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The Trial Of The Century: Prologue

VC : The Trail of the Century Prologue
Eric — 26 Sep 1998, 12:45 PM

(Ok, thanks to Vicky for introducing the fire story! Dukat did say he wanted the Circle V ranch to burn didn't he? Terry, if I'm stretching the timeline a little sorry! Anyway, just a taste today, the rest will arrive tomorrow!)

A few days ago :

Jason was annoyed. Here he was in the barbarous United States. He missed Canada all ready. He looked at the screaming headlines on the newspapers. They were all screaming about some sex scandal that involved the President and a cigar. Sigh. Why couldn't this place be more like Canada? In his country they only had to worry about provinces leaving! More more civilized! Well, he had no choice. Readership of his web page was falling off! Those darn founders were stealing his scoops! He had to have a EXCLUSIVE! He needed something to boost readership and his girlfriend had refused to wear a catsuit.

He walked out of the airport thinking dark thoughts. Great it was raining. Where was a cab? Ah! He ran over to the cab and climbed in. "Where to pal?", asked the driver. "Nebula Nursing Home", he answered. He saw the driver's license. "Jim C" it read. "Hey have I ever told you about Miracle Bra's?", he asked? "Yeah", that Nana Visitor wears them on Deep Space Nine...". It was going to be a long trip.

The cab pulled up to a pleasant looking building with a large sign :


Underneath this was a small sign : Home of the oldest man on Earth! Visit our Gift Shop!

This was the place! He paid his fair and walked inside. He was greated by a cute nurse who's name tag read "Hi, my name is ande". What a strange country! Apparently they didn't believe in capitals here in the US. "Hello", he said to the nurse, "I would like to see the oldest living man". The nurse smiled and told him the price was $50 and tok his money. Right this way.

Following the nurse the Canadian heard the thumping of heavy machinery. ande explained that this was the nuclear reactor. We need all that power to keep him alive! Eventually they came to a large room that had a simple tag on the door :


In you go smiled ande. Jason walked in and saw rows and rows of beeping, blinking machinery. Dodads, wheezed and whirled. Steam shot out of pipes and pistons pumped life giving medicines into a tiny frail old man, who screaming at a computer, "Damn that whippersnapper!!!", "He says I live in a Iron Lung!!". Jason smiled, he had made it! Now he could get that exclusive story!

He walked over to the old man."Mr. D., if I could ask you a few questions". Eh, what's that? What do you need to know? Jason held out a yellowed newspaper with a screaming headline :


Underneath was a picture of a woman who was still amazingly good looking even on the yellowed paper. Mike D saw the paper and rolled over to it as he looked at it his eyes filled with tears "So long ago", "I remember it like it was yesterday". Jason saw a bumper sticker on his wheelchair : Janeway rules.

VC : The Trail of the Century (Part One)
Eric — 27 Sep 1998, 8:06 PM

(OK, here is the part where I stretch out the timeline a little. I'm going to start the trial right after the Leola Root festival, so the fire would be burning for only a day or so. Not so hard to believe with a brush fire. We can say that the Circle V was the last thing to catch....)

The Coffee Nebula Nursing home : A few days ago

"OK, Mike, talk!", demanded Jason. "Why do the names in this article from the 1800's match almost perfectly with the names in the Star Trek : Voyager TV-show? "Well that's simple, I created the TV show", wheezed the old man. "It was very simple, in fact some of the fans call me TPTB".

Jason was amazed. Here was a true exclusive for his web page! At last, he had found the legendary PTB! But he was still intrigued by this trial. Maybe if he dug deeper into this old history, he could begin to understand the mysteries of today's Voyager. He asked Mike to start his story.

"It all began with a meeting in the night, a man and a woman and a plan most sinister", "It begins with a desire for revenge".

The Cardassian Indian Village : The Old West

The young brave refused to cry. His village was burning. The Maquis had attacked his village. They had killed his parents. They claimed that this was because the Federation Calvery had abandoned their ranches and could no longer protect them. He knew better however. They attacked his village because they were cowards. And cowards deserved to die.

Big Coffee Canyon : 10 years later

"Everything is in place!", smiled Seska. Seska was still in her Bajoran disguise. Bajoran's are peaceful Europeans so it is a perfect costume. "The braves are ready to light the fires at the end of the local Leola Root festival. When the ceremonial torch is put out, the REAL festival will begin! Yes, agreed Dukat, yes a festival of revenge. "Go! Go and give our people the final instructions", "Tell them to prepare their scalping knives". Our revenge begins NOW.

The Leola Root Festival : The final day of the festival

Reverend Windes was in the town square giving the usual benediction to the festival "Oh, Leola root, you are so scumptious, how we love to chow down on thee..." he began the ritual speech. But he could not keep his thoughts on his congregation. No, that wasn't right was it? No, actually he could only keep his mind on one member of his flock!! Yes that was more accurate. Even though it was a sin, he could only think of the beautiful Sevenita! That tight fitting Catsuit! The high heels! The traditional cheek and eyebrow Borg jewelry! Her sexy strap gloves she liked so much. He HAD to do something. Marshall Tuvok would not listen to the word of God however. He told the Reverend to PRAY for Sevenita! Well, sometimes prayer wasn't enough. No, he needed to try something else.

Reverend Windes finished the ritual closing of the Leola Root festival and extinguished the flame.

The Nekrit expanse : That night

Over One Hundred Cardassian Indians lite their torches and set fire to the prairie grass. They had waited ten years for this. They savored the moment.

VC : The Trail of the Century (Part Two)
Eric — 27 Sep 1998, 8:11 PM

The Circle V ranch : A few minutes later

The Gunslinger, Kes and Madame D'Alaireux were in the living room of the large ranch. They could hear Jungle Tim and Gimpy Baktag in the kitchen making good use of Miss Kathryn's hospitality. They were sitting looking at the large notebook of Tuvok's and the smaller notebook that had belonged to Neelix. Eric and Kes looked at each other, and almost unbearable fire seemed to be between them. To their credit they tried to keep their minds on the business at hand, but were failing. "Say, Miss D'Alaireux, didn't you say that it was time to walk Baktag?", tried Eric. D'A smiled , "Um, why yes, your right, and I think I will take Timmy to!", she had felt the heat in the room as well.

Alone at last, said the husky voice in the Gunslinger's head. Whatever shall we do? Kes was unzipping her warlord suit "Oh I think we can think of something". Eric's eyes watched as the zipper went lower and lower. Eric reached out and finally caressed that warm Ocampa skin and was happy to find her just as hot as he was and helped her out of that amazing suit while her hands were all over him..

The spark ignited to a flame and the fire roared on within and without..

Voyager City : Midnight

"Ok", weezed old Mike. "Here is the Gun you wanted". Reverend Windes smiled. Soon my love! Soon I will free you from the heathen SCUM that have imprisoned you!

The Nekrit Expanse : At the same time

Seska laughed and loosened her Cardassion armor and turned to Dukat, they kissed as the flames continued their slow march to the Circle V ranch and Voyager city.

Burn. My vengeance burns like a flame.

(I think I need to read that sex scene again. I rather liked it)

VC : The Trail of the Century Part 3
Eric — 30 Sep 1998, 7:47 PM

(Ok folks, this one follows the events just before Vickie's fire story. BTW, thanks for adapting my storyline Vickie, that was coolness above and beyond the call of duty!)

A few days ago : The Coffee Nebula Nursing Home

Jason was drooling. He had just heard the hottest story he had ever heard. This sure beat that stack of Playboy's he had "borrowed" from his Dad. The Kes sure sounded like a babe! Maybe even more so then her Voyager counterpart! "But why did you give the Rev. Windes a gun Mike?".

"Because he had the money!", "We didn't have any gun control back then, life was a lot simpler!". Besides, I had no idea he was going to do what he did! We were all lucky that the Boston Kid was in town that day. But before we get to that, let me tell you about my meeting with Miss. Kathryn! You think Kes was hot.

Jason put pencil to paper and began writing.

Voyager City : Old Mike's Gunshop

Mike grunted a bit as he bent over and pulled the shotgun out of it's protective oil cloth. He had put off this job for to long. Miss Kate was waiting for her gun. He chuckled a little as he thought of her pet name for the gun. What was it, old Bessie? He stripped the gun down to it's parts and cleaned it out. She brought the weapon in for cleaning like clockwork each month. He would have it ready for her to pick up by this afternoon.

The Delta Q Ranch : Morning

Miss Kate was walking down the stairs with a purpose. She had a lot of errands today before her meeting with Claire, Sevenita's lawyer, Jury Selection was set to begin tomorrow. She walked into the living room to see if Eric and Kes had made any progress with Tuvok's notes. The first thing she noticed was the room was a little disheveled. The blanket she kept on the couch for cold nights was crumpled on the floor. Kes, the neatest of her daughters hair was a wavy mess (she would have to talk about that leather outfit, when she was less busy) and that polite man Eric's shirt was half unbuttoned! "Why the two of you must have been up all night studying those notes!!" Why was Kes blushing beat red? "You two should go to bed, you look tired!", now Eric was turning as red as one of her prize tomatoes. I'm going to run some errands in town. She left wondering why she heard giggles coming from the living room.

The Fire :

The first family to see the fire was the Ayala ranch. In fact it was Ayala Jr. Who saw the smoke first. He saw a lot of smoke in fact. He ran back to the ranch and woke his family. Since they were from Mexico and his family spoke Spanish he told them in simple words. "Fire", "Yeah", said his father. "We have to pack our bags and go to town!". "Yeah" said his dad. By the time they had all their important belongings packed the sky was red, and full of smoke.

The Delta Q Ranch

Madam D'Alaireux awokeand untangled herself from Jungle Tim's arms. He was a nice boy, and very grateful after she nursed him back to health after that nasty accident had almost made him a eunuch. She woke him now telling him to wake up and got dressed. She needed everyone alert today, she was feeling a overwhelming dread. Something terrible was going to happen.

VC : The Trail of the Century Part 4
Eric — 30 Sep 1998, 7:49 PM

Eric slammed the notebook closed. He knew where to start. Sevenita had claimed that she was singing when Jabin had died. Also according to Tuvok's notes, the stringy Borg glove that had been found near Jabin's body did not fit Sevenita's hand. "The glove don't fit, gotta acquit", he muttered to himself. Kes smiled, let's go see Tuvok and show him this evidence. "Do you smell smoke?" When they ran outside the sky was ablaze with fury.

"This is going to suck", breathed Eric.

The Gun Shop

Old Mike liked the way Kate was leaning over his counter. She was wearing one of her T- Shirts he loved so much, and the way it was cut almost allowed him to see heaven if he looked hard enough (and he was). T-t-t-there you go Miss. Kate he stammerd as he gave her the gun back. That will be 10 bucks, I reckon. Kate leaned way over and paid the man. She didn't know why she teased him so much, he was just a harmless old man but she licked the way he watched her. Maybe if Chakotay wasn't in the picture she would do a little more. But she frowned, Chakotay only seemed to be interested in that Lee-Marie person these days. And them impulsively she kissed Old Mike on the cheek, thank you old friend she smiled. Her back was turned so she missed Old Mike giving himself CPR.

As she was walking to the Sheriff's office she heard Kes screaming into her mind "Kathryn!! Come to the Ranch right way!!!".

The Fire House

Big Jimbo was playing cards with his other fire fighters. He was wining big today. Well Gentleman, ante up and I will let you try to get your money back. Suddenly he screamed as he heard Miss Kessie the schoolteacher scream out in his head, "Jimbo!! Come to the Delta Q ranch right away! Brush fire!!!" . He jumped up, and bellowed out ot hismen to get suited up. We have a fire, a BIG one to. He only hoped they would be on time.

The Nekrit Expanse


Dukat was breathing heavy. He didn't like it when he failed to get his way. "You have to stay with the rest of us!", "We wait until they ride out to the Ranch and we take them all at once". If you leave early it will ruin the plan.

"I have to go", Seska looked at him with a almost glinty madness in her eyes. I will NOT allow that b*tch to have him. NEVER.

That was the last Dukat saw of her.

Continued in Vickie's Fire story, and then in Trail of the Century part 4