -- D'Alaire
Madame D'Alaireux arrives at the festival and meets Chakotay.
The Hayride -- D'Alaire
Tom and B'Elanna have a roll in the hay in the livery stable.
Favors And Visions -- D'Alaire
B'Elanna meets Madame D'Alaireux who helps her clean up, tells her her fortune, and gives her a dress for the dance. Qwai-chang approaches D'A's wagon.
Ropes Untied -- D'Alaire
Qwai-chang visits Madame D'Alaireux. He tell B'Elanna that Harry is alive. B'Elanna argues with her father over Tom. Chakotay prepares to kick Tom's butt (again?). B'Elanna tells Tom the good news about Harry. Tom and Harry have a tearful reunion at the Provencal.
Chakotay and Tom prepare to have it out again in YET ANOTHER a real chest-bashing, eye-gouging, ear-biting, bone-breaking thump-athon! But they barely get started when Miss Kate arrives and breaks it up. Miss Kate is told about Harry being alive. And the big race is about to start. (D'A, when do we hear Harry's story?)
A Stranger In The Crowd & A Face In The Grandstand & A Sign Of Things To Come -- Ginny
Senator Paris shows up at the race looking for Tom and finds Locarno instead. He asks around for Miss Kate and encounters Ann-zan Lang. She informs him that Miss Kate and Madame D'Alaireux went to the Provencal and he follows.
The Big Race -- Jules
It's time for the feature horse race of the Leolo Root Festival. Entrants include mounts ridden by Tom, B'Elanna, Thomas Riker, and Worf. And they're off! Tom takes the early lead but lets the other leaders catch up along the Big Coffee. A Kazon rider takes the lead and draws Tom forward into a ambush by Larry and Darrel Ogla in Coffee Canyon. Tom disappears from sight of the main pack. Two Kazon riders attempt to dump B'Elanna into the Coffee Canyon without success. Tom chases Larry up the canyon wall and later descends to aid B'Elanna. After two Kazons are dispatched, the race continues with Tom edging out Thomas Riker. Tom heads back to town while B'Elanna returns to the ranch.
Payback Time -- Jules
Tom pays off his loan to Miss Julie and the bank while Miss Kate is at the Provencal. That hussy Clare Darrow stole Miss Julie's date to the dance so she's staying behind to guard the bank. (But when is Ginny going to get around to even having Clare meet Locarno?)
An Ear To The Ground & A Word To The Wise & A Voice In The Wilderness & A Method To His Madness & More Things In Heaven And Earth -- Ginny
At the Provencal, Senator Paris is shown to the Casblanca Room by Maxine and Racine to meet Miss Kate. When Kate show up, Paris confesses to pulling a Clinton. He tells her that a tearful reunion with his son might just get the media wolves off his back. Kate refuses to go along with the Senator's plan. Nick Locarno is revealed as the Senator's long-lost other son.

The Leola Root Ball

Various people prepare for the Ball.
The Lady -- Leonie
Lee-Marie dons her full regalia (including corset and dark gold gown) for the dance and discusses men (those pigs!) with Annie.
Readying For The Leolo Root Ball -- D'Alaire
After an altercation with Mabus Ogla's son, B'Elanna returns home to wash up and put on her spiffy new duds for the ball. (Nude B'Elanna scene - yeow!) After dressing, she meets Tom outside.
Before The Ball -- Annie
Tom returns home and dresses for the ball. He picks up B'Elanna.
All Of Life's A Stage... -- Leonie
Lee-Marie meets up with Miss Kate, Chakotay, and the Marshal downstairs at the ranchhouse. Miss Kate and the two men are stunned by the magnificent beauty and stunning sexuality of Lee-Marie. They are all chagrined to see Lee ride JTM to the dance. But Chakotay decides to ride double with her. (Looks like JTM gets all the action while the older folks take a lot of cold showers.)
Our Lives As A Dance -- Leonie
Lee-Marie and Chakotay ride JTM to the dance while talking about his first wife.
The Grand Leolo Root Ball closes the final night of the festival.
The Voyager City Hoedown -- D'Alaire (tune)
Theme song of the Grand Leola Root Ball.
Bits From The Ball -- D'Alaire
Tom and B'Elanna arrive at the ball. Miss Megan, Vorik, and Madame D'Alaireux are there as well. Captain Juliet and Timmy are playing the guitar and horn respectively along with an unidentified fiddler. Lee-Marie arrives with Chakotay. And later, these couples are present: Miss Kate and Marsh Tuvok, Kes and Eric (or are these two back at the Delta Q), Vickie and Magnum.
Making An Entrance -- Leonie
Lee-Marie arrives at the ball with Chakotay and dances with him.
One Life To Lithograph & The Bold And The Border Patrol -- Ginny
Locarno picks up Clare and they dine before heading to the ball. Clare spots Col. McQueen and decides expand her portfolio.
The Other Woman -- Leonie
Kate watches Lee-Marie with Chakotay with jealousy but decides "What the hell!" and jumps in the sack with Tuvok.
Social Pleasantries -- Leonie
Riker cuts in on Chakotay's dance with Lee-Marie.
Getting Down To Business & The Way We Were & Caught -- Leonie
Lee-Marie reveals herself as Lady Jadzia when she contacts Magnum during the dance. She orders him to investigate Kate, Tom, Chakotay, and Senator Paris. She mentions tiny fragments of a complicated past. She then spots the Woman in Maroon. After assisting Tuvok, Kate spots Lee-Marie talking intensely with Magnum and get suspicious.
Resting Their Feet -- D'Alaire
Tom and B'Elanna sneak out of the dance and head for Lookout Point for some quick hickies. Madame D'Alaire prowls around in the night.
Private Moments -- Leonie
Lee-Marie rejoins Chakotay at the dance. They duck out to watch the submarine races at Pinnacle Bluff. She talks about her past until they see Fire!
General Horse Puddles -- Ginny
Clare and Nick are having a good time at the dance. He lies to her about his family until they hear Fire!.
The Trial Of The Century: Prologue -- Eric
Jason Davidson finds the only surviving witness to the infamous Sevenita trial of the past century. And Ol' Mike intends to correct all of the mistakes of the sloppy journalists of that day. Seska and Dukat starts the fires while Reverend Windes prepares to break Sevenita out of jail with the assistance of Ol' Mike. (Eric, I'll place any sequels after Vickie's Fire sequence.
Fire! & Raging Fire! & Burning Out Of Control & Still Burning Out Of Control & The Cave & The Really Dark Cave & Under Control & Trapped! & Still Trapped! & The Search & The Rescue -- Vickie
The church bell signals an emergency. Lee-Marie and Chakotay return to the ball from Pinnacle Bluff to announce a fire near the herd in Ice Box Canyon. Tom and B'Elanna return from Lookout Point to report a fire at the Delta Q. Kate send Chakotay and Tom to save the herd while most of the others rush to save the ranch buildings. JTM bravely risks his life to carry Chakotay to the fire. Cowgirl Vickie tags along with Chakotay and Tom. The cattle are being moved to safety when Chakotay and Tom fall into Vickie's cruel cliff-hanger. Kate returns to the Delta Q to find Kes and Eric fighting the nearly out-of-control fires. The rest of the women, including B'Elanna, Lee-Marie, and Big Jim, arrive soon after. B'Elanna dashes into a burning barn to save Kona and Frisco. Kate follows B'Elanna and both are attacked by Seska. Seska is crushed to death and then burned to a crisp. Kona and Frisco are saved. Chakotay and Tom fall into a cavern. Chakotay's leg is broken and Tom helps him to safety. They spend the night in the cave. The fire at the Delta Q is finally extinguished with several building and animals lost or damaged but with no fatalities. Back in the cave, Chakotay sucker-punches Tom thereby prompting Tom to make it clear to Chakotay that his intentions toward B'Elanna are honorable. After thinking it over, Chakotay give Tom his permission to marry B'Elanna. Kate learns of the two men's disappearance and prepares to start a search. (And has Vickie ever told you what a fine-looking man Beltran is?) The cave starts to collapse on Tom and Chakotay. But Mad Man Miles arrives on the scene with his magic goose to save the two wimps with an herculean effort of heroism.
The Annual Leola Root Festival is over!

The Trial Of Sevenita

The Reverend And The Gunslinger -- Peg
The reverend recognizes Eric as the Boston Kid, a figure from his bloody past. Tuvok is looking for Mz. Barty, a key witness in the Sevenita trial.
The Trial Of The Century (cont) -- Eric
Eric and Kes head to town to meet with Judge Riker to discuss Neelix's notebook. Rose Lauren is called to town to serve on the Sevenita murder trial. She meets a gang of Nistrim thugs outside of town and kicks butt. Old Mike, the Rev, and Big Jimbo continue their plans to break Sevenita out of jail. Diana shows up in town for jury duty. Tasha shows up also, just in time to help Rose with the Nistrim. The other jurors are Dr. Crusher, Clockwork Data, Worf, Jenny, Megan, Leeta, McQueen, Hugh, and Madame D'Alaireux. Sevenita is revealed as the second Chosen One. Tuvok interrogates Sevenita. Old Mike, the Rev, and Big Jimbo continue their plans to break Sevenita out of jail, again. As Sevenita recalls, Jabin walked in as her band played Supervixen, pawed her, drew a gun, was disarmed by her, ran out, and was killed by a one-armed man. Mike, Rev, and Jimbo break into jail to free Sevenita. (Eric, your sequels will be placed after the following two stories by Peg.)
I See By Your Outfit That You Are A Cowboy & Past The Point Of Rescue -- Peg
Peg and Barty compare their favorite men's attributes and discuss Barty being a witness. Then they hear the jailbreak start.
The Trial Of The Century (cont) -- Eric
The Rev, Old Mike, and Big Jimbo are rejected by Sevenita after their premature jailbreak. Worf stalks Dukat.
Mi Vida Loca & You Can't Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd & Ring of Fire -- Peg
Peg and Barty witness the aborted jailbreak. Then they receive a telegram indicating John Luke has been spotted. Fox Scully appears to Peg. (X-Files in a Western?)
The Trial Of The Century (cont) -- Eric
Worf talks to Odo. Trial starts. The Borg Indian Fan Club are ejected after Seven's testimony. Odo find the bomb that Dukat planted in the courthouse. Dukat breaks up the proceedings, confesses to killing Jabin, and threatens to set off the bomb. Worf attacks Dukat and kills him bit not before the bomb is triggered. The courtroom blows up and Sevenita's case is dismissed.
The Trail Of The Senshery (alternate timeline version) - "Erik"/"Awreck", aka Terry/Peg
Alternate timeline version which is (to quote Jules) "makes as much sense, continuity wise, as Eric's trial does!"


How To Rob A Bank In One Hard Lesson -- Jules
During the last day of the Sevenita trial, the Krenim Gang make its move on Miss Julie's bank and Miss Julie makes her move on Miss Clare's grey-eyed hunk. The Krenim Gang turns the tables on the waiting defenders and captures them with only small losses. Magnum is wounded. Miss Julie feints a faint so the robbers have to open the safe themselves. The gang run out of time before getting it open so they skedaddle.
Wrong Train To Federation City -- Jules
Miss Julie sees Tuvok, Magnum, and Locarno off on the Delta Flyer to Federation City. Then she heads off with Tom to meet B'Elanna in the Necrit Expanse. The Delta Flyer is robbed by the Nova Gang. They make off with the gold and "kidnap" Miss Sito and Nick. Miss Julie and her friend follow the gang to their hideout. Nick is revealed as the real leader of Nova Gang and as Tom's brother.
The Posse That Wouldn't Quit -- Jules
Tom, B'Elanna, and Julie head back to the stranded Delta Flyer. They meet up with Tuvok, Magnum, and Diane Gordon and give them the low-down on Nick. They are told of Marshal Sisko's wild-goose chase and decide to form a new posse. Tuvok and gang arrive back to Voyager City to collect the posse formed there at Quark's. Tom informs Kate of Nick's involvement with the Nova Gang. Posse of about forty people sets out. Members include Kate, Big Jim, Madame D'Alaireux, Timmy, O'Pake, Kite, Col. McQueen, Kes, Eric, and Vickie. Both posses join up. The Nova Gang hears the posse approaching their hideout and run for it. All except for Nick and Taurik who hide in the mine. While Tuvok and Co. search the hideout, Nick and Taurik backtrack and scatterers their horses. Tom and Miss Julie catch their mounts and set out in hot pursuit. The Marshal, Larson, and Baxter may follow. Nick and Taurik hide out at the Jenkins ranch.(BTW for the non-Brits out there, "draught" means "draft" in 'Merican.) (All of the gang except for Nick and Taurik are open for other writers to catch. But don't use Tuvok, Tom, or Miss Julie.)
The Gunslinger Returns -- Eric
Wesley heads off with Alyssa Ogawa after the Nova gang splits the loot. Eric and his bathing beauty set off to join the posse. Binks-Binks is caught by Neelix Prime (Series T-900 Terminator). Eric and Tom have an argument. Wesley and Ogawa head for Neelix Prime for help. Neelix Prime kills Binks. (These stories are interleaved with Jules' Posse stories.)
Here He Comes To Save The Day -- Ruth
B'Elanna is saved by a Mountie after being assaulted by Sam Lavelle.
We Always Get Our Man -- Ruth
Tom takes Constable Fraser to Voyager City's jail to talk to Nick Locarno. Chakotay and daughter head home. Miss Kate and the Marshal search for signs of Sam Lavelle.

Building And Rebuilding

Maxine's Provencal Moves To Town -- Mrs Mac
Maxine and Racine complete the unpacking after moving to the Provencal's new location downtown. Max and Old Mike get loaded.
The Perils Of B'Elanna -- D'Alaire
B'Elanna takes Kona and Frisco to Madame D'Alaireux to help heal their psychological wounds from the fire. She meets a group of Klingons (K'mpec, Mogh, Koloth, and K'Ehleyr) and Madame D'Alaireux is revealed as a Klingon. They all (except Madame D'Alaireux) ride to Valek Gully to take vengeance on the Cardassians who burned the Delta Q. Tom searches for her and meets Madame D'Alaireux. B'Elanna and the other fighting the Cardassians and ... Seska! She's ALIVE! B'Elanna kills Seska. (When will these fools realize that Seska cannot be killed. For long. Boohahaha!)
Perils Aftermath -- D'Alaire
B'Elanna turns down Tom's proposal of marriage. She decides to head to the Klingon reservation at Cha'Kago after the cattle drive in order to get in touch with her Klingon roots. Tom decides to go with her. Then they celebrate the occasion.
Building -- Leonie
Lee-Marie, Chakotay, and others are rebuilding the Delta Q buildings destroyed during the fire. B'Elanna returns home. Lee-Marie and Chakotay argue, make up, and head for Sandrines to hear Racine sing.
Night Of The Living Neelix! -- Jason & Eric
An ill wind blows a bloodstained notebook into Kes's possession. Neelix's notebook. She runs to give warning that something awful is about to happen as Neelix's unburied corpse comes back to life. Going to the abandoned Larson ranch to investigate the report of a stranger lurking around, Tuvok smells leola root and is attacked by the undead Neelix. Sevenita leaves on her horse Sphere to seek help from Madame D'Alaireux. Kes, Miss Kathryn, Tom and Gunslinger Eric go to Tuvok's office at the jailhouse, and find blood there. It makes out the letters N.E.E.L... Jason Canuck arrives; he's been investigating the recent rash of violent assaults and murders that has been plaguing the town with Tuvok. They return to the Delta Q to discuss matters and to try to figure out what is going on. Noticing that Chakotay is still sleeping where they left him earlier, they disturb him and he falls forward out of his chair to reveal a knife buried in his back. They wonder which one of them will be next.
Testosterone And Estrogen -- Leonie
Lee-Marie, Kes, and Sevenita race against time to get the leola root oil from Defiant City that is needed to save Chakotay's life. They are ambushed by old Bob Nyrian and his boys whom they finish off with guns, knives, and bare hands. Old Rev Windes is granted another divine revelation.
Time gap
During which Chakotay presumably recovers from his wounds - again - and Neelix finally gets that burial
Favored Son -- D'Alaire
B'Elanna and Harry ride to town. She picks up a maternity coat at Carey's; he starts studying the martial arts from Qwai-chang at the Provencal.

The Cattle Drive

Crisis At The Delta Q -- Terry
Time: several months later. The Delta Q must drive its herd to Federation City through Borg injun territory in six weeks or lose the ranch to creditors. Yippee-ki-yea!
Filler -- Leonie
The title say it all. Just some relationship chat.
Miss Kathryn's Blast From The Past -- Jason
Even after receiving ominous telegrams from the Alpha Q, Miss Kate is shocked by the arrival of Lady Templeton, an old nemesis.
Where There's A Will, There's A Way -- Jason
Lady Templeton starts recruiting hired guns (possibly including members of the Krenim gang). (I hope that Jules didn't kill them all off in the bank robbery.) Miss Kate tells the tale of their past association at Burleigh Manor. Later, Miss Kate heads to town to have it out with Templeton.
Devil's Dance -- Jason
Tuvok fails to stop Miss Kate from a showdown with Lady Templeton at Sandrine's. But Templeton surprises Miss Kate by offering to loan her the money needed to save the Delta Q. Intimidated, Kate backs down and turns down her offer. Tuvok shocks everyone by attacking Templeton but fails miserably. Templeton is revealed as a Borg Indian and the fate of the Burleigh kids is revealed! (And Clare Darrow apparently has settled down in town and opened a law office.)
The Knowledge -- Leonie
Before the story: Lady Templeton is temporarily in Federation City for medical treatment. Kate gets a letter from Fed City with background info about Lee-Marie and considers using it against her. Lee meets secretly with Magnum at Frasier's Point to receive some dirt on her employers.
The Best Thing About A Good Catfight... & ...Is That It Can Be Resolved... & ...Without The Messing Up Of One's Hair -- Leonie
Kate and Lee-Marie confront each other about murders each has committed in the past.
Mr Tuvix -- Leonie
Kate has a flashback to the event of more than five years ago: Mr. Tuvix murdered Dr. Fitzgerald, kidnapped Tuvok and Neelix, attacked and was killed by Kate. And then she learns that he was Chakotay's father. Chakotay's brother, Johnny, witnessed the killing.
The Aftermath -- Leonie
Lee-Marie and Chakotay argue (again) and make up (again) while Kate and others are attending the new play at the opera house.
Last Day At The Ranch -- Jason
Tuvok and Miss Kate have a tearful (without tears) farewell before she leaves on the cattledrive. (Okay, I guess that Tuvok doesn't take a leave of absence to help out on the drive.)
The Trailboss -- Terry
Kate hires Mary to boss the cattledrive to Voyager City the day before the drive starts. Griff, Stark, and others are also hired.
Culture Arrives In Voyager City -- Ruth
More proof that Ruth needs a real life even more than The women of the Voyager City do their bit to support the arts.
You Can Leave Your Hat On -- Leonie
More proof that Leonie needs a real life even more than Ruth The women of the Voyager City attend an artistic performance of modern dance at the opera house while the guys hold a coffee klatsch outside.
The Long Goodbye -- Ruth
The cattle drive starts. Chakotay meets Kiteman and shows off his string of horses. Stark reminisces about his uncle Khan and plans on a visit during the drive. Chakotay meets Griff and joins the various betting pools. (My entries: twice, 13 times, 30 lbs, 25 times, 74, 13 times, 0 (Do amphibians and mutants count?), 1 1/2 months, 0 (But he'll seriously damage his new horse, Supershuttle, 26 times.) Sevenita is assigned to operate the new astrogation wagon with her biggest fan while the Reverend Windes goes home and Harry eats dust.s
There's No Business Like Show Business -- Terry
Clare Darrow plays a courtesy call on Rocksie at the opera house to briefly discuss the arts. Plans are made for future theatrical shows. (BTW, 3-Across: Chakoholics, 7-Across: Kim, 4-Down: Tomaholics)
A Night On The Drive -- D'Alaire
Just a typical night early in the drive.
The drive is over

Cha'Kago, Cha'Kago, It's My Kind Of Reservation

The Gorkon Trail -- D'Alaire
B'Elanna and Tom say goodbye to their parents and leave on Frisco and Intrepid (leading Kona) for Cha'Kago. They are followed on the trail by a wild targ. Once in Klingon territory, they encounter first a Starfleet cavalry patrol lead by Col. Pressman and later Grilka. They spend the most of the night at Grilka's village while B'Elanna rests. Tom takes some bat'leth instruction from Kor and is given a bat'leth. B'Elanna and Tom leave. They are attacked and robbed by Romulans who injure B'Elanna.
Dances With Targs -- D'Alaire
B'Elanna wakes up in Cha'kago in the home where Madame D'Alaireux is living with Vagh and Turok. A month passes with B'Elanna growing more and more radiant. Tom fights some Romulans with Gowron and Kor and earns much honor. B'Elanna petitions Gowron to be wipe clean her mother's dishonor. Kor is revealed as her grandfather. B'Elanna regains her mother's honor and her family. Tom and B'Elanna get hitched and B'Elanna gives birth to a daughter.


Down For The Count -- Jason
Ambassador Weyroun shows up looking for the heir to the German throne which might be Naomi Wildman.
Angels And Addicts -- Jason
Ambassador Weyroun checks into the Ritz-Kradin with his Jem'Hadar. Widow Wildman wonders if she should run or talk. Zihal and Brone learn the strangers are drug pushers.
The First Time & Pillow Talk & Heartbreak -- Leonie
Lee-Marie forces Chakotay to choose between her and Kate. Chakotay chooses Kate and they finally get to dance in the sheets. Lee-Marie catches them.
Lessons In Love -- Leonie
Lee-Marie drowns her sorrows at Quark's. As she listens to Racine sings, she has a flashback to her earlier romance with Mickie-C. He turned out to be gay and married another woman. (Can Lee-Marie pick 'em or not?) Magnum and Vickie comfort Lee-Marie and take her to the Circle V. Magnum and Vickie snog. In the morning, Lee-Marie takes a job as foreman of the Circle V. Lee-Marie confess to Vickie about her involvement in Mr. Riley's murder.
Homecoming -- D'Alaire
Kate and Chakotay get the letter from Tom and B'Elanna which reveals their child and Klingon marriage. Kate is not amused but Kes talks sense to her. ('Bout time the real Kes, the wise and patient Kes, showed up, sez I!) Tom, B'Elanna, and Beata return to the Delta Q.
Paths Converging -- Leonie
Timmy is guided through a java vision by Madame D'Alaireux. Afterwards, he set off on a quest to the Delta Q. Two familiar-looking strangers arrive on the Delta Flyer. Mad Man Miles continues his search for gold.
Reunions -- Leonie
Kiteman is met by his old boss from the Fleet.
Favored Son: The Second Meal -- D'Alaire
Harry recounts his Gadfly's Big Adventure of a couple of months before. Harry asked Miss Jenny to the Icebreaker Dance. Harry is conflicted about using his singing stick. Harry and Jenny are attacked and kidnapped by the Kazon. They escape after kicking Kazon butt. Later they go to the dance and even later, Jenny puts the moves on him in a boat.


Dead Man Strikes Pay-Dirt -- Terry
The world is shocked and the women dismayed to find that Terry is dead. This humble genius will be long remembered for his instinctive class, natural grace, and quiet dignity.
Deceased's Incredible Story May Be False! -- Ruth
The scoundrels of the press print scurrilous lies spread by a woman rejected by the great man. ("Heck hath no fury like a schoolmarm scorned!" indeed!)
Is Prospector's Poignant Passing Pure Pretense? -- Ruth
Is Terry faking his own death? Or is all the media hype just a thin tissue of lies? I'm not paranoid; they are out to get me!
Further Information Comes To Light On The 'Paydirt' Scandal! -- Jules
Photograph found in Peter Morf's studio seems to show Terry alive with his fillies after his supposed death.
Paydirt Scandal Expands To Banker And Schoolmarm -- Terry
Miss Julie and Miss Ruthie are dragged into the mushrooming Paydirt investigation by new photographic evidence.
Time gap

Archaeology And Anthropology

By The Harshest Light Of Day -- Jason
The passengers of a prairie schooner, lost during a zoological expedition, suffer severe deprivations as they wander the territory south of Fed City.
The Equinox Diaries -- Jason
The Equinox hands encounter the friendly Ankhari Indian and learn about a race of strange beings.
The Ransom Entries -- Jason
After one of these beings is accidentally killed, a strange discovery is made which enables Marla to speed up the caravan.
A Good Defence... -- Jason
The Equinox caravan finds itself under fierce attack by incensed Sky Spirits.
A Chance Encounter -- Jason
Marla Gilmore mud-wrassles with the mysterious Antelope Woman while Koros and Doc Savage place bets. (Koros dee-ly regrets his choice as Marla stag-gers away the winner and Doc fawn-dly count his newly won doe [ten whole bucks]. Who says VC stories can't have social relevance?)
Rattlesnake -- Jason
Even after one of the fiercest attacks from the Sky Spirits, Ransom proposes returning to the Equinox's original scientific mission.
Early Fall
Lethal Six-Gun -- Vickie
Chakotay and Tom head on their annual inspection of the Delta Q's line camps. They encounter the Reverend with a wagonload of fallen women.
Banditos Of The Bluffs -- Vickie
Chakotay and Tom continue their annual inspection of the Delta Q's line camps. Tuvok meets them to inform them of missing scientists. The three travel into Kazon territory in their search and encounter the missing scientist with their -ahem- research assistants. Suddenly they are attacked by .... Eventually, they find a treasure of gold and two babes. Who the banditos were remained an enigma wrapped in a mystery hidden in a puzzle. (Okay, Vickie left her readers twisting in the breeze.)

The Search For Bob

Time period unknown for the following stories
The Search For Bob -- Cmdr 8472
Bob is captured by the Hirogen. Tom and B'Elanna meet Kat as she flees. They take her back to the Delta Q to meet Miss Kate. Meanwhile the Kazon are holding war councils. Tom, Tuvok, and Kat scout the Kazon camps and find Hirogen. Later Chakotay and B'Elanna are captured by the Hirogen. Kat finds Bob in the Hirogen camp and they both rescue Chakotay and B'Elanna. The Hirogen attack the Delta Q. (It may take place at a different time. It doesn't make much sense squeezing in here but Eric tromped all over any sensible timeline (as usual). It could have come first but is hardly suitable as the start of the VC saga. Maybe you should consider this as a flashback to the year before.)

The Delta Quadrant Oz

The Delta Quadrant Oz -- Roxanne
Rocksie and her VC crew puts on a adaptation of Frank Baum's Wizard of Oz, starring B'Elanna Torres as Dorothy.

The House-Husband's Club

In Touch With The Inner YAM (alternate timeline story) - "Erik(a)", aka Leonie
Alternate timeline version of the Househusband's Club.
MAMs: Dead Old And Loving It (alternate timeline story) - "Terr(i)", aka Leonie
Alternate timeline version of the Househusband's Club (senior members).