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Kes And Her Gunslinger : A Meeting With Sevenita

VC : Kes and her Gunslinger : A meeting with Sevenita (part 3)
Eric — 21 Sep 1998, 8:15 PM

(Sorry, I'm to tired to do both parts tonight so only part 3 today. Thanks for giving me Claire on a silver spoon Ginny! Don't worry I treat her nicely!)

The Voyager City Sheriff's office : 11:47 AM

Eric could not believe it! It must be an Angel from heaven! He was having a heart attack, that must be it. It was all over. Well, at least he had had a good time.

WHACK! What the? Kes was looking at him concerned, "You looked like you were having a seizure or something, are you OK?". "Um, yes, I'm fine, It's my allergies there bad this year", he finished weakly. Well, you must be Sevenita, how are you feeling today?

"I am 100% operational", Sevenita answered in the way of the Borg Indians. Huh? That is how she always talks Eric, said Kes. She hasn't even tried to fit in with her new parents. I think that is why she doesn't have very many friends here. "Friends are irrelevant", answered Sevenita. Kes I like your new outfit, it combines aesthetics and functionality. You look angery, are you still unhappy about that part in Miss. Kathryn's play? That was many years ago, that is a very Ocampan attitude.

Kes was advancing, fingers stretched out to claw at Sevenita...

Eric felt like he was drowning. These two women were going to rip each other apart, if he didn't do something. He had to make peace somehow! "Kes! Come on, back off a little, Sevenita has been in jail for almost 2 days! She is just upset...".

"I do not require your assistance, you are one, you are weak!", glared Sevenita.

"MY, aren't we just mister helper today Eric! What happened to the man at the canyon? Are are you thinking of running off with Miss. Nanoprobe over there?", glared Kes.

"Well this looks very interesting, and to think Mom wanted me to be a nurse", smiled a young woman in Maroon. "Clare Ensfriggen Darrow at your service, you must be Eric and Kes, I've heard a lot about the both of you".

The Gunslinger felt a migraine coming on....

"Migraines are irrelevent".

Madame D'Alaireux's wagon : Noon

"Come my pets!", cackled Madame D'Alaireux. "If the warlord has appeared we have work to do!". Hurry Baktag! Work faster Timmy! If you don't hurry up you will taste my bat'leth!

Part 4 later! Will Kes and Seven wrestle in the mud? Will they make up and become Lesbian Lovers? Will i get to watch? Maybe a threesome? Oh ya, and we might get to the trial to!