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They'd Been Told To Watch The South Trail...

They'd been told to watch the south trail...
D'Alaire — 15 Sep 1998, 12:43 AM

(Oh, Annie, I'm so sorry I'm ripping off your idea. [slap, slap for me--cringe, I know] But I thought this scene came after, not before, they had their, ahem, hayride -- and it changed everything I'd planned...arrrugh!...So, this is all I think up under those circumstances. I'll make it up later in a post-hayride offering, as soon as I see a gap I can jump into.)

Tom helped B'Elanna down into a crevice between the rocks, where they could see the south trail. Only once they were there did he find the accomodations pleasing. Facing her, they were knee to knee in the "V" of the outcroping. At this vantage point, he decided he had a nice view indeed.

"My, my, Miss B'Elanna," he drawled appraising her, "you look..."

"Dusty?" she replied, tilting her head to peer across at him. Somehow her feet slipped forward, rubbing the inside of her knee against his.

"More along the lines of glorious," he returned.

"Thanks," she replied dourly and cocked her gun.

He cocked his as well, meanwhile sliding his own knee around her very accessable own. He saw her eyes glance away, and he thought quickly. "Hey, have I showed you yet this new belt hook? I can get three lasso ropes on it at the same time. I got it at the Big City when I was there for the fair, and you should have seen all the--"

"Let's watch the trail now, okay?" she said quickly, turning southward, pistol first. "We told your mama and my daddy we'd watch for the Ogla, and you know how...Besty...your mama can be when we're foolin' around at a time like this."

"Mama? What about your Daddy? Ain't you afraid he's spying?"

Her eyes were still pointed out on the trail. "Oh, he's not watching."

Tom slid his knee around B'Elanna's again, and grinned when she, seemingly under the pretense of getting more comfortable on the rocks, maneuvered his knee under her riding skirt. With that little move of hers, Tom had to ask, "Why not?"

She sighed a little, and looked back to Tom. "I don't know."

Tom scooted himself down a little, effectively trapping his own knee well between her own as he himself looked out on the range. "I think I could give your daddy a reason to spy on us, Miss B'Elanna, if that's all right with you."

To that--not to mention the feeling of his chaps on her inner thigh--she grinned. "You seem pretty eager to vex and annoy my daddy," she said suggestively.

"Yes, I am," he said, smiling broadly. Without looking at her again, he pulled back his boot and spun her spur with his own.

Just then, a small rumble was heard on the trail, and Tom pointed with his gun at a puff of smoke in the distance. They looked at each other, eyes wide and knowing.

"The Olga boys," they said in unison.

They jumped from the rock together, too, only to land on the dirt in a heap of tangled legs and spurs.