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Kes And Her Gunslinger

Kes and her Gunslinger (part 1)
Eric — 12 Sep 1998, 1:13 PM

(With apologies to Clint Eastwood and Stephen King)

Kes stood in front of her mirror and didn't like what she saw. She was wearing her usual tunic, sensible pixie haircut and shoes. She was ready to walk down to Doc's office and stitch up the occasional cowboy who got into a bar fight and nurse Doc back from a nasty hangover. What is it about drunken HoloDoc's in these western towns? Every western town she and Kathryn traveled to had a drunken Doctor.

She walked over to her closet and peaked at the outfit she had sewed together hidden by her other clothes. Sure it was similer to the one her sister Sevenita had created for herself (also hidden) but really hers was the better one. She had crafted hers out of black leather, the close fitting material showed of her figure and the low hanging gunbelt flowed nicely into the high heeled boots. She ran her fingers down the leather and enjoyed the way it felt, soon, soon she would have the courage to wear it...

But for now she had to go to work. She stopped in for a quick lunch and said hi to Neelix. She had a brief affair with the cook when she was younger (she still wasn't sure why) but dumping his a$$ was the smartest thing she had done, and went out the door.

Kes and her Gunslinger (part 2)
Eric — 12 Sep 1998, 1:16 PM


Chakotay was angry. He could not believe what happened at the horse races. He had been in the lead! He was winning!!! One little look back at his defeated opponents had changed all that. Somehow his foolish horse (it wasn't HIS fault! It NEVER was!) had run right into the fence. Fortunately neither him or his horse were hurt badly. They had a lot of practice at this. But he had lost the race and more importantly he had looked bad in front of Seska (a bar maid from a European country called Bajor, he would have to ask her where that was someday).

The cowboy was so lost in his sad thoughts that he never saw the cliff that he was approaching fast...

And meanwhile....

The local enforcers of the Kazon mafia were NOT pleased. They had lost a lot of money at the horse races. They had bet that Chakotay would crash his horse a lot earlier in the race and they were going to make the whole Voyager ranch PAY. Suddenly the lead Kazon heard a scream!

Meanwhile (these stories DO come together trust me)...

The Gunslinger rode through the canyon, the next down on the path was Delta Quad, he should be there soon. The Feds would pay a lot of money for the Kazon mafia. He looked up when he heard a terrible scream.

Kes heard Chakotay's scream as well (to her credit her first thought wasn't, oh no not again) and went running for the path down to the bottom of the canyon. When she got there she saw Chakotay's broken bleeding body. She pulled him out from under the horse (the horse was fine, Chakotay had broken it's fall). She knew she needed Doc's help on this one. Suddenly she heard a noise.

The lead Kazon smiled, he liked it when the target came to him. Now Kathryn and the Voyager ranch would start to pay! He motioned to his friends and they crept up on the Ocampan girl but Mullah slipped on some loose rock and....

...Kes rolled over and pulled Chakotay's guns, he wouldn't be needed them! She knew you couldn't talk to the Kazon so she let her twin 6 shooters do the talking. Two Kazon went down with her first volley but there were so many of them.

The gunslinger could not beleve what he saw! That Ocampan girl was amazing! The small sexy body moved with the grace of a jungle cat, or at least what he thought one would move like. He vowed when this was over they would get to know each other a lot better, but for now...

...Nystra (the leader of this screw up) was sure he could still pull this ambush off. The Ocampa wench was killing his men but there was no way she could take them all! When suddenly two Kazon next to him exploded in a bloody mess.

The rest happened very quickly.

The Gunslinger approached Kes on wobbly knees she was even better looking up close. And the smoking guns and the dusty face only added to her stunning beauty. What is your name she asked? They call me Eric he answered.

Chakotay groaned in pain....

Kes and her Gunslinger didn't hear him.

Anybody want to take part 3? If not i think this could get very steamy!