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Torres, The Klingon Of Voyager

What if TPTB hired Billy Shakespeare?

I heard some of yous guys like this Shakespeare fellow. Think he's hot stuff when it comes to writing a good story. Well, suppose he was hired by TPTB to replace Voyager's entire writing staff. What would be the result?

Well, of course, the DS9 fans would claim Billy's best scripts are stolen from DS9's top writer, Frankie Bacon. Others that the Shakespeare name is just a pseudonym covering up that those scripts are actually being written by JMS and a consortium of DS9 writers. Obviously, no one man can write scripts for a full season of television, not even for Voyager.

But the question that I pose to you is:

"What kind of Voyager episodes would Billy Shakespeare write?"

Here's one idea. (Maybe some of you have other ideas that you might contribute.) Billy rewrites Othello as Torres. He first thought of using Chakotay, Janeway, and Seska in place of Othello, Desdemona, and Iago but later reconsidered in favor of Torres, Paris, and Carey. Strong stomachs may be required.

With this post, I believe that I can finally stake a legimate claim to being most overly Voyager-obsessed inhabitant of the Coffee Nebula. Well, this idea occurred to me a few days ago. So after the usual gift-opening and carol-singing was over and I went back home, I decided to present this, my Christmas gift to you. Lucky you.

Torres, the Klingon of Voyager
by William Shakespeare?

Shakespeare adapts Othello for Star Trek: Voyager.

Duke of Venice Captain Janeway Voyager's captain.
Brabantio Chakotay High-ranking ship's officer and self-appointed protector of Paris.
Ludovico Tuvok Torres' superior officer. Passes along commands from Janeway to the engineers.
Othello B'Elanna Torres Dark, alien Chief Engineer. She has an intense and violent nature. She loves Paris passionately but feels undeserving of his love and mistrusts his expressed belief in her beauty. An extremely capable engineer but resented by many of the Starfleet engineers both for being Maquis and for being half-Klingon.
Desdemona Tom Paris Fair, beautiful human lover of Torres. For a long time, he hide his romantic attraction to Torres and acted like a pig to her. Loyal and loving to Torres and friendly to everyone, including Seven.
Cassio Seven of Nine Fair, beautiful human engineer. Promoted over Carey to the #2 spot in Engineering.
Iago Joe Carey Torres' right-hand man in Engineering. Passed over by Torres for the #2 spot in Engineering. Hides his bitter hatred for Torres behind the facade of a faithful assistant.
Emilia Harry Kim Close friend of both Paris and Carey. Honest but gullible.
Roderigo Megan Delaney Carey's friend and would-be lover of Paris. Venal and easily manipulated.
Montano Vorik Another senior engineering officer.
Bianca Jenny Delaney Seven's lover.


Act One

Carey complains to Megan Delaney about his missed promotion and she in turn complains about Torres stealing Paris from her.
Carey convinces her to help him ruin Torres.

The two conspirators inform Chakotay about Paris' romance with Torres.
Paris had previously denied any interest in Torres to the point of pretending to dislike her.
When confronted by the angry Chakotay, the two lovers confess and manage to gain Chakotay's consent.
But Chakotay still warns Torres to watch Paris; he has betrayed the Maquis and Chakotay and may one day betray her.

Act Two

Carey introduces Seven to real alcohol in the messhall and gets her drunk.
She goes to her duty shift in Engineering in that state.
There Megan Delaney picks a quarrel with Seven.
Vorik attempts to intervene and is beaten badly by Seven.
Torres is woken up and angrily busts Seven back to an ordinary engineering crewwoman.

Carey now advises an disconsolent Seven about restoring her rank and reputation.
All she need do is ask Paris to intercede on her behalf with Torres.

Act Three

With the promise that Carey will keep Torres busy, Seven approaches Paris and Kim in the holodeck.
While Seven obtains Paris' promise of aid, Carey informs Torres of the meeting and implies that the two are secretly lovers.
While visiting Kim, Paris accidentally drops the Klingon knife that Torres gave to him as a symbol of their love.
Kim finds the knife and negligently passes it along to Carey to give back to Paris.
Instead Carey plants the knife in Seven's alcove.
The knife is found by Seven and, unrecognized, given to her lover, Jenny Delaney.

Torres mulls over the insinuations that Carey has spread about Paris and confronts Carey, demanding some proof.
After making even more insinuations, Carey claims to have seen Seven with the Paris' knife.

Act Four

Carey contrives to let Torres easedrop on an argument between Seven and Jenny, in which Jenny accuses Seven of having another lover from whom she received the knife.
Now fully convinced of Paris' infidelity, the enraged Torres agrees to Carey's suggestion that she strangle Paris while Carey murders Seven.

After a public argument in which Torres strikes Paris in Tuvok's presence, the entire ship realizes something is wrong between the two.
Kim makes a vain attempt to persuade Torres of Paris' faithfulness.
Meanwhile, the cowardly Carey convinces Megan to kill Seven in order to prevent Paris from obtaining Torres' forgiveness.
Paris goes back to the quarters he shares with Torres in a final attempt to settle their argument.

Act Five

Megan ambushes Seven but the Borg's special abilities save her from more than a serious wound.
As Tuvok and a security team rush to the site, Carey joins them and kills the wounded Megan before she can implicate him.
But Carey does so with the appearance of defending Seven.
In their quarters, Paris pleads with Torres in a vain protest of his innocence.
She then smothers him to death in their bed.

Kim comes upon the murder scene whereupon Torres confesses.
Tuvok and his security team, including Carey, are called to the scene.
After Torres' mention of the knife as evidence of Paris' betrayal, Kim recounts the truth about the knife's loss.
Carey panics at the sudden unraveling of his plan and shoots and kills Kim with his phaser.
He is then put under restraint by Tuvok.
Torres realizes the full depth of the injustice and insanity of her jealousy and its consequence and is about to commit suicide when ...

Seven enters and states that she has knowledge from the Borg Collective that can revive Paris.
Tuvok asks if she will save Kim too.
Everyone breathes a sigh of relief as she demurs.
Paris is soon resuscitated and the two lovers are reunited.
In fact, Paris chalks up the entire experience to normal Klingon foreplay.
They ask Seven if they can borrow her apparatus for some late-night fun.
Carey is sentenced by Captain Janeway to replace Kim as the naive yet bumbling young ensign at ops.
And they all lived happily ever after.
Hey, this is still Trek, ya know.
Whadda ya want, a Shakespearean tragedy?
He's a genius, not a bloody miracle worker.

The End