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Making An Entrance

Making an entrance
Leonie — 24 Sep 1998, 6:32 AM

The noise had dimmed sufficiently when Lee-Marie and Chakotay arrived at the dance. She didn't know that it was for the second time that night as Tom Janeway and B'Elanna Torres had made their entrance before them. Lee-Marie's smile was dazzling. As her mama had taught her, no one could see how much she was enjoying their reaction to her entrance. Her trained ear caught their murmurs

"Who is that?"

"I don't recognize that woman."

"Miss who!?!"

"You mean she's a woman?"

"Where did she get that dress?"

The normal questions from the women who were barely veiling their jealous eyes. Some came right out and snared at her. To those, Lee-Marie gave one of the most malicious and triumphant looks that she could muster. Miss Jenny and Miss Susan slinked off as soon as they caught it. The men who were already drunk by this time came swaggering up to "pay their respects" to her. One glare from Mr. Chakotay and the memory of how he had almost mopped the square with Tom Janeway made them settle for a simple "Evenin' Ma'am, Mr. Chakotay" and an elevation of the hats.

Lee-Marie was still giddy from what had happened on their ride over to the dance. It had given her a lot to think about. It was a good beginning. A very good beginning. She sighed. If she could only lose herself in Mr. Chakotay's arms and forget, it would all be worthwhile. Just for once. It had been so long since she had been in this type of setting. It was hard to forget and enjoy the dance with what needed to be done. When the introductions and the necessary conversations were over, Chakotay turned to her and asked

"Dance with me Miss Lee."

"It would be my pleasure."

It certainly was. Mr. Chakotay held a little more closer than was proper for a gentleman to hold a lady, but she didn't mind. He led and she followed, it was easy to do when he held her that firmly. The music was intoxicating and as they moved,

one ....two....three


Lee-Marie concentrated on touch. Connection. His arm on hers, his hand on her back. They told her where he wanted them to go. She let go of the act of concentration, and after a while, it flowed naturally. She read the nuances in his touch and responded

one....two ....three


Soon it wasn't a conscious act any more, it was an automatic response. The touch began to communicate. Heat, life, maleness and promise. Sweet and sensual. The touch took on a life of its own, began to shift and stroke. It pulled closer and Lee-Marie felt the heat rise. She opened her eyes and she saw that his was piercing her. He gave a slow smile.

Lee-Marie felt her knees go week. *D@mn this man* The electricity between them was raw and Lee-Marie imagined she could hear a crackle of lightning between them.