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Mi Vida Loca

Mi Vida Loca
PegN — 12 Oct 1998, 9:09 PM

Takes place after the aborted jailbreak of Sevenita (since the frickin' trial hasn't taken place yet).

Hearing the yelling, PegL ran down the street towards the jail, Barty keeping just behind her. Approaching the jail, they kept to the shadows and watched the attempted jail break unfold. Reverend Windes looked wild and they could hear him beg Sevenita to flee with him, then heard Old Mike confessing that he was also an admirer. The sisters looked at each other in surprise then watched as Sevenita, with admirable dignity, declined to flee and stated she would face the trial.

After a bit, the Reverend, much subdued and with a lingering last look at Sevenita, allowed Marshal Tuvok to escort him and his fan club members out of the jail.

"I told you it was a stupid idea," muttered Old Mike as they walked across the street to the Provencal. "I wonder if Bart's playing the pie-anny tonight. I hope not. I can't hear myself think when I have to hide back there."

From the cover of the shadows, they watched the three men cross the street. They could see the others in the Marshal's office, Clare Darrow, Kes Janeway and the scruffy young gunslinger Kes seemed to be so crazy about. Seeing the Marshal and Clare Darrow together, Barty nervously pulled PegL away from the scene.

The excitement over, they walked back to the General Store.

"God, I love this town," laughed Peggy Lou. "What other town in this time period would put up with such goings on? This is more fun than Groom Lake, Nevada on an active night. These people are crazy enough without any outside influences."

While Peggy Lou locked the store's front doors again, Barty walked to the back but came dashing back out front.

"Get back here, Peggy Lou, the telegraph is going crazy." Barty sat and took the coded message while Peggy Lou fairly danced around in agitation. The message was long and Barty was frowning, which didn't help Peggy Lou's fidgiting. After what seemed an eternity, Barty turned to her sister.

"What, what!"

"We got trouble right here in Voyager City. That was our friend, Marie, from Roswell....."