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There Was Indeed Not Time To Lose...

There was indeed not time to lose....
Leonie — 11 Sep 1998, 4:24 PM

Kes looked at the riders gallop off in the distance and she knew that Chakotay would soon be back. She didn't have the time to attend to his wounds if he injured himself on the way as he was riding. She knew that it would be superficial wounds anyway. It was his steed that they would have to worry about. Well B'Elanna would take of her. She always did.

Turning to Lee-Marie, she said. "We should hurry."

"I left my bags in the front room when I heard the Marshall call for Miss Kathryn. It'll be safe there, let's go to the village and get the doctor."

"Right, I'll take Boston-Rick and you can take JTM, he's a spirited one for his age, but he can be dependable when need be. He'll get you there, even thought he doesn't know you."

"Good enough"

The two women straddled their horses quickly.

"I certainly hope that Ms Kathryn is able to hold off Kaze Ogla. The Big Coffee river belongs to everyone in these here parts." Lee-Marie mused as she mounted JTM.

Kes was getting on Boston-Rick. "Have you ever seen Miss Kathryn wield a gun."


"Let's just say that Kaze Ogla better pray that when this is over, when this is over, his remains don't end up polluting the river."

They made good time into town. Lee-Marie found that JTM had his quirks, but once she held tightly on the reigns, he knew when to fall back into line. He was indeed a good steed. She enjoyed the trip into town and vowed to ride him more often.

"What's all the commotion about?" Deputy Marshall Neelix came out of the station as he heard Lee-Marie and Kes come into the town, their steed's hoof beats coming up fast.

"Miss Kathryn has gone to stop Kaze Ogla. We've come to get the Doc. I'm sure that he's going to be needed."

"Would you two mind keeping it down, I'm trying to practice my singing in here!!!"

A tall man with a sour expression on his face came out of the Doctor's Office into the middle of the dusty road.

Kes and Lee-Marie dismounted. "Doctor this is Lee-Marie, she was just newly hired at our ranch." Lee-Marie nodded to him as Kes continued. 'We are going to have trouble, Ma has gone to stop Kazle Ogla we are going to need your help."

"Well of course you are. Miss Kathryn always does this, makes a mess with her guns and I have to clean it up!! Sometimes I wonder......"

"Um can we save this, we have to get to Miss Kathryn and the others."

"I was just pointing out...."

"Save it crome-dome. You're needed. Saddle up and let's go." Lee-Marie was already back on JTM.

"WELL!!" The Doctor charged, but he went to his horse and quickly complied. She was right, his services would be needed.

Kes only smiled as she got on her horse. She had a feeling that Lee-Marie was going to ruffle a lot of feathers in the Ranch. She also had a feeling that was part of the reason Ma hired her. She liked those kind of people.

They made their way to the river.

(I hope I didn't offend. If I did I will correct it later.)