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The First Time

The First Time
Leonie — 28 Sep 1998, 6:41 AM

The First Time: Leonie

Having made the decision, Chakotay covered the distance between his house and the main house in quick strides. His face had a determined look about him. He did not slow down, did not notice anything on his way there. The moon was high and full. The air seemed thick and pregnant with the rain that had been promised.

He entered the house and went straight up stairs to her room. She was at the dresser. She hid an object quickly in the draw at the sound of the door opening.


"I Love you. I have from the first moment that I saw you and I know that you love me. But this has got to stop. I will not be caught between two women any longer. I have made my choice. Either we continue this relationship or I leave the Delta Q. I will not work with someone who loves me but is too jealous of someone else to carry on a proper relationship."

His voice was quiet. It was unusual for him. If he was this determined about things, he would be in a shout. But he wasn't and this underscored the conviction that he had. She knew that it would be now or never. She walked up to him slowly and said


Her voice was soft and full of promise, and her lips only a breath away. He pressed his lips to them, the gentleness of that act surprised her, he had not expected it. She responded. A fire was set off in her and it spread throughout her body and she shared it with him. She tasted him, his maleness, life and essence. They explored each other in that kiss.

After a long time, Chakotay pulled away from her and said,

"Are you sure?"

"Yes" It had been a long time since she was so sure of her feelings as she was during this time.

He began to unfasten her dress and she, his shirt. Their eyes never left each other. When he only had his boots left, she bent down and pulled them off in one swift movement and they fell back on the bed.

She was surprised that he could be so gentle. With all the things that they had been through in the past months, she thought that he would not be, but he was. Still there was a roughness to his lovemaking that excited her and spurred her on. She received him and gave of herself. Their passion rose and in its crest he called out her name;


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