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Sponge Bathing And Murder

RE: Voyager City, A FanFic Round Robin
PegN — 12 Sep 1998, 9:03 PM

Ms. Kathryn tossed and turned in her bed that night. She knew Ogla was not going to let the matter of the Big Coffee River rest and she knew she had to be prepared for what he was planning.

Then there was the matter of the injured man in the bedroom next to hers. It was disconcerting to see such a strong and virile man lying so helpless and vulnerable. He had become delirious with fever earlier, moaning and thrashing as she tried to cool his smooth skin with a sponge bath, pressing the wet cloth to his full lips as her loosened hair trailed across his naked chest.

Voyager City, Part II
PegN — 12 Sep 1998, 9:14 PM

Great Heavens, it was a warm night! She threw back the covers and pulled a robe on over her pink silk nightgown (a gift from her dear Mark just before God called him home)and decided to check in again on the poor ailing foreman even though B'Elanna had relieved her earlier.

As she passed Kessie's room, she noticed that the young girl's bed had not been slept in. Alarm set in. As impetuous as Kessie was, she was no Miss Jenny. She crossed the hall to Tom's room, but it too was unoccupied.

"Doesn't anyone in this house ever sleep?" she wondered in dismay.

Downstairs she heard the front door open and Kessie's voice calling to her. Kathryn ran to the staircase to find Kessie running up the stairs to her accompanied by a young man she had never seen before. Tom and B'Elanna came running in from outside to see what the commotion was all about.

"Ma! Ma!" called Kessie. "Jabin Ogla's been shot in the head and Sevenita's been arrested for his murder!"

RE: Voyager City, Part III
PegN — 13 Sep 1998, 10:27 AM

Miss Kathryn was stunned. Fortunately, she was not one who easily succumbed to the vapors, but she did grab the stair banister for support. Her eyes sought out and met the gray blue gray-blue eyes of her son, Tom. An unfathomable look passed between them.

The young man with Kessie had discreetly taken his leave and headed back to whereever it is he came from.

"Ma," said Tom finally and quietly, but a strange undercurrent to his voice coming through, "I'll ride into town and wake Miss Peggy Lou, the general store proprietress and telegraph operator. I've heard tell of a lawyer back Memphis way who's the best. Then I'll go visit Sevenita, if Sheriff Tuvok will let me."

B'Elanna's eyes narrowed. She had not missed the shared look between mother and son or the odd tone to Tom's voice. What was the strange affect Sevenita had over them? The woman was as cold as Owen Springs which fed into the Big Coffee River. Apparently as deep too.

"I'm coming with you," she declared to Tom.

"B'El," he said putting his hands on her shoulders and looking deeply into her brown eyes. "This doesn't concern you. And besides, your pa needs you."

B'Elanna was not to be put off.

"I'm going with you! Miss Kathryn, I'm sure you'll take good care of Pa. In fact, I think it's time for another sponge bath. Mustn't let him get overheated you know."

Tom was already out the door and B'Elanna raced after him. Miss Kathryn walked towards Chakotay's room as if in a daze leaving Kessie to her own devices.