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A Voice In The Wilderness

A Voice In The Wilderness
Ginny — 24 Sep 1998, 8:32 AM

There was a brief silence, and Kathryn announced, "I need some coffee." She reached for the silver coffee pot and poured herself a cup of the steaming, aromatic beverage. She took a sip and, mentally fortified, inquired, "Well, how bad is it? Who have you lied to?"

Senator Paris considered the question and answered slowly, "A group of reporters..."

Kathryn looked relieved and took another sip of coffee. "Well now, that's not really so bad."

The Senator continued. "Most of my consituency..."

Kathryn looked pained and took another sip of coffee. "Hmmm, that's not particularly good, but hardly unusual."

"And a congressional subcommittee."

Kathryn's cup stopped halfway to her mouth. "That could be a problem."

Senator Paris nodded vigorously. "They're even talking impeachment, Kate. Can you believe it?"

Kathryn sighed and shook her head. "For having sex with an intern, no. For lying to Congress, maybe."

Senator Paris grimaced and said, "Uh, we didn't actually 'have sex', Kate. She..."

Kathryn, looking completely appalled, threw up her hand to stop him. "I don't want to know." The Senator blushed and stared down at his hands. Kathryn pressed her lips together and a small frown appeared between her brows. "But you still haven't answered my original question, Owen. Why are you here?"

Senator Paris raised his head and looked soulfully and sincerely into Kathryn's eyes. Red alert, she thought. I know that look.

"Kate, Marayna's response to this whole matter has brought home to me how important family loyalties can be in times of trouble, how much I have fallen short as a parent and a husband..."

Kathryn interrupted. "How effective a tearful reunion between a father and long-lost son would be at diverting media attention and tugging at the citizenry's heart strings." When the Senator shrugged and dipped his head in acknowledgement, Kathryn made a disgusted sound in her throat. "I need more coffee."

To be continued in A Method To His Madness