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I'll Get You Yet, My Pretty [Miss Kathryn]

I'll get you yet, my pretty [Miss Kathryn]
Vickie T. — 12 Sep 1998, 7:21 PM

I just had to shift the scene away from that sponge bath Miss Kathryn was giving Chakotay. It's a good thing Leonie-Marie is still out in the desert!

Kaze Ogla paced back and forth in front of the fireplace shouting angrily to his two younger sons. His older son, Jabin, had gone out hours ago and wasn't back yet. It was just like that boy to take off whenever he was needed around the home spread.

"That...that...that woman has no right to stick her nose into my business. What goes on between me and Nistrum is between the two of us. It doesn't concern her."

"Yeah, Paw, that's right," nodded his two sons.

"Somebody needs to teach her a lesson," offered the youngest son.

"Yeah, her and that boy of hers, too," chimed in the middle son. "And let's not fergit that uppity foreman of hers, either."

Just then, Jabin burst through the front door, looking like he had been caught on the wrong end of a herd of stampeding cattle.

"What the h*ll happened to you?," his father asked.

"It was some chinaman and Frenchy woman friends of that Kes Janeway," Jabin replied. "Them, the dwarf, some other woman riding a damn fine horse, Kes, the Deputy and that pansy opry singing doctor."

"What?," his father roared. "You let a buncha furriners, some wimmin, a dwarf, and a citified pansy kick the snot out of you?"

"It weren't like that, Paw," whined Jabin.

"Aaah, never mind, boy," muttered Kaze. "I got me a plan. Them Janeways and their friends are gonna be mighty sorry they ever tangled with Kaze Ogla. You boys git some sleep. We'll git started tomorrow."