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Further Information Comes To Light On The 'Paydirt' Scandal!

I agree. Thumbs up, Terry! Here's one to add... (GI)
Jules — 11 Oct 1998, 11:30 AM

Not artwork at the moment though, just a little fooling around...


An Exclusive Story
by Ace Reporter Jason Canuck
Voyager City Chronicle

[Prospector Terry Miles with some of his 'widows']
Prospector Terry Miles with some of his 'widows'

Further to our previous speculation that reports of notorious legendary gold prospector Terry Miles's death were premature, not to say entirely false, the following new information has come to our attention.

A photographic plate discovered on the premises of Voyager City's photographic expert, Dr Peter Morf, has led to Marshal Marshall V Tuvok issuing a warrant for Mr Miles's arrest. The photograph, which Dr Morf denies having taken and which he claims to be unable to explain the existence of, clearly shows Mr Miles and a number of the 'ladies' from Madame Maxine's establishment enjoying a picnic in Icebox Canyon with the waters of the Little Coffee in spring flood behind them.

As the Little Coffee was still frozen at the time of his alleged death, this new development has led to growing suspicions that Mr Miles may have faked his own death for reasons as yet to be discovered.

Ms Clare Darrow, representing the ladies in the photograph - who along with seven other of their colleagues recently won their misrepresentation suit against the Assay Office over the passing of title of Miles's Quarterstaff Mine and received a large sum in compensation - commented: "This photograph was clearly taken last spring, not this. My clients have not been in the vicinity of Icebox Canyon since Mr Miles's tragic demise."

Upon being informed that one of her clients, Ms Paula Lewinsky, only took up residence with Madame Maxine last July, Ms Darrow stated that she had no further comment to make at this time.

But the fact remains that this photograph clearly shows Mr Miles alive and well some weeks after the tearful and well attended funeral held for him in Voyager City. Marshall Tuvok dismissed reports that Mr Miles's grave was disinterred last Wednesday and found to be empty, but he did confirm that the hunt is now on to run this well loved eccentric of Voyager City to ground. It is thought that a small reward for his capture - dead or alive - is likely to be announced shortly.

More news as we get it.