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Filler pt 1
Leonie — 5 Oct 1998, 7:37 AM

"She's going to do what?" Lee-Marie turned and looked at Chakotay.

The two of them were sitting on incline on the plain of the North pasture just before dawn. Lee-Marie was in front of Chakotay, sitting in between his legs. His arms and body encircled her, keeping her warm. The mornings were always a mite bit chilly

Chakotay was the one who suggested that they watch the sunrise at least once a week, if they were able to. It was one of the activities which they both enjoyed a lot, and used to do separately when they were not courting. Now that they were, it only made sense to do it together.

Sometimes during the week, there was no time to be together. At the end of the day, they were just too exhausted to be with each other. They just climbed into bed and promptly fell asleep. They would go out once on the weekend, but by and large, it seemed at times that they were two horses passing each other in the day. This was their time, when they could talk about all the going ons in the Ranch and in the City, and more importantly, the going ons between themselves.

Lee-Marie treasured it for another reason. Miss Kathryn was no where in the vicinity and would not interrupt things. Recently, she was beginning to get "concerned" about the closeness of her employer and her beau.

"You heard me, a cattle drive. Sex weeks of driving the herd through the Northwest Passage to Federation City to sell them."

Lee turned again and Chakotay held her tightly again. His voice rumbled in his chest as he spoke. She always liked the way that it sounded and it felt when she was in his arms. Very comforting.

"Why doesn't she just use the rail?"

"Lee, the Ranch is in serious financial straights"

Lee was silent for while. "I suspected as much. I'm sure the fire did not help matters."

"We can't afford it." The term we was not lost on Lee, she ignored it though.

"When do we leave?"

"In a couple of days, a week maybe."

"I guess we have a lot of work to then." Inwardly Lee-Marie groaned. She was just getting accustomed to the relative quiet of the Delta Q in the past month after Sevenita's trial. Now this.

"The first thing I want to do is hire a Trailboss. I was thinking of Miss Mary Whippen from Hollywood California."

Lee whipped around "Mary Whippen!?! THE BOSS, and Miss Kathryn!?! she asked incredulously. "Chakotay, you see these clouds." He could barely make out where she was pointing. "That's a message from the Angels Tribe. They're saying that even they are afraid thread to Federation City with Miss Kathryn and Miss Whippen.

They shared a chuckle. "She is a bit ornery."

"Ornery!?!" Lee-Marie exclaimed, "Sweetie, even I wouldn't cross her!!!!" She turned around quickly.

Chakotay sighed. "If Miss Kathryn agrees to this we'll have sex weeks of the two of them butting heads together."

Lee-Marie sounded puzzled as she said " Sex weeks!?! That can't be what was printed in the Voyager City guide Almanac"

Chakotay smiled as he pulled her down on the blanket and held her close

"It said sex weeks."

"Who am I to argue with the smart a$$ who wrote the guide" Lee said softly as her lips found his.

The sun rose without them.