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The Trial Of The Century

VC : The Trial of the Century (Part 10-A) The Wrath of Windes!!
Eric — 9 Oct 1998, 12:00 PM

The Wrath of Windes

(All right you whiners!! This is IT! The last of the preliminary stuff will DEFINETLY be finished in this segment. (sigh) JMS was never rushed like this...)

The Coffee Nebula Old Folks Home

Old Mike took a long drink of water and sighed sadly. "Breaking into the Jail like that was my worst day. But I had to do it. Rev. Windes was a madman that day. I don't blame him for it though. We were all very stressed with what was happening, and as it turned out it was all for the best, since Sevenita taught us all a lesson in bravery."

Sandrine's Saloon

Emony Dax, middle daughter of the VERY long Dax line, gave Worf a dark look as he stood up to leave. "Worf, I finally got you to go out with me and your going to take off now? We just got here". Worf looked embarrassed, "I just need to find a outhouse, nature call". Emony looked suspicious, "It's to soon isn't it. Your still getting over Jadzia". Worf took a deep breath "I do not want to talk about that Emony, but when I return we must talk about our future". The he headed for the back door.

In the alley Worf noticed the Men's outhouse was full, although at least there wasn't a huge line like the Ladies outhouse had. Sandrine really should add more facilities he thought to himself as he settled in to wait. But then he heard singing!! With a growing sense of horror he realized in was that barfly MORN! He could be in their all night! Not to mention stink up the place something fierce. "It is NOT a good night to die!", he vowed as he ran behind the dumpster to do his business there. He saw a poster for the fifth Kirk play "The Final Frontier" and decided this was a good place as any and unzipped, he hated that scene with the purple horses anyway. He had started to whistle when he heard a voice muttering to itself. He finished and pulled his knife. It was coming from the end of the alleyway. The voice was laughing now. He could see a dark shape at the end of the alleyway, it looked like a pile of rags and leather, he could just make out a patch of gray skin and greasy hair. In fact it looked like...


At his voice the figure looked up and screamed "NO, my revenge will NOT be denied again!!" and with that the figure wrenched open the gate at the end of the alleyway and ran into the night. Worf wanted to run after the figure but was lost in memories that had been suppressed for to long. "Jadzia". And then, "Dukat". Emony would have to wait a little longer, he had to find Marshall Tuvok, but first he had to find his Bat'Leth.

The Sheriff's Office : 8:30

"Hurry Sevenita! You must come with me NOW!", roared Rev. Windes. He, Big Jim, and Old Mike were holding guns on the Boston Kid, the Lawyer in Maroon Claire, Kes and Marshall Tuvok. Sevenita stood up and approached Windes and put her gloved hand on his chest. "You are of the Borg Indian fan club. Your designation is Repoman". Windes had trouble breathing. "Yes!", tears were rolling down his face, "I have wanted to be a Borg Indian since I first saw you!" Marshall Tuvok's eyebrow was up so high at this statement that Kes was concerned that it would float away. She didn't blame him, who would want to be a part of the Borg Indian Tribe, willingly?

"Please, Seveinta, we have to hurry!! The Fan Club has your horse Cube waiting outside. We will be long gone before Tuvok can raise a posse to find us" Sevinita gave the Reverend one of her very rare shy smiles then it disappeared under her usual icy Borg Indian composer put her hands under her breasts (causing the good Reverend and every other male in the room to hyperventilate) and said "I will NOT comply" and sat down in her chair. "But...but, but", stammered the Reverend, this was not going to plan.

VC : The Trial of the Century (Part 10-B) The Wrath of Windes!!
Eric — 9 Oct 1998, 12:07 PM

"I will remain here in Voyager City and clear my name", "I did not kill Jabin Olgla, it would have been Irrelevant to kill him. His Tribe is weak and inefficient through it's individuality. Their resistance is futile." Sevenita looked at the Reverend and in a somewhat kinder voice said "Return tomorrow for the Trial and when it is done you will be assimilated if you still desire it" The Reverend's heart almost stopped with joy!! Finally!!! His dream to be with Sevenita forever in wonderful assimilated bliss!!

Tuvok walked over to the three men. "Reverend Windes, I know why you are here, and Jimbo I know that you are also a member of this group, but why are you here Old Mike?" Old Mike looked like he had had to many lemons as he dropped his weapon and his eyes filled with tears.

"I've been living a LIE!!!" he wailed as he put his head in his hands and strted to cry great gasping sobs. "All my life I have pretended to like older more mature woman when all I wanted was a lusty Borg Babe with big implants!! That's why I have secretly been a member of the Borg Indian fan club!! Eric grinned, as he told Kes he knew it all along. Marshall Tuvok let out a very un - Vulcan sigh.

I suggest you three leave here now before I chose to throw you in the Brig (Tuvok still preferred the term Brig ever since his Starfleet Navy days). The Borg Indian fan club hastily beat a retreat. Old Mike pausing long enough to take a last loving look at Sevinita.

"The rest of us should get some rest, it will be a long day tomorrow. Sevenita , I will return you to your cell. Claire if you want to return early tomorrow that is fine." Then he escorted everyone out of the building.

Voyager City Courthouse : Midnight

The building was dark, it had a expect air about it, almost as if it knew of the chaos that was about to unfold in it's sacred walls tomorrow. The paintings in the long main hallway looked down in displeasure at the dark figure that was running through the hallways.

Dukat knew he was quite mad now. He took comfort in it perhaps, this way he would not have to face the death of Seska. That Bajoran fool! Why did she have to go to the Delta Q alone! Well no matter, he would make everything better. Or rather the dynamite he was wiring up would. It was almost to easy to break into the court house. With the death of Deputy Neelix Marshall Tuvok was understaffed and the volunteers he had hired did not have the training of a full time lawman. He set the last charge in place and wired it to his detonator. All to easy.

Worf finished his warriors chant. And gripped his Bat'Leth. The Trial, he KNEW that was his answer. That is where Dukat would be. It is the only reason that snake would return here now of all times. He would be ready and then Jadzia could finally enter Sto-vo-kor.