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Paydirt Scandal Expands To Banker And Schoolmarm

Paydirt Scandal Expands to Banker and Schoolmarm! (GI)
Terry — 12 Oct 1998, 12:04 AM


An Exclusive Story
by Ace Reporter Jason Canuck
Voyager City Chronicle

[Prospector Terry Miles with most of his 'widows']
Prospector Terry Miles with most of his 'widows'

Mr. "Cue" Balle today announced startling new revelations in the Paydirt scandal. Mr. Balle is the recently appointed special prosecutor assigned to investigate the rapidly expanding scandal. He held his first press conference at the courthouse in Voyager City to announce several new developments implicating prominent Voyager City citizens.

The above photo was released to the press as a major new piece of evidence. Its differences from the other photo previously leaked to the press is quite striking.

One woman in the photo, a Miss Julie Lang, has been named by Prosecutor Balle as an unindicted co-conspirator in the as yet specified conspiracy. Miss Julie, the manager of the Empire Bank, was contacted by this reporter but declined to comment.

Another woman in the photo has been identified as Miss Ruthie Tripp Gulch, the local schoolmarm. Mr. Balle confirmed that Miss Ruth is cooperating fully with the investigation. When contacted, Miss Gulch stated that she was a close personal friend of Miss Paula Lewinsky and that she would fink on as many friends as necessary to get her revenge on Terry do her utmost patriotic duty to see the truth come out and justice done.

More news on Paydirt as we get it.