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The Search

Fire: The Search
Vickie T. — 2 Oct 1998, 9:16 PM

After a bath, a few hours sleep, and a quick breakfast, Miss Kathryn headed out to inventory the damage to the Delta Q. As she stepped out into the middle of the courtyard she saw B'Elanna and Ayala out in the field administering first aid to the horses that had been injured in the fire or in the rush to escape from the barns. She wondered why Tom and Chakotay hadn't returned yet, but was not overly concerned.

Kathryn noticed that B'Elanna looked up and then began to run towards her. At that moment, she became aware of hoofbeats heading up the drive. Turning, she saw Cowgirl Vickie and a few other local ranch hands, leading JTM and the livery horse that Tom had been riding last night. There was no sign, however, of either Tom or Chakotay.

B'Elanna reached Miss Kathryn and the little group of riders as Cowgirl Vickie was saying "...the horses, but no sign of them. We looked around and called for them, but we didn't see or hear anything. We stayed as long as we could, but the men needed sleep and food. We'll head back out after everybody has a chance to eat and get a few hours of sleep."

Miss Kathryn and B'Elanna both replied, "We've already had some food and rest. We'll gather up the Delta Q hands and head for Ice Box Canyon right now."

To be continued (and finished!) tomorrow.