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Testosterone And Estrogen

T and E; A Lethal Combination pt 1
Leonie — 17 Sep 1998, 7:15 AM

The Women

"Kes, Lee-Marie, Sevenita.....GO"

Lee-Marie needed no further prodding, she was on JTM and off before Miss Kathryn could finish issuing the order. The sound of Chakotay's groaning was enough to spur her on. She looked behind her and saw that the others were gaining. Kes was on Boston-Rick and Sevenita on the newly acquired stallion, Cunning-Joe. He was a good buy according to B'Elanna Torres and Miss Torres knew her stallions. Sevenita found that he was indeed more than adequate to be her mount.

They galloped away.

Bad Girls


It had seemed like an eternity before she saw her lover being hit by a bullet wound (again) and rolling around on the floor of town in agony (again.) She hadn't taken it too seriously. Lee-Marie knew her lover had 26 more one-hour lives left since Cowgirl Vicki had shown up with all of her no-named ranch extras who preferred red-shirts. It was only when Doc Holliday looked startled instead of bored as he normally does when he was treating Chakotay, that she began to be worried.

"That bullet is nickle laced and it causes a serious infection. There is only one known ointment that can cure it, Leeola Root oil. Unfortunately, Deputy Marshal Neelix cooked with my last bottle of ointment and I normally get it from Defiant City. The delivery is scheduled for next week, but if he doesn't get it within three days he will die."

"I'll ride and get it Doc." Lee-Marie was already making tracks to where she had left JTM.

"Hold, on the last time I looked, I was in charge here." Miss Kathryn said. There was no expression on her face and Lee-Marie wondered if secretly she didn't enjoy reprimanding her. Right then she didn't care. Her man was in pain and needing medicine and she aimed to be the one who got it, with or without Miss Kathryn's permission.

Lee-Marie glared. It actually matched the "Death Stare" of Miss Kathryn and she faltered for a second. But only for a second. Still she got the message.

"We'll go with her," Tom and B'Elanna made a move to go with Lee-Marie.

"No, I need you here."

It was then that she issued the order.


Kes was still in her blue jump suit and sensible shoes with her short pixie hair, Riding fast trying to keep up with Lee-Marie. She was concerned about Mr. Chakotay, but curiously her mind was on other things. She was thinking about Leather. Her mind was on her gunslinger, Eric. From the time that she had put on the leather suit and understood who she was, she began to feel a power growing within her. It was dark and it called to her. She began to have weird dreams, of what she wanted to do, to be. They normally involved whips, chains and positions that she didn't even know existed until the gunslinger had walked into her life. He had taught her and she had tamed him. She knew it and she could feel it. He had been wild, unable to be touched by any other woman, except her. He invaded her being and she enveloped his.

She knew what the others thought, but she didn't care. She was his Mistress and he, her Warlord. All was as it was meant to be.

With this thought in her mind, Kes reached down into her being and communed with Boston-Rick's power that was faltering. Soon, they once again joined Cunning-Joe, who was just gaining on JTM.

T and E pt 2
Leonie — 17 Sep 1998, 7:18 AM


'Why in the, [I believe the expression appropriate here is ] Cotton picking world did I let Miss Jenny talk me into wearing this dress I don't know. She insisted that I should show off my 'God given assets' in order to attract 'Gentlemen Callers'. What gentlemen callers?. There are no 'gentlemen' in Voyager city, everyone shoots everyone and they don't call one another, they shout. The only person who can possibly be called a gentleman is Deputy Marshal Neelix, but he's more strange than gentle.

This corset is unacceptable. If I don't loosen it soon, my insides are going to be squeezed out. There is very little fabric above the corset to 'catch' anything if it falls and the skirt is so short. But the fabric is the most unacceptable part of this ensemble. It is too hot for summer, and at the pace that we are riding, these long sleeves are stifling. When we stop I will have to do something about this.


The Ambush

They rode on for about 5 hours until mid afternoon.

Lee-Marie spotted a stream, she pulled the reigns slightly, JTM knew what he had to do. He stopped and she turned around to watch the other riders as they came through the clearing.

Lee-Marie observed Sevenita. 'Amazing. They don't move, they just stand out there!!'

When they caught up to her, she said aloud

"We should stop, the horses are thirsty"

"Agreed." Kes replied.

"I am also thirsty, this ....dress is keeping me too hot." Sevenita stopped and began to drink out of the stream. Lee-Marie and Kes followed suit. Suddenly without warning, Sevenita began to tear the sleeves of the dress off and attacked the flimsy material that was covering her chest. She exposed her corset.

'So that's why they stand at attention all the time!!!! I haven't seen so much string in my life!!' Lee-Marie mused.

Kes gave Sevenita a knowing smile and said, "Well if that's what it takes to make you comfortable."

"It is"

"Alrighty then," Lee-Marie said with an amused grin on her face. "Let's get going, we still have a ways to go before we reach Defiant City and I'm aiming to reach it by dark!!!"

Off they went.

They rode for another hour before they saw it. It was a covered wagon all alone in a clearing. They circled it. Suddenly without warning, they heard gunshots. The women drew their guns and dismounted. The clearing provided no adequate cover for them and they knew that the gunmen weren't after the horses, they were after them.

They used the wagon as cover and began to shoot at the men coming at them. The women began to pick them off one by one. The men acted in surprise. They were ten of them to three women so they figured that they had easy targets. They never figured on the women's shooting abilities.





Down they all went, leveled by the six shooters wielded by a woman in pants, a woman in a spandex jumpsuit and a woman in a corset, whom they were all trying to get at.

A Silence ensued.

Kes, Lee-Marie and Sevenita came out of the cover of the wagon and went back to their horses who stood waiting for them. The horses were serene, not spooked. They had seen their mistresses in gun fights before, they knew who would win.

"Well, I believe that we should be on our way" Sevenita said.

T and E part 3
Leonie — 17 Sep 1998, 7:20 AM

"Something's still not right......" Lee-Marie started and then heard the sound of a twig breaking behind her.

Without warning, the women were overpowered by men coming out of inside the covered wagon.

Sevenita's captor came at her from the front and held her hands behind her back in a strong grip. But that was not what he really wanted to get his hands on.

Kes' attacker leveled a gun at her face and Lee-Marie's grabbed her from behind.

When this was over a voice was heard saying..."That's enough boys"

A man stepped into the clearing.


Women Warriors on the Plain.

"Bobbit Nyrian!!!!" Lee-Marie exclaimed.

"I'm glad that you remember me. I certainly remember you, you killed my eldest son."

"He tried to make an improper move on me and wouldn't stop even when I told him to. Ole Joe took care of him."

"Yes I know, John see if 'Joe" is still on Lee here" John looked for Joe in his customary hiding place in her gun belt. He didn't find it.

"That's Leonie-Marie to the likes of you." She spat out.

"I'll call you what I want, Uppity Missy. Killing my boy like that. It's time that you pay and your friends will pay too. Although I must say that I feel a mite bit sorry for that one." He gestured at Sevenita.

Kes stared at her captor and everyone one in the Nyrian Posse felt it. They felt her, had an image of her in her Shaolin Leather Justice Suit, in their minds as she began to purge the evil that was present in their thoughts. It distracted them momentarily. It was all Sevenita and Lee-Marie needed.

Sevenita brought her arms forward swiftly and hit her captors armpits with such a force that they went flying upwards. He tried to grab her again, but she swiftly lifted him above her head and threw him. Unfortunately his hand hooked on her skirt as she did so. She was so intent on turning around that she did not hear the loud "rip" of fabric tearing. She saw her opening and took it, kicking him in the b*!!s with all her might in her 5" Stiletto heels, which her father had given to her for Christmas assuring her that it "combined aesthetics and functionality" She found out later that her father was drunk out of his mind when he told her that. The Nyrian groaned and stumbled to the floor. Sevenita finished the job with his own six-shooter and looked at Kes to see how she was doing with her captor.


Kes had Doomed Nyrian in her gaze and was not letting him go. In his mind he saw himself worshipping at the foot of a throne with Kes on it. She wore this incredible Leather outfit and there was this outlaw sitting on the throne watching as she whipped Doomed over and over again, who was sobbing for mercy. Kes stopped and approached him. She touched his bleeding face gently and said with more malice than he had ever been able to muster up in his life.

"Such a puny little mind."

Lightening struck and he was rendered unconscious. Sevenita watched Kes in wonder. She had never seen the gentle little thing do anything more than defend herself, now she seemed to be enjoying it was that she was doing to him.

T and E part 4
Leonie — 17 Sep 1998, 7:21 AM

Gentlemen cross your........

Lee-Marie struggled, grateful for the moment of distraction, reached behind her, with all of her might using her left hand. 'Just a little further, that's it, that' it." Her grip was enough to make her assailant gasp and loosen his grip on her right hand. With one swift movement, she uncovered 'Ole Joe' from the new secret compartment that she had made for him and with another, she brought it down between her left hand and his body, guessing at where the correct spot would be.

She guessed correctly.

"All in Heaven help me!!!!!." he pleaded

Lee-Marie was panting as she turned to face him and said

"Divine Intervention is unlikely"

Something was in her hand. She looked down and then tossed it to the Nyrian thug.

"I believe this is yours."

He died moments later. She looked around to her companions.


When Kes and Sevenita realized that Lee-Marie was holding her own, they both went after Bobby Nyrian. Kes had him in her mental images, and Sevenita took the opportunity to bound him by holding his arms behind his back. Lee-Marie had finished incapacitating her thug and looked at the others holding Bobby Nyrian.

Hatred burned within her. She had never forgotten what Spud Nyrian had wanted to do to her. What he almost cost her. She hated Bobby Nyrian for even suggesting that his death was her fault for not giving in to him and servicing him. Now he had almost taken the lives of Kes and Sevenita.

Cold Fury descended on Lee-Marie. She drew 'The Woman' from her holster where she had replaced it after the shoot-out.

"You really believed that I should have given in to Spuds advances don't you. You made my life so miserable by your lies that I had to leave home because of you, and now you are going to pay."

"With what? What are you going to do Missy?"

He taunted her and jeered at her, it was more than she could stand.

"Bobby Nyrian, you were a B*st*rd"


"Aiee....Big Dingaling..."

"Now you are a "B*tch, either way, you're not worth my time anymore."

Sevenita let Bobby Nyrian go and he slumped to the ground groaning.

"Kes, Sevenita, we have to get moving if we are to reach Defiant City by nightfall."

Just then they heard the sound of a man falling and a muttering of sorts. All three drew their guns,

'Now what' thought Lee-Marie.

T and E part 5
Leonie — 17 Sep 1998, 7:23 AM

Divine Intervention

They looked over at the shrubs where the noise had come from. They heard the litany again:

"Lord, now let your servant go in peace
Your will has been fulfilled,
Mine own eyes have seen the salvation,
Which you have promised to all men......"

Reverend Wildes was laying on the ground, his hands in a steeple praying.

'What has come over him?" Sevenita asked perplexed.

Kes and Lee-Marie took one look at Sevenita and realized that she was practically naked, her skirt having been ripped off , and she having overcome the confines of her corset during the scuffle.

'Well, I guess gravity is relevant. However I doubt that any man would really mind.' Lee-Marie hid her chuckle

Sevenita followed their gaze, looked down and attempted to right herself. Her other two companions grinned.

"Sevenita, I think you should put on the extra pair of lycra pants that I have in my pack and borrow Lee-Marie's coat when we get into town, you are a sight." Kes said as she looked down at Reverend Wildes.
"I think that he believes that you are the Beatific Vision."

"What does that mean?"

"When he gets up, you can ask him to explain it to you. Kes, take his horse and take him to Voyager City, Sevenita and I will be all right going to Defiant City."

"Yes, that is as it should be. I feel the Gunslinger calling to me."

They mounted their respective horses. Their horses in turn, understanding the stamina and force of their mistresses, reared and neighed showing their pride before the women rode off into the sunset.