The Coffee Nebula Board is for the discussion of Star Trek: Voyager and other sci-fi/cult shows. This is its Archive of episode discussions, top ten lists, fan fiction, and other miscellaneous musings.


Recent Updates

19 Jan 2003

  • The Other Musicals have been added to the Songs section of the Fan Fiction Archive.

08 Jan 2003

  • Terry's Torres, The Klingon Of Voyager has been found and has been added to the Prose section of the Fan Fiction Archive.
  • Voyager Episode Themes for episodes in the first three seasons of the show have been added to the Songs section of the Fan Fiction Archive.

02 Jan 2003

  • Terry's Fan Fiction Archive has now been added to this archive. The Prose and Verse sections are pretty much complete (there are a couple of stories which need to be replaced by updated versions, and one which has gone AWOL). The Songs section is still incomplete.
  • Voyager City has also been added. I took the opportunity to do a little updating, so a couple of later stories have been added to the timeline, a few more horses have been added to the list of animals (who knew Sevenita had so many?), and the Compleat Voyager City files now contain all stories.

24 Nov 2002

03 Nov 2002

  • A whole batch of Enterprise discussion threads have been added to the archive, up to and including the first four episodes of Season Two. Yes, I'm updating again. :-)
  • I'm currently working on organising the Fanfic Archive files to add them to the archive, so expect an update with the first batch of them soon. Voyager City will follow.

26 Apr 2002

  • I haven't always bothered to note the update... but over the past six weeks or so I've been gradually moving over batches of the Voyager Top Ten Lists. As of today, all Top Ten Lists are now available at this archive, including one or two that I had stashed away in my mailbox from the Psi Phi days that Mac didn't have. Right now that's 238 lists. Anyone want to post some more?

04 Mar 2002

27 Feb 2002

26 Feb 2002

  • All Top Ten Lists to the end of 1997 have now been moved across from the old archive. Well, unless anyone has any old lists from the Psi Phi days tucked away in a corner of their hard disk which aren't included here, in which case you know where to find me!
  • New top ten lists added for Maine, the New York Metro Area and Sydney added.

24 Feb 2002

  • Voyager season five episodes from Night to Juggernaut have been moved across from the old archive. I'm currently working on getting the other episode threads reformatted, and the rest of season five should be up shortly.