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The Race

Voyager City: The Race
Vickie T. — 11 Sep 1998, 8:10 AM

Before I start the story, let me answer a question and add a clarifying note. Regarding what kind of story I'm expecting (D'Alaire's question), I have no expectations other than that you all will come up with some wonderfully entertaining vignettes. Hey, let the spirit move you in whatever direction it wants to go. Also, it was my thought that anyone could start their own story line, or, if you are inspired by the story started by someone else, just pick up where they left off and run with it. As it happens, the paragraphs that I have ready to post this morning dovetail almost exactly with those Maureen already posted, which I find a little scary, to tell you the truth. What was that crack (D'Alaire?) made about The Stepford Wives? So, here's my first contribution:

"So, which horse are you planning to enter in the big race?"

B'Elanna, standing over the cook stove preparing breakfast for her father and herself, looked up. "Actually, I'm thinking about entering two horses. The bay colt is fast, but the chestnut filly is quick and she has a lot of heart. Tom and I both think it's a good idea to run them together."

"Tom?," Chakotay asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, he is the best rider on the DeltaQ and I'm the best trainer. It makes sense that we should work together preparing the horses for the big race."

"Mmmmm," her father replied, noncommitally. "I'll be away most of the day, B'Ellana. I promised Miss Kathryn that I'd take a look at the north meadow pasture today."

When he stood to leave, Chakotay put his hands on B'Elanna's shoulders and looked seriously into her eyes. "You be careful."

She replied, "Oh, father, you know I'm the best horse trainer in the territory. You don't have anything to worry about."

He sighed and turned to the door. "I'm not worried about the horses," he said, as he headed toward the barn.

Please, anyone, feel free to add on from this point.