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Private Moments

Private Moments pt 1
Leonie — 24 Sep 1998, 6:48 AM

"Mr. Chakotay?"

He was standing on the edge of the dance floor waiting for her. He smiled when he saw her coming.

*One more smile like that mister and you're going to have to carry me out of here!!! Hmmm, might not be such a bad idea*

"Please, Miss Lee call me Chakotay."

She smiled with pleasure.

"It's Lee, Chakotay." She knew it was way too soon according to what was proper, but she had just left Lady Jadzia with Mr. Magnum. No one would hold her to it.

"Walk with me?" He crooked his arm and his smile got wider.

"Of course"

Private Moments pt 2
Leonie — 5 Oct 1998, 7:06 AM

"Did I tell you how stunning you look" Chakotay said to Lee-Marie as they walked along to Pinnacle Buff.

"Three times tonight, but you can tell me again." Lee-Marie had her hand in the crook of his arm. "And this time with a little more flair." she said with a wry grin.

Suddenly he spun her around to face him and began to say to her on bended knee

"Oh fair Lady, how beautiful are your eyes, and your hair.
Your dress is exquisite, your eye for fashion is truly unsurpassed.
Your face, a vision.
When your picture is taken as the Queen, it will be kept in the City Records
Men for ages to come will be stunned by your magnificent beauty and stunning sexuality."

"Oh my prince so fair,
What a Load of Bull, so rank
Please tell me that you didn't make that up and read it somewhere,
Especially that last line."

Lee-Marie looked deeply into his eyes and the look on her face was so serious that he thought that she was really upset. He frowned and then Lee-Marie burst out laughing. He joined her.

She said through her laughter,

"I said a with a little more flair. Not this much. These aren't the right boots for that much flair"

Lee stuck her foot out to show him and almost tripped. Chakotay caught her and helped her straighten up, putting his hand behind her back. When she regained her footing though, he didn't remove his hand. They began to walk again, still giggling as they did so.

"Well so much for flair" Lee-Marie said and then stopped. They had reached the look out point. They made their way to the bench which had been fashioned out of a plank on two tree stumps and sat close to one another. Chakotay put his arm around Lee and she snuggled closer to him, resting her head on his shoulder.

*Damn he feels good. It's been a while*

"But seriously Lee, you look lovely." His voice rumbled in his chest. It made for very soothing vibrations.

"Thanks, again. It's been a long while since I got gussied up."

"You should do it more often."

Lee-Marie raised her head and turned so that she could face Chakotay. She didn't break the embrace though, and his arm still formed a protective crook around her back.

"Chakotay, I'm a Ranch hand, not a Lady." *At least not any more* "Gussying up is irrelevant." She mimicked Sevenita's Borg accent. He chuckled at that and then became serious.

"Why did you chose such a unconventional life"

Lee looked down at the ground. It was now her turn to be lost in memories

Private Moments pt 3
Leonie — 5 Oct 1998, 7:09 AM

"I've always loved horses, I'm fascinated by them. I also liked working with my hands. My mother tried to get me interested in tatting, but I hated it. I liked building things. She used to get so upset when I would go down to the tool shed of our ranch and play with the wood ends, pretending as if I was building something. And I like guns, preferably big guns and knives, preferably small sharp ones."

Lee-Marie grinned remembering Ole Joe tied to her foot. *It's a good thing that I didn't raise that leg to show him*

"Youch" Chakotay replied with a mock look of horror on his face, "I'm scared of you"

"As well you should be" Lee-Marie retorted and then chuckled.

"I even convince Mama to let me in on some special science courses they were teaching at the school house for boys only. Mama had to pull a lot of strings and Daddy didn't like it, but in the end I went."

"So who taught you how to wield a gun like you do?"

"Ranch hand we had, Mickie-C" Lee fought to keep the emotion out of her voice. "He taught me to ride, to shoot and to build. He was also very good with his hands. He was also good in coming up with ideas for improvements around the Ranch. I learnt everything I know from him."

"You had? Your family owned the Ranch?"


"Oh I bet your parents must have loved the fact that their daughter was riding, shooting, building and wielding small sharp knives, did you say?"

Lee gave a short laugh

"Oh they loved it all right. When they found out that I had all of these capabilities, they were a mite bit upset. But I was stubborn and decided that Ranching was what I wanted to do. I ended up leaving home because I knew I couldn't do it there. Normally, I always get what I want.

Chakotay leaned closer towards her and their lips were so close that Lee could feel his breath. He gave a small smile. Her heart jumped. *Those dimples will be the death of me, I swear!!!! And those lips, d@mn they look good*

"Always" he said and closed the gap between them.

"Normally", Lee managed to get our before his lips descended on hers.

They brushed by gently and then made contact, almost hesitantly at first and then with a purpose behind them. He broke away and looked at her. Lee smiled and then sought his lips out again, kissing him, giving him permission to continue. They did, lips parted and tongues explored. Chakotay pulled Lee-Marie closer to him and continued in earnest. Lee felt as though she was drowning in him. The last rational thought that she had before she lost herself in the taste of him was,

*Hot D@mn, they taste even better than they look*


Some time after wards, their lips parted. Lee-Marie's eyes opened and her brain registered a flickering light. She turned and gave a yelp.

"Chakotay, look over there"