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Kes And Her Gunslinger : A Meeting With Sevenita

VC: Kes and her Gunslinger : A meeting with Sevenita (part4)
Eric — 22 Sep 1998, 9:32 PM

(Ok, this is the last part before Ginny's and my epoch THE SEVINITA MURDER TRIAL. That's right, no more teasing, no more empty promises, the trial begins next!)

The Gunslinger knew something was going wrong. He was being whisked outside by the City Woman, Claire. He wasn't sure why his brain was working so slow. Usually his brain was lightening quick. Kes frowned, "You really don't know?", "It's Sevenita, she has the affect on ALL the men in town!".

"What? I didn't say that out loud!". Kes grinned, "It's a Ocampa ability, it can come in handy every now and then" . Kes was running her hands down his body as her mind went running through his thoughts showing him things .

"I could really learn to like this", he squeaked.

But, I just remembered, I wanted to ask Sevenita about the night Jabin was killed! That Claire woman escorted us out to fast! "Don't worry", Kes handed him a paper manuscript, "Tuvok gave me this, he said it's the least he could do since we got him Neelix's notebook". This is great! It's a manuscipt of Seven's interrogation. With this we can use what Doc told us about her blood and begin to put together a good defense.

"Why are you doing this Eric?", asked Kes. Why are you helping us? Well, I came here looking for work, the Gunslinger joked. Kes looked at him her eyes pinning him to a serious answer. "Well, I reckon because it's important to YOU". Kes smiled. "Let's go back to the Delta Q ranch and have a look at the manuscript. It was a special moment that should never have been interrupted by the likes of...

"The CHOSEN ONE!". Yes my pretty, at least one of them. You there! Both of you! The figure approaching them was a strange apparition indeed. She was a gypsy woman in a strange dress, clanking with jewlery and smelling of strange herbs. She was joined by a strange gimpy man and a effeminate young man in..... jungle clothing??? I am Madame D'Alaireux, this is Gimpy Baktag and Tim of the Jungle. We are here to find the two Chosen Ones, we have just found our first she said pointing a finger at Kes!

Kes and Eric looked at each other, then at D'Alaireux, then at each other and said, "Right". And started to untie their horses. Sorry Ms. D'Alaireux, said Eric. We are way to busy, then he whispered to D'Alaireux "And I think I'm going to be VERY busy tonight. D'Alaireux saw Kes grin as she said "But I think we would be rude if we didn't invite you to the ranch to find out about this chosen thing". She lauged out loud at Eric's hurt expression.

So the little group traveled to the Delta Q ranch. It was a interesting building thought Eric as he saw it for the first time. A circular family building joined by a long stable with to outlying storage sheds growing off the long stable. He smiled he could almost see the two sheds stretching out and flapping like giant wings as the whole Delta Q took off for parts unknown.

Then the most fierce looking woman Eric had ever seen came storming out of the building. "Kes", she seemed to hiss like a poisonous snake as her thin lips bit together, "Where have you been?", hissed the serpent woman.

"Aahhhhhh", "ahhh", stammered Eric as he struggled to say something.

"Hi mom!", chirped Kes seemingly unaffected by the hideous crone approaching.

"All is proceeding as I have foreseen", nodded D'Alaireux.

Things were really starting to move to fast thought Eric.