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The Voyager City Hoedown

VC: a hoedown for the dance
D'Alaire — 23 Sep 1998, 2:57 PM

Okay, I admit I wrote this a few nights ago and have been tinkering with it -- but eventually I figured I'd never get all the plot threads in. Yeah right! ; P Anyway, here goes...

Sung to the tune of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"

"The Voyager City Howdown"

The Kazon went out to DQ, they were lookin' for a horse to steal
They were dumb as flies, and wrought full o' lies, but willin' to make a deal.
Now Miss Lee-Marie's staring at the forman's butt, and boy was that butt right hot,
But Miss Kate's got Betsy and his rump and won't shirk to blow you to snot.

I guess you didn't know it, but Max and Maxine's got a house that mews
And best beware not kidnap Har', else Qwai will do Kung Fu
Now Kes has pretty good gumption, boys, but give the Gunslinger room,
He'll pull a trigger not slow, kiss off your soul, than think you'll get her, too.

Tom's and B'El's playing horsey, and they don't think it's sin
To moan and sweat, while the gossips chat, and the race ain't yet begun.

Annie you go and get your gun and Baktag make some joe.
Now Clare's broke loose in VC, now the trial's set to go.
And if she wins, then Seventina's catsuit's a sucess;
In either case, the Reverend's right blessed.

Dick Locarno is on the case and Jab Ogla's to bits blown,
Chestbutting at the Delta Q and sponge baths nice and slow,
and Canuk's in town to write the rags and Peggy Lou's joe's fresh perked,
and Miss Kes in LEATHER's gone again and Miss Vickie's brought red shirts.

When the horserace started, stangers cropped up not to watch the show
And on the trail bros Dar' and Lar' set out the tripwire--Lordy no!

They sang
Down on the track Intrepid won,
Oglas ain't no good, better jump the gun
Neelix poppin' daisies pleeka rind slow
Gonna have a dance like no town know

Miss Lee's looking a treat and takes the Forman on her steed,
And Frenchly dressed B'Elanna made Tom bend to kiss her sweet.
But of course there's trouble a brewin', from knife wielding Templeton,
But life out here's a son of a b*tch, so either hide or get your gun.

They sang
Woman is fickle, says Racine
Dukat's laying plans, Seska poured his drinks,
Marsh is lookin' right fine, don't Clare know,
VC is a place like no town know.